Attention:  This is NOT a political post!  I am so glad to see the election cycle come to an end….and I am writing this on the Sunday before even knowing the results.  It just seems that no matter what your party affiliation that people have been angry and on edge more than ever before.

Now, save your time if you are about to tell us whose fault that is.  I will not post those comments.  This is not about blame…I am here today to encourage you to take personal responsibility and choose JOY.  That’s right, I believe it is a personal choice whether to be angry, ugly, or disgruntled.  OR, to choose kindness and joy instead.  I have made the choice more recently to turn off certain conversations or to walk away simply because I could tell I was giving the words of others the power to steal my joy.

As I have said so often, life is short.  It is time to discover joy in each moment…even when things are not going our way.  I know it can be hard and circumstances can make joy a struggle…I also know it is possible to live this way.  Remember that old adage from our mothers…if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all.  Really relevant words for today…and still taught by Big Bird!

My love of Christmas time exists for many reasons, but I do love that it is a season of joy.  The word is everywhere.  A recent survey revealed that those who decorate their homes for Christmas earlier are more joyful…I can see that!

So, even if the election was a bummer to you…choose joy.  Find a way to experience every day and then you will find it much easier to


A couple of the brands I am wearing are in today’s slide show below:

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