meet baggallini: the perfect get away travel bags

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I am pleased to introduce you to the incredible get away/travel bags made by baggallini, a company founded by women for women.  Baggallini was created by two flight attendants who wanted versatile travel bags with lots of pockets to take all they needed easily from place to place.

Pretty soon, the world wanted to know where they got their bags and the company was born.  I was first introduced to them by one of my favorite retailers, Dillard’s.  I absolutely love all you can do with this bag and how protected everything is…. including deep outside pockets for my cell phone or even a water bottle.  The bag also comes with a wristlet for your cell phone which is nice to have when needed.

These are no ordinary travel bags.  Many can convert from a backpack to a handbag like the one I took shopping to The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio recently. San Antonio is one of the top tourist destinations in the country, so we often “play tourist” at home and go on long outings where there are lots of people.  I often need a hands-free bag and definitely need one which will handle much wear and tear.  The creators also believe that fashion and function go hand-in-hand so there are lots of very stylish options.

My bag is the three in one backpack and I have never owned a purse with this many options to carry a lot, have it protected, and stay organized.  The 3-in-1 Backpack with rfid phone wristlet is here.

They also have a new line of anti-theft bags which really caught my attention after I was robbed at a mall a couple of years ago.  They are made with SecurTex™.  This is an innovative slash-proof fabric which is sturdy and durable to protect your belongings when in a crowd.  They are also very stylish.   I will definitely be carrying baggallini this year when I shop and travel.

Make sure you check out the anti-theft bags and their new Carry On Bags while on the baggallini website here.  The carry on is now on my new wish list.

The bag I am showing you here is a great bag for travel, shopping, a day with the grandchildren, or a road trip. I highly recommend.  It is perfect for a get away of any type.  Check them out!  And, as always,



Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. My sister has a few of these and they get a lot of use. They really do help you stay organized. I have often been tempted to add one to my handbag collection, so will have to give them another look.

  2. You are right. We often only think about anti-theft bags when abroad but thieves live all around us. These bags are excellent.

  3. I have several baggallini’s. I LOVE them. The one I always use for work has been tossed in the washing machine many, many times and still looks great! (Delicate cycle, in a mesh laundry bag and then air dry)

  4. Great bag! I’ll have to check this brand out! And you were robbed at the mall a few years ago???!!! Oh my goodness! Hopefully you were not harmed in any way (other than being robbed!)
    Can you share that story? When/how did this happen and has this changed your outlook/habits concerning being out and about? Are you more fearful or just more cautious?
    I try to be cautious and safe – but I know us “ladies of a certain age” can be considered fair game to younger, faster, meaner persons with criminal tendencies. Take care, Pamela!

    1. Hi Shirley, It was actually a couple of years ago and I learned a hard lesson. Don’t walk around the malls at Christmastime without a bag that closes at the top. In a crowd, I did not feel or notice someone lift my wallet right out of the bag. I will be taking this bag to the mall for Christmas shopping this year!!

      1. That’s terrible! So glad you weren’t threatened or harmed! What is the old saying?….”The best lessons are the hardest learned” You’ll have an awesome bag to take this year!

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