KÜLKUF: A Revolutionary Device to Stop Hot Flashes

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I am so excited today to be here and introduce you to KÜLKUF, a revolutionary device to help stop hot flashes…exactly what menopausal women of the world have been waiting for.  After a nasty round of hot flashes, myself, I know how devastating and annoying they can be. Let’s face it, they come at the wrong time, rob us of our sleep, can create embarrassing sweat, and sometimes make the world feel as though it is literally choking us.

So, I have always thought if you want to find lively conversation benefitting women then to go to any beauty salon.

That is where I took this amazing product because my stylist has been experiencing signs of early menopause which is often accompanied by hot flashes.  The minute KÜLKUF was out of the box and I began to explain the benefits, conversation in the salon stopped and turned to me.

All you have to do is say this will help cool you off without medications and women want to know more.  My stylist was so excited she said she would wear it on her wrist all day while she works…just to stay cool.  This is so much fun, I think I will be a roving reporter taking the KÜLKUF around to introduce it to midlife women.  So much fun to give others hope that hot flashes can really be minimized.  This post is even more fun, since I can offer this at special savings below…keep reading.

KÜLKUF may truly be the miracle relief women have desired for so long. This fabulous device was first created by doctors with the intentions of alleviating overheated athletes during endurance sports.  Since they live in the Houston area where the weather can get excessively hot and muggy, I know they were motivated to help.  But, their device also drew the interest of women experiencing hot flashes.

KÜLKUF is the only patented self-contained cooling product on the market that has been shown to reduce the body’s core temperature.  An independent scientific study by the world- renowned Korey Stringer Institute demonstrated a significant lowering of the core temperature with the use of KÜLKUF.

Now this is one accessory I can get behind wearing every day! You feel the cool temps almost immediately and it is peaceful and relaxing.  So, in an effort to bring this to my readers, their daughters, friends, or neighbors, the founders are offering this incredible special.

The Mother’s Day Sale is 25% off regular price + free shipping good through May 12.  Giving someone relief from hot flashes is a pretty special gift.  All you have to do to get this special is put “Feeling 40” in the savings code box.  ORDER HERE WITH THE CODE

I encourage you to visit their website and even speak with your own doctor (never a bad idea) but know there is a long cool (Yes, cool) summer awaiting you when you try KÜLKUF.  That will help all of us to



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Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. Could have used this a few years ago when I had to stop using estrogen. How did your hair stylist like it?

  2. I can see how anyone could benefit from this, even men. Since it was developed for athletes, it should appeal to a huge audience. I’m thinking about this for my son who works outside a lot. He’d probably want one for each wrist. There was a time when I sure would have worn one at night when I was living with hot flashes!

    1. Me too! I would’ve worn it at night! I plan to use mine through the hot Texas summer…which can feel like hot flashes!

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