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Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer!  We bring you fashion displays we have discovered around town and which made us wonder what you would think of the mannequin as styled.   Please tell us…would you or would you not personally wear the look.  Keep it personal so as not to offend women who believe differently from you and please keep it constructive so that we all can learn from it.  You may also comment on the display from a fashion merchandising point of view…does the display motivate you to spend money?

Pamela Lutrell on Would You Wear It

I found this display on November 15, and immediately wondered what the audience would think about it.  So look it over carefully and offer your best thoughts…………………………………


Then I hope you will drop by Jennifer’s page at A Well Styled Life and comment on her display as well.  I am so excited about the comments I have been receiving on the slideshows…I am glad they are helping some of you to shop.  Remember, if you click through to one of these sites and make a purchase of any kind on that brand (after going from my page) then I can perhaps make a commission on the purchase.  That is always helpful to keep me blogging. Have a great Saturday…I have so much work to do for next week!  Gotta Go!





  1. I think the bag is cute. You’ve backed up from the display a little so I see the surrounding display, and I don’t see the bags. That’s something that annoys me – when they feature something in a display and then you have to search like a detective for the items in the display. It could be they want you to keep looking at the merchandise, or it could be that their merchandise is poorly organized and maintained.
    Big stores like to cutback on sales help, but I think sometimes that’s a management shortcoming. Management isn’t tasking their sales help to do things like restock the merchandise or update the displays to match what is actually available.

    1. I would have a lot of fun wearing this outfit…in early fall or late spring, here in Michigan. The colors would work then and any time of the year. The gray plaid is muted and the cheery flowers peek out from underneath. The oversized jacket would be a playful contrast to the skinny jeans, which might be better a little longer. The purse is fun and stylish. I would wear dark gray flats or graceful and feminine loafers

  2. I would stop to consider this, but more for the individual components. I like the blazer, but it’s too oversized for me. It would make me look heavy, so while I like it, I prefer blazers that are more fitted and not so long. I know long jackets are trending, they just aren’t for me and my frame. I like the floral top. I think it would look better with a darker jacket, but I’d probably look for that to see if it would work. I am not a fan of cropped pants in general, but these I’d try, for summer, because they are a slim/skinny cut. That’s the only way I’d wear them. I live in Ohio, so crops are definitely not winter wear where I live! I love the red handbag and would definitely purchase that!

  3. I like certain pieces but NOT as assembled here. The plaid in the jacket with the floral pattern is not appealing to me personally. The colors are not in sync for my eye. I would wear the blouse and the cute handbag together with jeans maybe? The jacket is very menswear so a solid shirt or tee or light sweater seems like a better look. I don’t care fir the Capri pants in fall or winter. Just a personal thing….

  4. I like the casual blazers. I’d probably swap the print on top for a similar print small or skinny scarf with a navy top, not a print. I like crops but in the warmer weather months. I do like the red handbag and would choose similar from my own. I like the elements of this outfit and could easily adapt the look for me.

  5. Nothing here works for me. There’s no way to save it, even as individual pieces. This mannequin does not have a pear shape. The blazer too boxy and unfitted, the pants truncate the legs, making pears visually wider, the psttetn mixing is jarring, and the tam is wrong for pears, too, especially if they have short hair. Add the bag at hip level for maximum wideness? No, just no. What not to wear for pears. This has it all.

  6. This is not an outfit I would be drawn to. From the winter-ish hat on top to denim crops on the bottom, it looks a little random to me. I love blazers and I like the longer length, but the large plaid would would not flatter me. I like what I can see of the blouse and that red bag.

  7. Mixing patterns is okay if they don’t fight each other, but these two patterns are each too large to pair together. I prefer a jacket to be more fitted. The one shown is too oversized for my taste. Since we are heading into winter, cropped pants have no place in my wardrobe. I love the red bag shown as an accessory because it brings out the red in the floral blouse. That is the only positive comment I can make about the outfit. I would most likely walk right by it.

  8. I love the blazer and the red bag., and if the jeans were longer I might wear the outfit, but not with the floral blouse. I might stretch to a small plaid with red in it for the blouse, but that would be the extent of my adventurousness in pattern mixing! I do not like the hat.

  9. I guess it’s just me and my generation of wearing & looking at clothes…but this ensemble looks like a mishmash up of all four seasons. In my part of the world, all four seasons are (mostly) distinct. The cute little pompom hat is for my winter attire; flowered blouse for spring or early fall; double-breasted plaid jacket for late fall-early winter; and those unhemmed crops I’d wear in the summer. The only year-round wearable item is that red handbag (not for me though because I personally prefer a more classic shape and a large handbag). Adding all these pieces in one outfit here jars my senses?. Too much! But in this outfit, Girl, you are ready for anything the weather throws at you ??. PS she needs shoes, but don’t ask me what works here!

  10. My comments on your site are not being published. Have you blocked me?
    I have not been offensive in any way, just answered whether I would wear it.
    Please advise so I will stop bothering to

    1. Ellen! I have not blocked anyone! Not sure what the issue might be. Sometimes I am slow to approve but no one has been blocked!

    2. I just checked and I see your comments on the blog. Always give me a moment to respond to them. None of the comments post automatically. In today’s toxic social media world, I moderate the comments. But always post yours.

  11. Nope. No. There is just nothing here that works for me. I wear very few prints because they are so memorable . I used to wear men styled blazers, but now prefer a more feminine cut jacket, not this boxy cut. The pants/length of pants don’t work with this outfit. In general, I’m cautious about this length pant. Too many mature women wear them with shapeless T shirts and orthopedic walking shoes. (sorry) The rounded form of the necklace is fighting with the vee of the blouse neckline. The color of the tam doesn’t fit the other colors in the outfit and the felted fabric/Pom Pom would be more appropriate worn with an outer weight coat. The stylist should apologize to this mannequin.

