It’s time for a cup of coffee and a little news curated just for us….News for Women of A Certain Age.  I have not done this in awhile…so, I ask those of you who really seem to like it, to forgive me.  I hope to do one of these posts with news headlines for women over 50 at least bi monthly.  I spend time discovering headline which you may find of interest.  Please comment on any or all below!  Hope some of you benefit from this.

Let’s begin with a slide show from Cooking Light.  Here are 13 Every Day Habits That Are Aging You.  A little discouraging, but I get it!  These are suggestions for how to keep our clock from ticking too fast!

First time I have seen an article offer advice to those of us who have tried to sleep longer and it just doesn’t happen.   Here is If You Sleep Less than 7 Hours a Night, New Science Says You Might Need a Few Simple Things to Stay Healthy.

I connected with this article because my own perception of the word old has changed so much since I entered into my sixties.  I do not know if or when I will ever feel old, but right now, I am not feeling it.  Read Why Your Perception of Old Changes as you Age.  Then tell us what you think!

Again, this article caught my attention because I rise at 4 A.M. five days a week.  Maybe I should stop telling people I do this like it is a good thing!  Here is Waking Up at 4 A.M. Every Day is the Key to Success.  Or to Getting a Cold!

This is meant to be encouragement and not discouragement.  There are some good points here…

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat, 8 Strategies that may help you slim your middle

So, anything hit home here or that you find was helpful.  Please share your thoughts and thanks for being here. As always,


I gave my husband a brass personalized guitar pick for Father’s Day I found on Etsy and he loves it! I have already purchased my first Christmas gift…since I shop really all year.  So I thought you might like some gift ideas from Etsy…starting with the 4th of July and ending with an I MATTER coffee mug (gotta love it!)

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