Would You Wear It With Pam & Jennifer

It is so great to be back with Would You Wear It and to have my blogging BF, Jennifer, joining in.  I know I did not find this mannequin in a big city mall…but, nevertheless, it is a fashion display…so, it counts! Remember I am not looking for things I personally like…just looking for interesting mannequins that I wonder what you would think about.   All, you have to do, is look it over and tell us what you think…remember to explain your yes or your no!  So, ladies……………………………………….


After you answer, then hop over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and let Jennifer know what you think of her selection.  Such fun, to be back with a little different look……………………

Remember, to look over the slide show, answer both blogs, and of course………………



  1. Hmmm, while I like some of the individual pieces, I don’t really like them all together. It seems like there is too much piled on the top portion of the outfit. It feels busy & cluttered. So I might wear some of these pieces individually but I would not wear this entire outfit together.

  2. I would not wear this. Too much going on – too much fabric- too many layers. An outfit like that makes me look like I’m hiding something. I’ll take the booties with the black/brown straps. Love those!!!

  3. This is one hot mess…too much going on at once – I can’t even tell one item of clothing from another. It looks like the clothes on the shelf fell off and landed on the mannequin! LOL

  4. I like the necklace and the duster but would simplify the top and wear a slimmer leg pants so my shorter frame is not overwhelmed. An interesting combination that might be good on a tall slim woman but not on someone 5’2”.

  5. Too oversized for my taste. I think I’ve seen too many tunics in general, and I’m ready for a change in silhouette.

  6. I’m not sure what I’m looking at on my little cell phone screen. Looks like a bunch of fabric draped over a mannequin? If it’s a duster and or a scarf over something else, it would be far too much drapey unstructured fabric for my body shape. I would have to pass on this one.

  7. Nope. Too much volume and too long and I’m tall. The boots are nice but can’t picture them with this outfit. I know that’s probably not the intention but super models wear them together. Nope, not for this pear shape, lol.

  8. I like most of these pieces individually, but not the pants. The fact that they’re patterned and appear to have a boxy shape would make them a no go for me. As for the whole look here, there is too much pattern and texture going on for one outfit. 🙂

  9. I think the scarf and necklace are great and would be tempting me to buy. The rest looked like what you might wear on an airplane if you wanted to get by with just a carry on and still have stuff to wear on your vacation. Just a lot of disjointed layers to me; while I like a layered look I prefer it to be more curated.

  10. It looks as if the stylist just grabbed things and started piling them on. Maybe the shop ran out of hangers? LOL. I do like the black base tunic with the texture. That could serve as a starting point for several outfits.

  11. I like the layers here and I think they are done well. But, I think one less layer would make this look a bit more appealing. The colors and textures are really great. I’d go for this look with a bit of tweaking.

  12. I don’t know where to look first! Way too much going on. I would walk on by if I saw this in a store. So many pieces and parts makes it difficult to focus on a piece you might like. It would make me nervous, not how I want to feel when shopping.

  13. Absolutely not wearing this! Bla, depressive and totally ugly. (there, I said it, lol) Need bright color for fall/winter attire and this color? palette is dreary. Why not some burgundy or berry in the mix of all the black, grey, silver and white? No thanks!

  14. No, and I don’t think the shop ever intended it to be an outfit. It’s just a dress form that they loaded a display onto.

  15. It’s an eye-catching outfit, but not for me. I like to wear simpler styles with a bit of structure.

  16. First of all, I have visited this store and they carry very stylish clothing . Yes, the clothing appeals to a woman who is confident and can pull off this look with ease. I love it all. I love the column dressing and the duster and scarf. The pants ( if that is what I am seeing) are a little different than what I usually buy but I would give them a try. They look extremely comfortable . I like that I could remove some of the layers if I was too warm. All in all, this is one of my favorites outfits.

  17. I look at it and see how I must look when I go to work on a cold Fall, Winter, or early Spring morning. I live in the north, so I tend to have to layer. I might even wear a couple different jackets layered on each other. I do this because on the days when the temperatures fluctuate so much, a heavy winter jacket might be too much mid day. I look at mannequins like this one and get ideas for my adventures in layering. I like this one with all the different shades blended together. The boots displayed there make me think that with an outfit like that you can put in some color with your footwear. Thank you for this post.

  18. Each of the pieces seem fine BUT all of them together is just too much! But, if you were packing for a trip, all these pieces would give you a lot of combinations

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