Important Weekend for You and Others

Regular followers of this blog know I am a big fan of our Goodwill San Antonio organization.  They help our community with job training, career discoveries, assistance for veterans, and education.  Plus, our community really supports the organization with donations.

I have posted about my fashion finds and home decor treasures for years, and how much I love to shop GoodwillSA.

I feel certain that many of you have similar organizations in your own communities and this is the last weekend in 2018 to donate and receive that all important receipt for your tax forms.  We all can perhaps use a little cleaning out and this is the weekend to make it happen.

Also, with so many donations happening this weekend, January is a great time to shop thrift!  I love it…so much fun to find treasures, and step out of our comfort zones for just a little mad money!  You never know what you will find and often discover brand new items never worn.

In this last picture, I found a summer jacket that I love as part of an outfit.  I donated the skirt back to GoodwillSA.  I have even had fun participating in a Goodwill Fashion Show.

Consider making a donation this weekend.  Then plan for a fun shopping trip in the future. Does anyone love to shop thrift like I do??  See you tomorrow for WOULD YOU WEAR IT!




  1. I do like the treasure hunt of a consignment store! I try to look for the never worn items and often have been successful. I donate to the local Goodwill all year, and have two boxes in my car to take over today. Our Goodwill store is not close to what you show in your area. You have shown some amazing finds over the years, and i remember that fashion show! I stick to consignment shops mostly for the nicest things. Our Goodwill could use an overhaul!!

  2. I just donated 2 full garbage bags a week ago, to our local Goodwill. Feels good to get rid of the items that no longer serve me, but who someone else could make good use of.
    When I go to donate, I do make a pass through the store, to see if there are any really good items that I want. Although I try not to buy a lot, since my goal is to unclutter, downsize & minimize!

  3. My very bohemian and stylish sister-in-law does all her shopping at vintage and thrift stores. She has a fabulous signature style. She lives in a big city, so she has many choices for where to shop.

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