From Pinterest Inspiration to My Closet

I have seen this combination a lot lately on Pinterest.  The combination of stripes and leopard together.  I never would have tried this combination without first seeing the idea…I don’t think I would have believed it would work well together.

But after trying it…I like it!  Somehow it just works!  I have said before that I find many styling ideas on Pinterest.  I did not purchase anything new here…all older pieces in my wardrobe, but I was inspired to mix them up differently.  I love to pin those ideas for you as well, so please follow my Pinterest boards if you are not already doing that and in need of some fresh ideas.

It is great for many things…but I am usually there looking at fashion and home decorating.  Such fun!  Is anyone mixing pieces you have not mixed before right now…please share any ideas.  Of course, I have a slide show for you below and always reasons to



Note:  I hope you will join us on Friday.  A reader sent me a compelling email…she gave me permission to share…and has asked for my response.  See you then everyone!






  1. Wonderful combination Pam! This really does work! I am kind of addicted to Pinterest and do follow your Pinterest boards! Like you, my focus is on home décor and fashion. A leopard scarf is definitely how I see incorporating leopard into my wardrobe. I donated a leopard scarf a few years ago and have since seen so many different patterns to mix it with that I’m regretting that and on the lookout for a new one! I like the fabric of your scarf, looks perfect for the cooler weather! I think that using a scarf to add another pattern to an outfit is a winning idea. It’s a way to have some fun with pattern mixing when just getting started!

  2. I am glad I saw this and decided to try it! I also have donated items that I regret giving away…I am being more careful now when I clean out the closet. Have a great day, Karen.

  3. A gift with purchase several years ago was a Michael Kors leopard print scarf, feather weight and wide enough to throw around the shoulders. I still have that scarf. I have not tried it with a striped T-shirt or sweater and I wear stripes all the time! Will now try this style for sure. Your combinations works well. Yes, I have donated “stuff” that I regret now doing. Still reach for a favourite navy rain jacket. Long gone.

  4. Yes, this does go well together. Simple stripes and a busier pattern, like leopard print, are very complimentary. This outfit looks very sharp and stylish on you. I’m not normally one who mixes patterns very much in my clothing, but I’ve tried this, too and I love it.

  5. I’m beginning to get comfortable with combinations I would not previously have used. The show “What not to Wear” got me started. I still feel more comfortable doing it after I actually see someone, or a picture of something similar. I like your outfit.

  6. I am usually not a fan of mixing patterns, but this definitely works. Perhaps because the leopard is in such neutral colors, it becomes a neutral itself, but it looks great.

  7. Great idea, Pam! I really like that combo. I have so many pieces of clothing, shoes and purses that I regret letting go. Should not have read Marie Kondo’s book about decluttering! I’m smiling because the sun is out in Tyler, finally!

  8. A winner! Who would have thought!? I love how we are opening ourselves up to new possibilities at this stage of life. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest for inspiration but they are short on people I can identify with which is why I follow blogs like yours. Instagram is great too.

  9. Love this combination Pam! I have all the pieces in my closet and will be trying your look soon. Thank you for the inspiration

  10. I love stripes…I love leopard…mix them together? Why not?! – Nice casual fall outfit Pam! Two-thumbs up! (Love Pinterest…but sure does eat up a lot of time..pretty sneaky! lol). Again, great outfit!

  11. I am sure we all have done it, Eleni. I am glad you have a leopard scarf you love! That is one item I plan to hang on to.

  12. I also don’t mix alot, but the few times I do have been ones I really like. Thanks Diana.

  13. I really miss What Not To Wear…it helped me in so many ways. Thanks so much Nina…

  14. Thanks Becky…I would not have come up with it on my own, but so glad I decided to give it a try.

  15. It is always a tough decision, but I am being more careful now…I hate regrets in this area. Thanks Terry…

  16. Right? If someone had said to try this, I would not have thought it would work…I needed to see it on others before I decided to try it.

  17. I know it is addicting…I have to be careful or I will spend too much time there, but I have to say it has helped me a lot with ideas. Thanks Betty

  18. I pulled a similar style off Pinterest recently. Striped tee, leopard scarf. I wore a red sweater with it + jeans. I felt quite up to date using only things from my closet. After looking at Pinterest, I did go on a search for a striped Tee…that’s new.

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