3 Reasons You Need to Know About Fall Fashion 2019 Now

I know, I know…summer just really began and there is a long haul ahead…but this is the time when the merchandising world begins to prepare us for Fall Fashion.  So,  here are three reasons you need to know about Fall Fashion 2019 now.

  1. First of all, these trends are fun and keep us current and feeling youthful.
  2. Another reason is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner and it is the first sale of the season every year where you can save on the new styles and looks.
  3. Finally, July clearance sales can sometimes help us to look current for a big savings if we are aware of what is on the “in-style” scene.

As always, Pantone has published their color Fashion trends so that we know what colors will be scene on fashion and home design displays.  You can find the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Color Report here.

Here are my personal favorites from this group:

For those of you who like lighter colors in the cooler months, those selections are there.  But I love these rich tones and will keep my eyes out for them.

While I already have  some of these colors in my wardrobe, I will be looking to update and there are a couple I would love to add…that gorgeous green and blue.

it is always good to be informed.  Hope this will help?  I found some similar colors which would transition nicely from summer to fall and placed them in the slideshow below.  I am going by Nordstrom this weekend to scope out what is in the Anniversary Sale.  I will report back to you! I personally love to think of fall when the heat is oppressive outside…gives me hope that the season will eventually come!



  1. I agree on some of the prospective colors. We haven’t seen much green in years past – except for maybe the olive/camo green family. But I love to pair shades of blue with brown and green. Some of these colors shown should pair well together. Time will tell. One other comment – the shot of you wearing that Chico’s necklace – you haven’t said (or if you did, I missed it) but I think you look like you are at least 5’7″ and if so, you can wear these statement necklaces so well! At 5’4″ (more or less and as I age, it appears to be less) I envy that. Shorter gals don’t have the space to show them off nearly as well.

    1. Hi Barbara, I am actually 5’8”. I love statement necklaces and never thought of needing height to wear them best. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the heads up! I like every one of the colors in the classic pallette, as well as the deep reds. It’s always good to know what’s on the fashion horizon, even though I’m in no hurry for fall and winter!!

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