Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Hi everyone, welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  Here is where you tell us if you would or would not wear our mannequin selections for the week, and always explain you answers…we learn so much from one another.

Let’s pretend you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve gala to attend this year…some of you may, but for me it is only pretending!  That is my inspiration for selecting these mannequins this week.  After you comment, please visit A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s selection.

So, back to our gala……………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Thanks for joining in!


Here are a few evening accessories in case you have a special night out coming up…..or you might gift one….


  1. I would wear these. Especially the slimming black with sleeves (you don’t want my gramma arms hanging out!).

  2. I love both looks. I love dressing up, but rarely have the opportunity. I am tiny, so I do not think either one would work for me. But I would LOVE to see these looks on others. I see the long sleeved velvet on a very stately woman. Screams money to me. The other look is more fun and daring. Live them both.

  3. The pattern in the dress on the left is a bit too large & overwhelming for me, so I wouldn’t choose it. I do like the dress on the right. As a solid column of black, I’m hoping it might make me look taller & slimmer!

  4. Love both of them but I would definitely wear the one on the right. I think it would be more flattering on my 5’1” body. I also like that it has long sleeves to hide my arms even though they aren’t too bad. If I was out at an event where one would wear a dress like this I would want to look my best and my upper arms are not my best feature! To me the dress also has a bit of a vintage vibe and I like that.

  5. I love the black dress with the lace accents, and I would definitely wear it. I would not wear the other dress, however, because of the print and spaghetti straps (must support the ‘girls’!).

  6. Either dress would be fun to dress up in! For me and my comfort level at this season of my life, I’d choose the dress on the right. It covers the places I don’t want to showcase and would make me feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Love it!

  7. While I think both dresses are pretty, the one on the right is the one I would try on: more flattering to my body shape (I’m a pear or a pyramid), the bodice and sleeves would be more flattering (and I’m one of those women who is always cold), and the scale of the gold print.

  8. I would wear the floral skirt and the black top. That is gorgeous! The long black dress is just not me. I don’t like how the belt looks with it. To me, that visually widens the look and who needs that?! It just looks matronly to me. But that skirt!!! That is a beauty! Looks modern and fun!

  9. The all black is too “morticia” of the Adams Famiky for me, personally. I like the skirt with tiny top better. As someone pointed out, we all have variations of granny arms, so not sure on the top……have to look at it. And try it on.
    Interesting tho!

  10. I love the skirt. I’m a self-diagnosed “fabriholic” and that skirt really appeals to me both in fabric and style. I just need to learn to tie bows neatly…

  11. I love both, but favor the skirt-I’m tall so could wear it. It’s stunning. I’d most likely switch out the top for a very close fitted black v-neck bodysuit with some sleeve, it would look just as good, maybe more so!

  12. I’m all too, and I agree with Susan. I like the camisole, but can see it with cap sleeves on the top.

  13. I wouldn’t wear the one on the left because I don’t wear sleeveless things or things that require a strapless bra (not a good look for my ample chest or flag waving arms). I love the dress on the right. It is elegant & provides the coverage I need. Now, I just need the fancy event.

  14. The black velvet dress on the right is elegant and could be worn by a woman of almost any age and shape.

  15. Oh, wow! Two drop dead gorgeous dresses. I wish I could wear the dress on the left. No one wants to see that much of me, lol! Way dressier than I need in my life but, it’s fun to pretend!

  16. I would wear the gown on the right. I think it would flatter my tall, slender frame and it looks both comfortable and elegant. I wouldn’t wear the one on the left. The enormous skirt with the tiny top looks unbalanced to me. I would also freeze in it! Here in Canada, I would only consider a bare shoulder look in mid summer.

  17. That skirt is gorgeous! I would wear it with a different top, maybe something close-fitting with long sleeves. I don’t really care for all that lace on the other dress. It seems a bit busy to me.

  18. These are both nice but I would not wear them as I’m more of a natural and would need a different style. Black is also not in my color code.

  19. I would wear the gown on the right for many of the same reasons as listed by others. I think the lace is very attractive and I would love having long sleeves for a formal event.

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