Happy Wednesday, all!  This is my second way to style my jewel-toned blue EILEEN FISHER pants.  I have noticed during some of our Would You Wear It conversations on Saturdays, that a few women will say they could not wear an outfit because they would stand out and be noticed.  I can remember feeling that way during my 40s and early 50s. My confidence was low and to be noticed was frightening.

But now, it rarely bothers me….note I said rarely, because there are times I am not feeling it…usually connected to body image.  I love to be noticed for my smile and perhaps for a bold look like this coat provides.  Black & white looks great with just about any color.  I like it with these blue pants and then popped with the scarf.  Do you wear the smaller scarves?  I only own a few but I am beginning to like them more.

I encourage those of you who fear being noticed to take a baby step out of your comfort zone and try an outfit you love, but perhaps are worried would be noticed in.  You might find you like the world of bold, fun style occasionally and don’t mind being noticed at all.

Two of my favorite sales are on right now…the Dillards Shoe Sale, and the Talbots Red Hangar Sale.  I have a few fun items from these sales highlighted in the slide show below!  Thank you all for being here and


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