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It’s Saturday and time for another Would You Wear It? with me and my friend Jennifer.  This weekend is always thought to be the official launch of summer though it does not really arrive on the calendar until June 20.  But, the humidity and heat are already going strong in Texas and since kids have been out during the day in the neighborhood with schools closed, it feels very much like summer.  

For those who might be new (and I think I saw one or two new names on the Wednesday Pop Up, so welcome!), allow me to explain the drill.  Jennifer and I post fashion images and ask you what you think.  We request that your comments be constructive in an effort to teach others why you do or do not like the look for you personally.  Look at it with your body type, tastes, and lifestyle in mind…my readers will know when I say to consider if it meets your five style adjectives.  Then tell us why or why not you would wear it.  Please do not just say YES or NO, that doesn’t help anyone…and readers love the comments on these posts. Jennifer and I are not selecting styles we like or hate…just styles which make us wonder what you would think.

Over 50 Feeling 40 with Would You Wear It

So, let’s begin…there’s a holiday weekend waiting for us all!  Look over the style I have shown you and please focus on the first image and how the look is styled for the focus of your comments.  Consider it and let us know……………………………………………………………………………………



This image is from our local newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News.  I wanted to share it because I thought it might inspire some of you as it has me on ways to protect a home garden.  We are working around the house this weekend with several projects including continued yard work.  I may not get a garden done until it is time for fall planting…which isn’t that far away, but we will see.  

However, I will say…the sales this weekend are good.  I know Mr. B will be doing some support for the local economy! It is a tax free weekend in Texas for items needed around the home that are ecco-friendly.  Let me give you this to think about...Father’s Day is June 21.  Some of the Memorial Day sales are very good and you may want to do some Father’s Day shopping…so in addition to a fashion slideshow today, I also put together a Father’s Day focused slideshow just in case you want to take advantage of the sales or need some ideas.  Make sure you check every website for additional sales codes…some are for free shipping too.  

Now, please go over and see Jennifer’s look for your scrutiny at A WELL STYLED LIFE!  and 






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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I would wear the shirt untied at the waist. I never look good with tied shirts. They tend to accentuate the not so flat tummy area. The capris are cute but too flared at the bottom. I’m a pear shape and flared legs don’t look good on me. They look funny because my thighs are so thick. I like the color combo though. It speaks summer to me!

  2. I love the shirt and would definitely wear that. It’s perfect with the white jeans. I would wear them if they came to the top of my foot. I don’t like the flared cropped look for me, makes me look shorter and I’m already not tall! I do like full length flared jeans, however. This is a great spring/summer outfit!

    Very attractive garden area in the photo…I use netting over my vegetables because I live in an area with a lot of large parks and an abundant deer population! I like the gravel walkway shown in the photo! Today will be spent gardening, which is great fun and a good kind of tiring!

  3. I like the way the shirt is styled in the second picture (not tied). The white pants appear too thin, so they would be a ‘no’ unless they were lined.

  4. I think that’s a good way to style a shirt like that. Kind of a variation on the half-tuck. You can adjust it so it’s not crammed into the waistband of your pants.
    The only bad thing is that if once you’ve worn a linen shirt like that if you want to do it as a tunic you will need to iron it because the hem will be wrinkly. So it’s an at-home, or a last day of a weekend trip look.

  5. I love it! Blue and white together is such a clean, fresh look that I have always loved. I would happily wear it all. I am tall-ish (5’8”) with long legs, so the flare on the legs would be fine. I would try the shirt tied at the waist and see how it looks, but probably would wear it untied. The blue in the blouse is a very pretty hue.

  6. Everything about this outfit is ME! I love linen, I love stripes, and I love blue and white together! What’s not to like!

  7. I love this outfit! It reminds us that summer is coming—or already arrived! The shirt us a solid YES for me. I’m retired and dress casually so the shirt fits my lifestyle either alone and tied in front or worn as Shown. Love the blue and white stripe. The wide leg pant us nice on the model but since I suffer with my knee issues I wonder how they’d look with flat sandals. Not sure but I do like the wider leg on the model.

  8. I like the cool, crisp look of the shirt. I like having the option of wearing it tied or leaving it loose. The trousers look comfortable and cool. I’d wear the misses size as it would make them full length on me. Very nice and summery.