  12. I like all the pieces but not together. The blazer doesn’t go with the floral blouses and the chunky necklace looks too heavy. The Capri jeans are something I wear all year long in Southern California. That cute beret with the fur pom might have made it to my stash of hats if I were still in N.Y.!

  13. I like the blazer and the flower shirt and could wear them to work but maybe not together. Love the red bag. I live in Eastern Canada and we’ve already had a heavy snowfall so the pants would not be practical for me for at least another 6 months?

    1. Thanks Susan…I am not sure if capris work for anywhere in fall and winter! Maybe someone else can share if they do.

    2. Yes, I would wear this, but with longer jeans and taupe booties. I would not wear the hat, though. I like the grey and cream plaid. A wide variety of colors in tops would coordinate with it.

  14. Not a fan of the outfit as styled. Remove the blazer and re-dress with full length pants. Remove the hat and change the necklace…….then I’d wear this in public.

  15. I am not fond of berets/tams whereas the other pieces as individual elements I like, however would not wear them as displayed. For example; the long version jacket with shorter cropped pants does not work for me aesthetically nor does their frayed hemline (and in the climate I live in they would appear to be out of season). Would much prefer to see it with ankle length jeans and perhaps an open neck collared buttoned ‘n tailored shirt or even a sweater for a more casual vibe. -Brenda-

  16. This outfit wold not work for me at all. The pants are too short for Colorado winters and not a good look with the oversized blazer. Fitted blazers are more my style. Not a fan of the blouse with the large chain, but I do like the red purse especially for the holidays. A twenty year old might be able to pull off this outfit including the hat!

  17. I have a blazer just like this, and a top just like this and I had not considered putting them together-I usually wear the blazer with a graphic tee under. But I’ll try it out! Why not! I also don’t wear crop pants in winter, but I wear the blazer with blue,black, gray, or burgundy jeans. I like the somewhat dressed up attitude of the blazer, and I roll the sleeves. Love the oversize blazer trend but I’m tall and that helps.

  18. I guess I’m the odd one out today. I love everything about this outfit except the hat. I’d simply replace it with the navy beret that I bought in Paris this spring. Unfortunately, at this time of year in Alberta, Canada it’s too cold for crop pants, so I’d have to change those out for longer jeans for now. In the past, the mix of patterns in an outfit like this one would have thrown me off, but I’ve learned to be more adventurous in the past couple of years and now I’d be quite comfortable with it.

  19. I loved reading everybody’s comments today, and love this Saturday feature each week. This was my favorite outfit of any you’ve posted in the past couple of months! I love the jacket, handbag and pants and would get a lot of wear out of them. The blouse is also my style, though I would enjoy wearing the jacket with a variety of tops. A firm “NO” however to the cap. And, who knew mannequins have built in high heel shaped feet?!! No wonder their legs look so long and sleek!

  20. I love the boyfriend blazer. I have a similar one in a navy blue/black plaid. It goes so well with black pants or blue jeans. Love the handbag too.
    I have to pass on the floral blouse- maybe a cami or turtleneck instead. And I am cold natured so skinny or girlfriend jeans would work better for me. And I can see wearing cute booties with it! Fits my style uniform!

  21. I don’t care for the way outfit is styled. The winter hat with light washed cropped pants seems a bit out of sync. I like the blazer, but I don’t think it would flatter me. I would try it & the blouse on wouldn’t wear them together. Cropped pants are definitely not flattering on my short legs.

  22. I like the mix of the plaid jacket and floral blouse. It really works for me. I’d have to wear full-length jeans, though. The cropped pants are not for me.

    The red crossbody bag isn’t something I’d normally shop for, but it totally makes this outfit!! Love it!

    Don’t care for the beret … I think the color doesn’t go with this outfit. Maybe one in grey or black?

  23. Not much here for me. Jacket no I don’t like the big plaid. Jeans no I don’t like the length or the frayed hem. Floral blouse no too floral for me. The beret NOPE. The purse no – I like the color not the style. I’ll take the necklace please.

  24. Love the blazer, I’m tall, with winter white wool slacks & cashmere turtleneck sweater, faux snake skin booties & leather tote bag…black or a statement color pop.
    I’d pass on the other elements of the outfit for my personal style.

  25. I think this outfit is confused! It is not cohesive. It looks like parts were thrown together without any forethought. From top to bottom: the winter beret is cute, but not for me. The dark floral print top is nice, and I would wear it depending on what style top it is. All I can tell is that it’s a v neck. The plaid blazer is boxier than I prefer, but looks well quality in that the plaids match. Depending on how it fit and the fabric, I might even consider buying it. The cropped jeans are nothing special and I’m not a fan of unhemmed cropped jeans for myself. Crops make me look shorter and wider. My tall thin teenage granddaughter would love them. Love the red crossbody bag and I have one very similar.
    I often wonder if they put random items together just to make us think” WT…

  26. I like the plaid blazer and the floral top (but wouldn’t pair them together) and the crossbody bag is nice. I would pass on the ‘pants’ (lightwash denim and cropped length – not something that would get much wear for my lifestyle).

  27. I like the red bag! The rest of the outfit doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t wear blazers—they just don’t work on my body. I like the colors on the blouse but I can’t tell if I’d like the shape or all-over print. The cropped pants look like an awkward length. I’m not a fan of unfinished hems! The tam looks cute, but to me, the colors don’t work together.

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