This is the final look this week with the jewel-toned blue pants.  I guess you can see how much I like them…what a great color, EILEEN FISHER, keep them coming.   I was one of the ones who rejoiced when the rules about wearing white went out the window.  It has surprised me to hear young girls talk as if the rules were still in place and I am happy to tell them, nope, wear white whenever you like!  I think these pants look lovely with white and I am wearing them here with a white cardigan I purchased at a previous Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale.

Since I wear a lot of darker neutrals, it is nice at times to lighten up my style with something like this.  I think this type of outfit has a softer touch to it.

This old Chico’s necklace just seemed to be the perfect pair to this whole outfit…so glad I have been willing to save most of my jewelry.  I love to go through it occasionally and bring back some of the pieces I have not worn for awhile.  I also like the pants with my white suit coat for work.  Let me know if you have liked the two weeks I have done a theme of three outfits with similar or same pieces.It’s a little challenging, but I am open to anything you say helps out with ideas.

So, let’s all confess…wearing white all year long…are you in or out??  it was a fun week, I hope you enjoyed it! Now, if you have been wanting a pair of leopard pants the Chicos pants below are only $19!! And yesterday, were still available in a variety of sizes.  The second pair of Chicos travelers pants are also on sale at an amazing price and come in many colors….including teal blue!  Check out the slideshow!.



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