Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Yes!  It is the first day of autumn and also time for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!  Such a fun day for so many reasons.  All you do is look at the mannequin and tell us if you would wear it…be sure to explain your answer  Then go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her choice.  So, ladies, look above and tell us


I hope you will return to look over some of the fun fall fashion choices I have for you in the slideshow below(on sale)!  With fall in the air, it is time to…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….



  1. Yes, I would wear it because I like black and white. I love black leather jackets.
    I just hope the dress has princess seams for shaping otherwise I will have to add a belt. Maybe a scarf. And since it is the first day of fall—tights.

    1. A definite yes! Even though aim not a huge fan of checks or gingham, this dress with this jacket appeals to me and Inthink I could carry off. I’m only 5 ft4, and probably shrinking so I have to be careful….
      I do like this…..

  2. This outfit is ok. I would wear it if the jacket was shorter – waist length. I would also add black tights and black suede booties.

  3. Good Morning Pam! Beautiful choice in pieces this morning…very classic – which is right up my alley – yet current! Love the combination of the houndstooth and leather. The collarless jacket dresses it up enough for mass appeal. Thanks!

  4. No to the dress and jacket. Not wearing dresses any more and this one is boring in black & white tiny houndstooth. Don’t like the neckline of the faux? leather jacket; plus it looks cheap, like pleather?? Just too minimalist for me. (Looks like office attire and I don’t go there, lol)

  5. Absolutely! Love it!!! I own the jacket and am now buying the dress! Beautiful classic outfit… perfect for fall. I love the black and white and the faux leather jacket is beautiful on and adds a updated version of this classic combination!

  6. I don’t wear dresses often, but I would be happy to own this outfit for the right occasion. I love houndstooth and black leather jackets, especially a sleek topper like the one in the photo. Black and white looks okay on me, but for fall I would prefer more autumnal colors (good choices for winter though).

  7. I’ve had my eye on this very jacket, so consider that a big yes from me. Not entirely sure I can pull it off as black leather (okay, it isn’t really leather) has always been motorcycle-ish in my mind, but hey, I’m getting bolder as the years go by.

  8. Absolutely would wear this! I would prefer a different neckline on the dress, but that would not stop me from purchasing! The dress is a classic style and print. It will never go out of style. The jacket is edgy, but not trendy and could be worn for years. I like the length of the dress. Knee-length is flattering on all body types and will always be fashionable. This is a classic, classy look and I love everything about it.

    1. I was not aware the dress is a JJILL Wearever. I have so many things in the Wearever line, even though retirement is on the horizon, I will be getting this dress for church and simply because I love to wear dresses. The Wearever styles are a big favorite of mine. Makes getting dressed so easy!

  9. I think it’s a good ‘work’ outfit, but it’s a little severe as us. With tights, boots, and a colorful scarf it would be younger looking. I’d wear the jacket alone- have a couple of those type jackets and I like them!

  10. No knee-length dresses for me. I would wear the jacket with pants, but prefer a more open neckline. Long sleeves are my preference in jackets, so thats a plus.

  11. I agree with most of the other comments. It is almost there with two classic pieces but it is a tich boring. Lower neckline, more shape to the dress and fall tights and shoes or boots would help. Otherwise no. It is 50F and sunny this morning with a high of 55F today. Yes, fall is here!

  12. Love this look. As others have commented, I too do not wear dresses very often anymore. However I could definitely see me wearing this, with black tights & booties. I might add a pop of red, as that is my SEC team’s colors :). I like the length of the dress, just about at the knee.

  13. Yes! Two good classics to pair as well as wear with other existing clothes in my closet. Wouldn’t the dress look great with a red, gold or deep purple cardigan or draped black ruana ?! And that jacket! Be still my heart! I’d wear it in a skinny minute with enbroided or distressed jeans! Great pieces here to be designated wardrobe work horses??

  14. No, I wouldn’t wear this, being a pear shape the lines are too straight. And I’m not a fan of black on my coloring. The jacket would be better with a pant. This look, while wearable, is boring as shown.

  15. I like both these pieces but wouldn’t wear them. The high crew neckline on both is the most unflattering on me. I have broad shoulders and a short neck so look better in lower scoop or v necks.

    1. I believe you had an article on your blog about necklines and I see what your saying. I have a longer neck and am a little taller than you (5’8″), so maybe the neckline would work for me. I like everything about this outfit. I actually like that the neckline of the dress mimics the neckline of the jacket. I might pair it with a long tasseled chain necklace, long strand of large pearls, or a long scarf. In fact I would love to see how to accessorize this without over accessorizing it. purse, hair style, hose/tights, shoes/boots…… Many other people have replied have mentioned that they no longer like to wear a dress. I find people treat me with more respect when I wear a dress. I find a dress like this to be very comfortable. Even more comfortable than slacks. No waist bands and no muffin tops (glad to see higher waisted pants back on the market.) . For travel an outfit like this is extremely versatile. Dresses can be a less costly investment than a top and slacks.

  16. Totally up my alley! I love black leather, black and white, and houndstooth. I’m ready for a bit longer jacket in my wardrobe. These pieces can also be mixed and matched, a must for me.

  17. Right on Pam, I could definitely add this to my Fall wardrobe. Black and white are one of my favourite combinations. So many ways to accessorize this one outfit alone !! Warm tights and boots for later on in the year, a large wool wrap, scarves, etc. etc. Love this outfit.

  18. Gosh, you bet I would wear this! It looks sleek, put together. I love black and white. I could totally see wearing this with boots, tights and just with my black/white sneakers. And so many ways to dress it up and down. Yes, please!

  19. I don’t wear dresses but like the look of the dress with the jacket for those who do wear dresses. It is a classic look I don’t find boring.

  20. This is a fabulous outfit! Love the dress and I love it paired with this jacket. I’d probably wear black tights and or black boots with it, too.

    Great selection!

  21. I would definitely wear that jacket! Perfect length, ckassic lines, great with dress, pants or jeans. I prefer clean lines and classic shapes!

  22. Wrong colors, shapes and level of contrast for me, and I find it boring as is, even for someone it would suit. Could be styled into something better w/out too much effort, but for me would always be too predictable.

  23. I would wear this. I don’t wear dresses much these days, but this is such clean, classic look that I would wear it with black tights. I think the dress could be worn a blazer or cardigan, perhaps in red. The jacket could be worn with other items as well.

  24. Yes I would! I like the fabric and the colors. That jacket falls exactly where I need it to, because I’m a bit wide in the waist right now.

  25. I’d wear this because it’s classic, simple and not fussy and one can never go wrong with black and white.

  26. I would prefer a slightly lower neckline on the dress but really like this. I can imagine wearing it and think both pieces would be versatile additions to a wardrobe.

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