Fashion Over 50: Long Cardigans for Early Fall

When I finally discovered long cardigans a few years ago, I knew I was a fan.  When they came back later designed with pockets, I knew I was a fan for life.  This is where I usually begin with fall as the weather becomes cooler…I just love long cardigans and wear them for work and play.

This burnt orange cardigan is from Talbots…purchased a couple of seasons ago during the off season Talbots Red Hangar Sale.  It is by far my favorite long cardigan and is not very heavy, so I will be seen wearing it soon.   I actually think I wear more white collared shirts in the fall and winter than in the warmer months.  They look so great with cardigans and jackets which are too warm for us in South Texas Spring and Summer.  I love the tailored look of the white shirts with collars.

I have lots of shoes I wear with a look such as this in the fall, but today I chose my bronze ballet flats…especially since the jewelry has a bronze tone to it.

It is a good way to get fall started….you can kind of see my pumpkins on the front porch in the backgraound of the pictures.  My decor is up and the pumpkin candles are glowing.

So, do you prefer the long or the short cardigan?  Let us know and enjoy what else I discovered in the slideshow below………………………………………………………………..Happy Monday and make sure you



  1. Beautiful long cardigan even if it is orange. I like to eat carrots, pumpkin, and even oranges, but I don’t like wearing it except as a very small accent.

  2. I like long cardigans but being 5’3″, I have to be careful with the length or they will overwhelm me or make my legs look extremely short. I don’t always shop the petite section but that is one item that I find works better if it is proportioned for petites. I like your cardigan with the jeans.

  3. I love that cardigan. I am also a long cardigan fan. That burnt orange color is beautiful. I can wear that color also and find it is a happy color for me. I agree about the button-down shirts. Can’t wear them in the warmer months, but I have them all in the rotation now that the temperatures have dropped. They look fabulous with all types of sweaters and blazers. This look you are showing is so classy. Love the necklace, and I was interested to see what kind of necklace you used with the button-down shirt. That can be tricky with buttons. Yours is perfect! Such a great fall look Pam. Like I said, to me, this is a happy look and I’ll bet you feel great in it!

  4. Love that “Burnt Orange” color – or you could call it “Pumpkin Spice”! Long cardigans are my favorites – they seem to “slim” my outline – short cardigans that stop in the “widest” part of my hips do nothing for me! Ditto with shirts, sweaters or tops…it’s something I’m conscious of. Happy Fall!

  5. Pam, love the long Burnt Orange cardigan on you! Please share what brand those lovely bronze ballet shoes are, and they, too, look terrific!

  6. Long cardigans balance my frame. I’ve worn them for the past three years. Yes, I do remember exactly when Imade this discovery.

  7. Love the long cardigans. Have purchased 4 over the past 2 years and wear them often. I am quite short but if I purchase the petite size they look just fine. I find that I reach for them often to complete a look. This Fall I think I will purchase a brighter hue for a change. Love the colour you are wearing Pam.

  8. Long cardigans are my go to tops and I do not wear short ones. I have a number of them and they are perfect in South Texas or in arctic A/C.
    Orange is not a good color for me but it looks great on you.
    How is your shoulder?

  9. I like the long cardigans, too. When it’s moderately cold outside, I don’t like to be bound up in a heavy coat to drive to work and the long cardigans are enough warmth for me until it gets really cold out. I think they are sharp looking and pass nicely for a jacket as part of a pants outfit for business. I’m pleased to see they are being featured again this year and I’ve already purchased a new one with a checked pair of pants bearing the color of the sweater. I love the look with the matching turtle-neck top but they are way to hot for this body so a white button down blouse is a winner in my book.

  10. I love long cardigans and have “several”. I wear then a lot but honestly, from late October to almost May I freeze in our Canadian cold weather so I need them! I envy you getting by in cold weather with just a sweater. Try figuring out how to wear a long cardigan or bulky sweater under a parka and wool scarf and look chic. Not happening… You look great in that colour Pam!

  11. What a pretty cardigan! Love the color on you Pam. I see you have your dark autumn nail polish ?. Nice color! Your bracelet looks like a cuff. Loving the whole look!

    1. Yes, I started my autumn nail colors! This was a deep eggplant purple…our nails are accessories after all! Thanks Betty…

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