My Work at Home Style from Fashion to Office Decor

Pamela Lutrell in Work at Home Style

From fashion to office décor, I am loving my working at home style.  Though I still take time to fix up every day, I do not have to look as tailored or professional as I did when I was actually going into the office.  I feel like the looks I am putting together these days are more Pam-style than I had been in the last two years during a typical work day.

Chico’s artisan collection for January 2020 had so many pieces in it that I was drawn to, but I waited and picked them up when they were on sale.  This Brushstroke Tee is a combination of metallics and in my wardrobe, it will get a lot of wear.

Today, I am styling it with a long gray duster I picked up at Stein Mart perhaps a year ago…it is very light weight and I love the “current vibe” of it.  I have it on with my snake print leggings, and black leather sneakers from Rockport.  The sneakers add a youthful touch.



Over 50 Feeling 40 discusses personal style in Chicos tee

I could wear this without the third piece, but there is something about it I really like.  So many third pieces catch my eye.  Our heat isn’t oppressive yet, so I can wear this comfortably now and I believe it speaks my style messages of intelligent, strong, approachable, current and creative.  This tee looks great with a blazer too.

I know it isn’t that “springy” but this is something I can wear a little now and bring back out for fall. The top was so affordable that I will definitely end up with a low cost per wear.

If you are a fan of Chico’s, make sure you sign up to be a Passport customer (which is free) and to for their texts.  The text spur-of-moment sales are where you can get some advance notice of low pricing and some of the items go quickly. 



Pamela Lutrell styles with mixed metal bracelets

When I saw the mixed metals on the tee, I knew to reach for mixed metals in my bracelets.  This just made it more fun and the way they wear, I can keep them on while working on my computer!


Flowers on desk of Pamela Lutrell

I still need to hand pictures in my office, but I have needed to do that for a long time.  I bought the hangers, finally.  But, I decided something this week…if I am going to spend so much time here now, then I want flowers and candles when possible.

I did go to the grocery yesterday…with a little apprehension…but just could not walk by the floral department without these daisies and white roses in my cart.   They have made my work space so happy.  At home I face a window and in the old office, I had no window…so this is quite enjoyable to see the sunshine or a thunderstorm. 

Donna asked on Instagram about my tile dress form…another find from Goodwill San Antonio!  Can’t wait to get back to thrifting again.


Thank you for everyone who joined in the conversation about my hair yesterday.  I am always amazed at how passionate this topic is for some ladies.  I do enjoy reading what you have to say.  I am really kind of excited that so many of you were on TEAM LONG. I thought everyone would be on TEAM SHORT.  We will see what happens.  My hair salon is inside of a fitness center so I will not be getting back in there for awhile…you guys will see here first hand as the saga goes on. 

This questions is really for those of you living in cooler climates…how long will you be styling your own looks with a third piece?  Please share your favorite way to wear a long sleeved tee shirt.  Then stay home…stay safe….and

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs!  Stay safe…and



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I like how you pulled colors from the tee shirt and saw them as mixed metals. What a good interpretation to then add the mixed metal bracelets! Something so subtle makes a big statement! Your “at home” looks are still very pulled together and creative, and this is the kind of styling that works so well thinking ahead to retirement. I take the time to dress nicely and it honestly has an impact on how the day goes. Your office looks so very pretty and feminine. The flowers are beautiful, and isn’t there something about having fresh flowers that makes you feel uplifted? Just a beautiful place to spend time, which helps when you are working! The third piece question….right now where I live we are struggling to get to the 50’s most days. Nicer weather is supposedly coming, but it truly doesn’t get or stay what would be though of as consistently warm until sometime in May, typically. We’ll have days in the 60’s and that feels like summer after the winter weather. The third piece can thus be warn for quite awhile yet. Right now I’m mostly wearing “the fourth piece” and a lot of sweaters still! But truly, even in the summer with air conditioning in stores and church, you kind of always need to have that third piece. Yesterday I switched my scarves over from fall/winter to spring/summer, and there are even a few brave daffodils in my yard, so this gave me hope. There is supposed to be a sunny day later this week and that will be my day in the park. This has been wonderful during this time of staying at home. Since it is a national park, it has many different areas and is huge, so it’s easy to find a spot to read or just enjoy nature and still be at a proper distance from others. Looking very much forward to life returning to normal!!

  2. Fresh flowers always brighten up a room! Your jewelry is perfect for the top. Love how you layer until an outfit is just right. I wear long sleeve tees longer into the warmer days by rolling up the sleeves to a bracelet length. Bring on the blingy bracelets! If it is cool enough, a topper of some sort is added or a vest. It is still cool here in the Heartland so a light sweater or jacket is welcome. The Goodwill I usually shop at is closed, as I imagine all of them are right now. Online shopping is fun for a while but I will be glad to get out and select my own produce and hit the charity shops.

