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This seems to be about the time that many of us are feeling weary and, dare I say it, old! So, I have identified 10 ways to keep that youthful feeling during isolation.  The fact that many of us have been shut inside and encouraged not to have human contact, can make anyone…no matter their age…feel old and unmotivated.  It is so important to not give-in to this and to be purposeful to make changes….now!


  1. Get out of bed…shower…put on make up…and fix your hair!  Do these things…even if you do not think you will see anyone else that day…you see you in the mirror and you want to feel youthful and still in the game. I know I say this often, but there are so many posts out there during the stay at home time of this pandemic encouraging people to be the opposite.  It is a dangerous slippery slope to depression.
  2. Put on something colorful that brightens your spirits.  I would like to respond to reader Lily today.  Yesterday she asked what has happened to my more fitted, shorter garments.  My best answer is that they are on vacation.  While working from home, I have worn more comfortable, loose styled outfits simply for comfort sake.  My fitted, shorter garments are in all of the clothing I was wearing to work, and places I met people…lunch, church, shopping, blog events and meetings, etc. They will return, but my pictures lately have featured my favorite work-from-home-styles and they are the looser, more comfortable outfits. I still make sure I am having fun with them! Let me know if that explains it, Lily?
  3. If you are not doing this already, then begin today to Live One Day at a Time. Live is short. Do not waste it waiting for the all clear to return to life as we knew it before COVID-19.  Set daily goals every day. 

Take art classes on Over 50 Feeling 40

4. But, Pam…you say…I have organized every closet, and cleaned out all debris.  What do I do next?  Sounds like it is time to expand your horizons and learn something new.  I have also discussed this before.  Take an online class and pursue a passion you have wanted to pursue.  The above is a painting one of my closest friends painted for me….take a painting class.  You can almost find a class for anything you would like to learn online.  Start researching today.

5. Build your immunity with healthy foods and supplements so when you can go out, you are ready to go out and feel safe. What about taking an online cooking class for healthy eating?  You just knocked off two on the list.  I also take Juice Plus supplements and GOLI to build my immunity. GOLI are the chewable apple cider vinegar supplements.  I am such a fan.  Make a personal plan today to build your immunity.

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6. When you have the opportunity, it is always a good idea to experience sunlight in small doses.  Sunlight is healing and inspiring.  Even if you go out for just five minutes, feel the warmth on your skin (hopefully covered in sunscreen) and take a few minutes for some deep inhale and exhaling exercises.  

7. Don’t listen to all those in social media telling you to get a big, fluffy chair, a blanket, fuzzy slippers, and a movie or TV marathon with snacks.  Those days certainly have their place, but day after day of isolation time can drain us and age us.

Host a virtual tea party on over 50 Feeling 40

8. Host a virtual tea party with a friend or family member.  Yes, get out the good china, send a evite and meet with friends and family often online.  Do not be afraid of Zoom or any of the video meeting apps.  They are easy to learn if you are not already going to business meetings online.   Make sure everyone brings their favorite tea and treat to the party.  Lot’s of people are having virtual Happy Hours together at the end of the day…if you prefer that to tea…go for it!

9. Of course, practice positivity.  Do not let the Debbie Downers and Nancy Negatives get to you…only fair, I will make up one with my name…the Pam Pout-ers…just don’t do it.  I love being a “glass-half-full” kind of girl.  It is fun, but sometimes we need to check ourselves and say out loud STOP, when we feel negativity beginning to take center stage.  Disclaimer: Grieving does have its place and should be done in a healthy manner.  Some of you may be grieving the loss of loved ones during this time or the loss of income.  Make sure you seek professionals who can help you if the grieving is taking over your ability to function. By allowing time to grieve and pray over your grief should help you to go forward in a mentally healthy way.  If you need someone to pray for you, send me an email at over50feeling40@gmail.com.

10. Decide to make a difference. You can do this when shut up inside.  Pick issues that are important to you.  If it is important for your grandchildren to love school or to learn manners, then make them funny videos everyday with your phone and send them in a text.  Or begin writing journals just to a child or grandchild.  Write letters to leaders to encourage or give your opinion on policies…but make sure you become part of solutions and not just a complaint. You can rally city leaders from your computer for an additional Stop Sign in the neighborhood.  There are advocates right now needed to help draw more attention to the state of care in nursing homes.  Look at how many lives have been lost in nursing homes from coronavirus.  There are so many things you can do from your computer at home.  Becoming a problem-solver is invigorating! 



Over 50 Feeling 40 BZee Sandals

I know you thought the saying was “happy wife, happy life,”  but dare to differ….because when my feet are happy, all is right in my world!  I wore these shoes in yesterday’s picture and said I would discuss them today.  Meet BZEES, machine wash, air dry, super comfy shoes.  They asked to send a pair to me to try out and I seriously love the comfort and feel of these shoes.  Add the fact that they can be washed makes them even better.  Check out the new BZEES collections.

Also, while I am waiting to see my nail technician again and get a pedicure.  I am soaking my feet often in this soak below.  It is good to do it toward bedtime because the lavender is relaxing!

Feeling younger, yet?  Well, how about some fun spring clothing to help?  Here is today’s fashion slideshow………


Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was donated product for this post, but the words are my own.

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