  9. Happy long weekend to you. Ours was last weekend and the weather did not cooperate. I like the look today, but the pants in the slide show are more to my liking length wise. I am not a fan of loose cropped pant. The top looks like it could be used a number of ways, but I would roll the sleeves and add a chunky necklace for fun. I do wear waist knotted tops at times even though my waist is not what it used to be, but who am I fooling, I wear what makes me feel good, and attitude goes a long way.

  10. I love this look! I have several versions of it in my closet. I own white dress slacks, white jeans and white ankle pants in several styles. Blue and white tops are also in my closet, blouse and tees in lots of patterns, stripes as well as other patterns. I LOVE IT !!!!!!

  11. It’s a pretty outfit but I wouldn’t wear it. Personal taste more than anything specific. I like the flaired pants but white is not a practical colour for my lifestyle.

  12. My kind of outfit, but always with white jeans or slacks! After Memorial day, the white pants come out-Until September!
    Florida summer wear!
    Like alot of the father’s day Suggestions. Thanks for including them.

  13. It’s a beautiful outfit that I would be happy to be seen in. I’m 5’8” with long arms and legs, and I would wear the top tied at the waist like the first photo. I would like it even more if it didn’t have to be ironed before wearing it each time, haha.

  14. Not only would I wear this, but I do wear it. Similar shirt is in my wardrobe and I wear it wit all styles of white pants/ jeans as well as blue leggings and jeans. This screams my leisure style!

  15. Good Saturday Morning! 🌼 I like the striped top, and have a couple similar to this in my wardrobe, so that’s a definite yes. I veer away from white pants, but would pair this with a skinny pant or denim capris and a light, airy white cardigan and handbag. Have to say I instantly fell for the beautiful J. Jill dress and wrap shown in the slideshow!! With 40% off, I think I will treat myself to this . . .just deciding between the blue opal color or the teal. Both suit me, and I can just picture wearing either of these out to a summer patio dinner or down in Mexico. Thanks for always picking beautiful items to inspire and tempt, Pam! 😉

  16. I love the shirt and have one similar to it that I wear different ways…buttoned by itself, opened with a t-shirt under it. Lots of versatility. The white pants are nice but I am so short, they would not suit me. I would wear the shirt with skinny jeans or white slim pants.

  17. I would definitely wear this outfit! I love the look! The blue and white is so crisp, so fresh. I love the shorter cropped flares. I would also wear the shirt untucked with slim white pants or jeans. Perfect for summer.

  18. Cute outfit – not for me. The stripes are too big for me. If they were thinner and closer together, yes. I don’t like the length + width of the pants. Happy Saturday.

  19. I like the color combo. I’d wear the shirt untucked. I like the look of the tied version but it would emphasize my tummy. I’m about 5’5″ but I have short legs so the wide-legged crop would not be a good look for me. I’d choose a full-length straight-legged pant or a slim ankle-length crop.

  20. The colors here are so summery!!

    I’d prefer the shirt if the stripes were thinner. I’d also wear the pants if they were full-length. I have a long torso and short legs, so cropped pants look choppy on my frame.

    I like the tied version of the shirt — it’s the perfect casual vibe for summer.

  21. I like the shirt, except for the ‘boob pocket’, not flattering on me and the 90 degree turn of the stripes makes this one very noticeable. I think it looks great with the white pants and would be cute with colored jeans (or traditional denim) or navy or khaki in cooler weather. The white pants would be okay with the wider leg OR the shorter length but I’m not a fan of the two together. Special thanks for sharing the garden idea; I’ll be looking into that project! Have a great weekend everyone!

  22. I would wear this with a couple of minor adjustments. The wide legged crops are not flattering to my figure, so would go with a pant that didn’t feature that or with walking shorts. If I was wearing the shorts, I would tuck the shirt in. With pants, I would wear it tucked in or totally untucked. I am not a fan of the tied up or half tucked looked. This outfit definitely says summer to me.

  23. Yes, I would wear the shirt. I love the vertical stripes and the blue and white combination looks so cool and refreshing. I can also see the striped top with jeans and a white tank or blue tank with white pants.

  24. A resounding YES from her earrings to her shoes …. ☺….. as definitely my style and suitable for my figure type. Also love the relaxed striped pants by Old Navy shown in the slide show. Wishing you a beautiful long weekend. -Brenda-

  25. Love this. I like the fresh summery attitude it evokes and linen is a great texture. I’m short and would wear it with slim capris. It is a classic and will be good ten years from now. It is something that would look youthful and flattering to my no-waist midsection.

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