Pattern Mixing for Fall Fashion 2018: How Far Will You Go?

As I said yesterday, the fashion show really inspired me and lit a small fire of desire to step out of my comfort zone a bit. This led me to wonder how far will we go with pattern mixing for fall?  Before the fashion show, I never would have styled this outfit with the leopard shoes.  But, I really like it, and closer to fall, I will wear it this way. One of you reminded us yesterday that leopard has almost become a neutral, and I would agree with that.  But for those of you who prefer a quieter style, here it is……….

This Max Studio kimono came from Marshalls recently.  I am wearing it with colored Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings (again more of a skinny pant than a legging and it is major on sale!), and a Chicos tank and necklace. The kimono has touches of the saffron yellow which will be a big color for fall.  Burgundy is also a big color this fall.  The leopard flats are Aerosoles from DSW and they still have them!  So in the slide show…you will see the exact shoes, the metro leggings this color is on sale for $19.99 (a steal)…the Chicos tank…and the kimono which I found at Nordstrom Rack for you.  Just go to the slide show below…..

BUT, before you look, tell us….would you mix in the leopard shoes or not?  Then, as always, …………………………………………………………..






  1. Seeing this on you Pam, I would definitely wear the leopard shoes with this. I also like the quieter version, but for some fun and to change it up, I’d wear leopard shoes. I was in DSW two weeks ago and remembered to check out the kimonos since you had mentioned it in one of your previous posts. I found a gorgeous one that is going to go with so many things – had a coupon and paid very little! I was more excited about that than I was about the shoes I bought! These metro leggings come in great colors, I’ve been looking at those for awhile now because I really like the detail on the legs. Your necklace is beautiful and echoes the kimono colors perfectly! I love that shade of saffron yellow! Yellow is one of my accent colors and I’ll have to look for something in that shade for fall! VERY pretty bracelet! I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I’m really looking forward to fall!

  2. Love the outfit Pam! To my eye, your necklace and the leopard shoes set it off. I would have gone with solid color shoes initially, but wowza the leopard print does wonders for the entire ensemble! Love this fall look. I’m inspired!??

  3. Yes, I like the pattern mixing and I love the way you’ve styled this look! I’ve seen floral tops styled with animal print earrings and I like how this looks, too. Or, animal print earrings with a solid color top of a different color (i.e.: pink tee with leopard print earrings) seems to be a cute trend as well. I like a bit of individual “whimsy”!

  4. I love the whole outfit Pam and would go with the leopard shoes.Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I would go with the lighter colored leopard shoes that are in the slide show. Just my personal choice.

  6. I wear so little pattern, it would be hard for me to mix it. Having said that, leopard is a neutral so almost doesn’t couut as a pattern. I love those vibrant red pants, Pam.

  7. Love the leopard shoes with your outfit! This is well within my comfort zone. I typically treat leopard as a neutral and do only 1 piece at a time.

  8. I have not worn animal print since the leopard leggings I wore in the late 1990s. I associate animal print with my eldest sister for some reason… I will try to mix patterns though, this fall. For me I will go for the plaids and the florals… I will try. 🙂 Maybe I will purchase an animal print bag. I like the photo with the animal print shoes, I think they work well together!

  9. I definitely like the leopard shoes with the outfit! The colors look great on you and it’s fun to see a mix of patterns.
    Go for it!

  10. Your pattern mix is great. I like the way the patterned items are separated by a solid.

  11. I normally would go the boring route with solid shoes but I really like the look of the leopard shoes!

  12. I like your mix of prints but for me I would wear black pants to make a column of color underneath, because of the volume of the kimono jacket. I need the slimming effect that would give me. I love the necklace and the shoes with it. I really enjoy your blog!

  13. Well done on the pattern mixing! That’s the way I do it, too. With some breathing space for the eyes, before seeing the next pattern, instead of two busy patterns right next to each other. You look great!

  14. Well done on the pattern mixing! That’s the way I do it, too. Give the eyes some space before introducing the next pattern, instead of two busy patterns right next to each other. You look great!

  15. 100 percent go with the leopard! They make the outfit. It goes from nice to spectacular. I think one of the reasons it works is that both the deep red color of the pants and the leopard read “luxe.” Also the pattern of the top and the leopard flats are visually separated by the solid pants. The chunky accessories keep it from being too fussy, which is always a danger with pattern mixing.

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