James Avery Artisan Jewelry New Designs For Fall

I love my James Avery Artisan Jewelry, jewelry I have owned since my youth, but I think my new bracelet from the all new fall collection just might be a favorite.

This is the SOARING ARROW LEATHER BRACELET and I love it with my casual style…as well as, perfect for the Western trends on the market at this time.  This is a bracelet I will wear often and is a perfect gift for the upcoming fall season.

I recently met and listened to Sarah Herr, the Director of Design for James Avery Artisan Jewelry.  Sarah shared her reasons for joining James Avery after a successful fashion career in New York.  She loves the family owned company with the mission to design jewelry which is a symbol of faithfulness and strong held beliefs.  She loves overseeing the skilled artisans creating pieces which celebrate life and are timeless.  They really are timeless…I still wear pieces which I received over forty years ago.  I have gifted the jewelry for years…including to my husband, whose wedding ring came from James Avery.

However, despite the long history and heritage, Sarah and her team are making sure we have new current pieces on a regular basis.  You will love the FALL COLLECTION


Disclaimer:  I was gifted this product from the brand, but the words are my own.



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