Yes, this post is about plaid, pearls, and lace…but I have to comment first on how quickly things can change.  On Sunday, the temps were in the high 80s in San Antonio.  My air conditioner was blasting, ceiling fans turning, and I was walking around home in flip flops. Just 24 hours later, I was wearing boots and turning on the car seat warmers…we had dropped forty degrees.  I do not ever remember this happening this early since I moved to South Texas thirty five years ago.  But, I love it!  I love it when we get a touch of seasonal weather and yes, my cold weather clothes are out!

For some reason, I have always liked plaids, lace and pearls together.  Not sure why…but I do.  This is a knit topper I recently found at Nordstrom Rack, and I am certain will get a lot wear out of it.  It  also looks good with denim.   Sometimes I do not notice things about garments until we take the pictures…that little kink at the right hand bottom is not steamed out!  Are there combinations of textiles that you like together…and perhaps don’t know why?  Please share!  I have many ways I can wear this topper and I need it to be warmer than a pretty lace blouse so I will pair it with sweaters as long as this weather sticks around.  So glad to see it…sorry to those who want sun all the time!

I have some more fall fashion fun in the slideshow below…….and the Rockport Boots I am wearing are in the slideshow as well…super comfy!




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