Fall Fashion Inspiration: Wearing Peacock Colors

I told you…..last week’s fashion show has my creativity inspired.  One of the fall fashion trends is wearing peacock colors…and was demonstrated in deep blues, purples, beautiful greens and yellows.  The computer is not showing these colors in my outfit the best…but the pants are a beautiful blue (not navy), and the knit top is a deep purple, under this saffron yellow jacket.

I first began thinking about these color combinations when I saw the mannequin below in Neiman’s right before the fashion show…then the fashion show brought even more inspiration.  Now, I realize some of you did not care for this look.  But, I would wear it in a heartbeat…if the pants fit in a flattering way.  But these colors together are wonderful to me.

I have decided I do like the outfit I am wearing above, and will wear it in the fall.  But, I am going to begin to shop for a scarf with the peacock colors in it.  When I find the scarf, I will let you know.  I have never worn this color combo, so I am thrilled to be out of my box a little and trying something new for fall. I think this next season is going to be tons of fun…at least for me.

My pants are from Eileen Fisher (in the slideshow below), the purple knit top was a great find at Roz & Allie last year ($15), and I have owned this jacket from Chico’s for two years.  But, this helps me to demonstrate to you how to put these colors together and make them work.  If I do not find just the right scarf, then I will be wearing this with a fun necklace.

So, what do you think of the peacock color trend and wearing this  mix of the colors all at once. Please share and then go visit the slideshow below for some great finds………………………………………………





  1. I love that jacket Pam!! The color is so of-the-moment with all the saffrons and mustards in the stores. The jacket is so feminine and flowy, so pretty!! I do like your combination of colors and wouldn’t hesitate to wear them together. I’m glad to see that peacock colors are trending. Beautiful things in the slide show too! We are back to scorching temps here next week, but I think it is still a good time to incorporate some of the fall colors. That Catherine Malandrino top would be perfect on its own now, and under jackets when the weather cools down. I just might have to have that one!!

      1. Hi Paulette,
        Almost all of the brands I represent have sizes in petite. Make sure you check out the sizing!

  2. You did a much better job of putting your outfit together than whoever dressed the mannequin!
    I love the flow of the jacket, undecided about the color as I’m not sure I could wear it well. But I appreciate seeing the look & imagining the possibilities for myself.

    1. There are so many ways to mix these colors, Cindy to find what works best for you. I know not everyone likes yellow. I love the mannequin and would wear it, but these beautiful colors can be reimagined so many different ways. Just do some trying on at stores and find your perfect mix.

  3. Your outfit is fabulous! Top, slacks & jacket. Some of my favorite colors especially when my hair was a dark rich brunet. Now I have to be careful what colors are up by my face as my hair is almost entirely golden white (a very few dark strands left) & I’ve found many of the saturated
    Autumn colors just make me look sallow.
    I so love the goldenrod, mustard color & am looking for leggings, jeans or a slim fit trouser
    to bring that color into my wardrobe.
    Becca G

  4. Love the jacket. Inspiration for the coming fall colors. I purchased a little bit of it last year and really like it on me. 40% of my wardrobe is in reds. Seeing the pants with some red paired with the jacket gives me an idea.

  5. I have never actually worn a mustard shade..This year, however, I may just change my mind. My sister just purchased a lovely mustard shade jacket and a pair of slim pants in a similar shade (Not Matching) She looks wonderfully up to date. She had never worn this shade before either. I am still mulling over the super shots of the recent fashion show. Such ideas for Fall. Thank you Pam.

  6. I love the color of the jacket you’re wearing! It’s such a great color to transition to fall. I think the peacock colors for the scarf would really pull it all together! So pretty.
    I have lighter hair and worry about those strong colors, but will certainly try some on.

    1. Thank you Susan…I do too. I have owned this jacket for awhile, but it will be great this season! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I do love those colors, even used together. It’s true a perfect scarf would definitely pull the outfit together nicely. But personally, I wouldn’t introduce but one of those colors (the saffron most likely) into my wardrobe and then in an secondary role. I have been working on minimizing my life in general, my wardrobe specifically. That includes keeping my wardrobe within a minimal group of colors that can be intermixed for maximum usage per piece and I’m finding that leads to maximum creativity! It is fun rethinking ways to use each piece. It means fewer pieces but higher quality. It also means trends, weather color or style have to be carefully considered before purchase. I find that reading fashion blogs like yours are very helpful. I am better prepared when I do go looking for something new to add.

  8. The jacket is in a color that makes me look like a corpse. However, on you the whole outfit looks wonderful and so well put together.

    1. We all have those colors, Jill…that’s why you do not see me in many pastels. But, there are so many great colors on trend for fall, I am certain you can find something that will inspire you. Thank you for the kind words.

  9. Great look, you are rocking it! I love scarves. I think they make the outfit. I’d love to find a peacock colored one.

  10. Wow! This outfit looks sensational on you! The jacket is the star and I am such a fan of jewel tones. I would wear this in a minute.

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