How to Wear a Bold Floral Over 50 and What It Says


I know I am going through something new, because lately I am drawn to patterns with bold florals…maybe it is all the flowers blooming around the city.  Typically, I do not like floral patterns at all.  But, I went straight for that window dressing which I displayed on Would You Wear It Saturday (more about that later)…it was the prints calling me to come on over! So, here I am wearing a new top I found at Marshall’s over the weekend.

This outfit met all of my adjectives.  I believe it communicates:

Creativity – through the color and pattern, the gold shoes, and the bracelet (Soft Surroundings)

Current – I feel very youthful and stylish wearing this.  You will notice that pattern is very popular with the younger ladies and it is very much in style right now.  I told you sneakers were on trend right now and I am sporting a new pair with a little gold sparkle to them.  Very comfortable.  Nurture is a new brand to me.  I purchased two pair at Dillards and both are in the slide show below.

Approachable – I want to wear styles that make me smile, and give me the confidence to reach out to strangers and friends around me.When my look says I care about myself, then it naturally follows the message will be I care about others as well

Chic – the look says chic and classic through the button down blouse design and choice to style it with the casual, utility jacket.  The Jacket on top tones down the floral so it is not so loud.  I do not think I would wear the top without a jacket…but we will see.  My denim are the Metro Leggings from Soft Surroundings…also in the slide show below. These fit more like a skinny jean than a true legging.

Strong: A well styled look projects strength in a woman.  Stacy London says this about us over fifty ladies, “Reverential allure comes from a woman’s power, wisdom, and experience.”  I like that.


First let me say, kudos to Anthropologie at The Shops of La Cantera Mall in San Antonio for their window merchandising display.  I was drawn to the beauty of the spring display immediately.  I liked the print in the long skirt and would wear a top in that print in a heartbeat.  However, for some reasons maxi skirts make me feel big and old.  I have only tried on one I believed to be flattering and it had very carefully placed seams.  I also have not found a shorter jean jacket I felt confident wearing, so I currently do not own one.  For me, this is a no…I would not wear it.  But, I loved looking at it!

Obviously since I am wearing this blouse, I do like an occasional bold pattern, but under control.  What about you?  How are you with wearing a bold floral if it is on a garment you feel confident in.  This would definitely be a style I would keep for retirement years….whenever that happens.

I hope you like the slide show below…and that you are looking at a fun week ahead………..make sure you……………………………



  1. i love bold prints including florals. mostly bob mackie. that splash of color and design make me feel alive. i try to coordinate my shoes to match the color scheme. i think you look lovely in the top you chose.

  2. While I do like the look of big floral, I find it hard to feel comfortable wearing them. My mom did a lot of sewing and always taught me that florals should match on each side of a placket or zipper. It takes more fabric to do that, so most floral and plaid shirts skip that step and it makes me feel off balance. Smaller prints make it less noticeable so I stick to them. I won’t buy stripes that don’t match up either!

  3. I love the shirt and jacket combo. Can you tell us about the jacket? It’s a great color, too!

  4. So sorry, Wendy. This is an old jacket and that is why I did not link to it. But I have similar ones in the slideshow below. They are really popular right now so most of the major department stores carry them.

  5. Thank you for talking about florals. Out of the blue, I purchased a red and cream large floral print tunic blouse. I think wearing matching red slacks at the time had something to do with it. It seemed fine in Florida, and now I’m uncertain about wearing it at home. It’s beautiful, fits well, is flattering with my height and slim legs, and is lightweight enough to wear in our hot summers. I hesitate because of the “talk” about florals being aging and geometrics seeming to be the only print acceptable for over 60. I might just be talking myself into it again, but I would love to see and hear more on this. I appreciate how you discuss wearing items that challenge us to feel confident.

  6. I like the bold floral shirt with the utility jacket. I could see the shirt on its own with white jeans too. Your shoes are really cute and do look comfortable!! I am certainly an Anthropologie fan. A lot of their offerings are for very young women, but I can always find things there that I love! And their things for the home are fun too. I do wear florals, but am very selective. That print in the maxi skirt Saturday could not be thought of as frumpy by any means. How you have styled your shirt here is good for those times when we might not be quite sure about wearing a floral alone. Combine it with a great piece like a utility jacket, which is certainly current and modern, and you have a look that makes you feel confident! The print on your shirt is very pretty! Glad to see you addressing florals!

  7. Pam, keep up the search for a jeans jacket. Coldwater Creek used to have cute ones and Chico’s does too at times. Wearing the jeans jacket with a bit of the floral showing at the bottom would look cute on you!

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