  3. Hi Pam, Thanks for the interesting articles. Your home work space looks lovely. I’m in my basement dungeon because the wifi works best there.
    I live in Chicago where layering clothes is an art form. I have many long, 3/4 sleeve and shortsleeve cotton tshirts that I wear under everything. Sometimes the tshirt neckline shows, sometimes not. If the neckline shows and looks strange, on goes a scarf to hide it. I own many scarves of varying weights for the seasons. Some of my best finds have come from thrift shops and international travel.

  4. It was fun to see the bracelets you featured but I want to mention how pretty your swirled ring is. It is unique for a solitaire diamond.

  5. I love the feminine look of your office. The little dress form is beautiful, and flowers are a necessity right now. We are still freezing overnight, but have sunshine today so soon we will have some flowers up outside. Actually the snowdrops are all beautiful. There is still a fourth layer with a scarf to go out but that will soon be down to three. We are not allowed to go to parks etc right now so am so happy to have my own yard to get to. All tucked in for a few weeks and more. Stay well. P.s. I have discovered that a good face oil really helps with the sore hands from too much washing.

  6. Like you I have three vases of beautiful flowers around our first floor. With our unpredictable spring weather, flowers just perk everyone up.

    I want your tee! It’s great! I have the other pieces in my wardrobe, but only ordinary, plain tees. I need to try on all clothing pieces, personally. I can shop for books, cosmetics etc online but no to online clothing. Is it me?
    I do hope we don’t lose all brick and mortar stores after thus pandemic. I’d be in trouble.

  7. Always a third layer in northern climates! Air conditioning and cool days mean a third layer is always s at hand.

    The flowers are a great idea!

  8. Good Morning!
    Here in southern Oregon and up on our mountaintop property, it stays about ten degrees cooler than down in the valley in town (30 minutes away and west of here). So, no flowers in bloom up here. The flowering trees are showy though, and when I’m in town for errands I see daffodils in abundance.
    I love a third piece pretty much year-round but transition to airy toppers in summer. For now I am still dressing in layers for warmth. We’re continuing to get the odd dusting of snow overnight, but as is typical for Oregon, that should change fairly soon.
    As to the tshirt question, I love a long sleeve tee under a shirt sleeve tee for at home or outdoorsy type wear. It’s an easy way to get some play out of the short sleeve shirt that otherwise would be relegated o a few short months. I also like to wear them under a plaid flannel or cotton shirt out here on the ranch. Just feels right for where we live. Listing our place this Saturday, though, to hopefully move back down into town this summer . . .will miss the seclusion, but need to be near services and hospital for my husband.

  9. Hi Pam,
    I didn’t comment yesterday since I was late checking emails, but I love your hair long or short! You look adorable in your HS picture with long hair and your gorgeous smile.
    I have the tee you are wearing from Chico’s, and I also bought the brushstroke tee in the pinks and blues… them….they will be my go to tees and go with everything in my closet. Here in Colorado the weather is up and down….almost 70 today and snow is expected tomorrow night, so we still need some warm clothes in our closets. Fortunately 60 degree temperatures are more the norm as we transition. The daffodils are blooming,. Your office looks great….love the fresh flowers!

  10. Our temperatures are fluctuating here in the Midwest right now, so jackets & third pieces are always on standby. It was 76 on Saturday & 43 yesterday. I have some long sleeved tees that I don’t put into storage. They are light weight & the sleeves can be pushed up, & my long sleeved blouses are always hanging in the closet as I have worn them in July.
    I love having fresh flowers in the house. They always make me smile. Having pretty things in our spaces is especially important during these unsettling times, so enjoy the flowers, use the nice dishes, light the scented candles & use the fluffy towels. Sending smiles & waves to all.

  11. Hi Pam
    A question for you as I work at home and do more zoom meetings. I would prefer my face not be so “large” in a zoom meeting — where do you place your i-pad on the desk or whatever you use so you can get a little “distance” — and love your tips on what to wear!

    1. I have a MAC Desktop and I push it back from me to the end of the desk. Previously when I used a laptop I would put it on books to reach the height I wanted. I have not used my IPAD for video meetings, but if I do I will let you know what I do to position it. There are small tripods you can purchase to hold it on the desk.

  12. Love your brushstroke tee shirt and your elephant bracelet. Also, I like your hair longer and how about reddish highlights and “wispier” bangs? Just a thought……but I agree with so many others…….your best feature is your beautiful smile and the upbeat and positive vibe you exude. I’m new to your blog, and just love it!


  13. Here in Alberta, we’re a long way from giving up the third piece! Most years, though we might get a late spring snowstorm, the winter’s accumulation of snow is gone by the end of March. Not so this year! In fact, it has hardly started to melt and we had another major dump the night before last! It was -24ºC (-11ºF) when we got up this morning. Feels like early February!

  14. Love your home office Pam!
    I too enjoy fresh flowers in my home. Nothing like a bit of mother natures beauty to lift my spirits❤.

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