Jackets & Jeans: Look #1

Hi everyone, so glad to be back and feeling great…so, let’ s have a theme week…Jackets & Jeans.  I can clearly remember when jeans transitioned from around-the-house casual wear to wear anytime, anywhere style.  I was so happy, because I love jeans.  Every magazine spread from jeans & pearls to jeans & diamonds caught my attention.  I am fortunate to work in the creative industry where I can wear a look like this and get away with it on the job.

One of the reasons I decided to have this theme is because I spend many days styling my jeans with different jackets and jewelry.  A fun jacket and a little bling works for many events and helps me to go out in a confident look.  So, here is the info on today’s outfit:

  1.  Around Thanksgiving, Chico’s had a 50% off event and I grabbed this jacket.  The black sweater sleeves coming out from under the leopard print is a part of the jacket.  This is a very warm jacket, so if you live in a cold weather climate you are going to get a lot of wear out of it.  Though I say I live in a warmer climate, I have worn this jacket comfortably twice since I it arrived at my house. (look in Slideshow below)
  2. The Necklace is a vintage find from a local resale shop, The Garment Exchange.
  3. My jeans are from Roz & Ali, formerly known as dressbarn.  They wash and wear really well, and you cannot beat the price.  (Slideshow below)
  4. This are my comfy, stylish Rockport Cobb Hill booties. (Slideshow below)
  5. Still loving my Brahmin bag purchased on sale at Dillards over the summer  (slideshow below)
  6. The black knit top underneath is Soft Surroundings.

Right after pictures, I wore this to church….and have already worn it to work.  Do you agree that jeans go to just about any occasion now, or do you still believe jeans are for home and running errands?  Please share how you see jeans….the slideshow below has many of these same pieces in it.  Comment, enjoy and always




  1. That jacket is terrific and I would have bought one if I didn’t already have 2 leopard ones already. I love jeans but still have trouble with the “everything goes with jeans” rule. I have several pairs of skinny jeans that I wear with tunic sweaters, but for some reason, I still feel the need to coordinate tops with pants or to wear black slacks to feel comfortable. That’s why I’m looking forward to your jeans style week!

  2. I began to adopt this look about a year ago and now I like it. I think it’s all about the accessories. I still like to look and feel put together and was never much of a jeans gal, but once I got out of the mindset of “jeans and sweatshirts” (which is also perfectly fine but doesn’t suit me well), I have enjoyed the look of dark washed jeans with a jacket, and accessories, especially a great scarf.

  3. Jeans, jacket, jewelry is my look. It really can take you almost anywhere these days. Having said that, I have been wearing jeans for so long I’m getting a little sick of them. I don’t like the naked look of leggings, don’t like dresses (bare legs!) guess that leaves trousers?

    1. Hi Lily..,you might shop for a dark wash trouser jean…I love these and it takes the same styles up a notch!!

  4. I’m excited to see this Jeans Style series. I have been comfortable in jeans for several years now. Not retired, but work from home and dress simply. Adding a nice top or jacket and jewelry I can be ready to go most places in just a few minutes.

  5. I wear jeans practically everywhere, but I do have a hard time wearing them to church. I hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me they are inappropriate. This outfit looks great & totally appropriate for most anything, including church.

  6. I love the jeans & jacket look! In fact, when I look for jackets, as fancy or elegant as they might be, I must be able to wear them with jeans or they’ll just hang in the closet unworn as I seldom have occasions to dress up anymore.
    I’ve shied away from buying animal print jackets as I tend to only think of styling them with black and that doesn’t give much versatility. But I’m now seeing them more often styled with other colors, especially blues, as I saw in one of your posts, Pam a few weeks ago. I really liked that look. So, if I find one I like at a good price, it will probably come home with me!

  7. I love jeans and jackets and wear them often. We have a “no denim” rule at work, but outside of work this is a look I like. Your jacket is beautiful, and i really like the shorter sleeves with the long gloves! Very classy! I haven’t worn jeans to church yet, but do feel like they are appropriate in more places than in the past. I think I’ll always enjoy dressing up, so it’s good to have so many choices available to us!

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