I have seen this combination a lot lately on Pinterest.  The combination of stripes and leopard together.  I never would have tried this combination without first seeing the idea…I don’t think I would have believed it would work well together.

But after trying it…I like it!  Somehow it just works!  I have said before that I find many styling ideas on Pinterest.  I did not purchase anything new here…all older pieces in my wardrobe, but I was inspired to mix them up differently.  I love to pin those ideas for you as well, so please follow my Pinterest boards if you are not already doing that and in need of some fresh ideas.

It is great for many things…but I am usually there looking at fashion and home decorating.  Such fun!  Is anyone mixing pieces you have not mixed before right now…please share any ideas.  Of course, I have a slide show for you below and always reasons to



Note:  I hope you will join us on Friday.  A reader sent me a compelling email…she gave me permission to share…and has asked for my response.  See you then everyone!





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