John Mark styles on Over 50 Feeling 40

Summer is a difficult time to decide to redefine my style to casual chic.  It can be oppressively hot especially with high humidity added in and I find it difficult to feel elegant when sweat is pouring down my back.  Nevertheless, I will persevere through it with a determination to prove I can learn everyday elegance. With a desire to play with styles and colors, I headed out to my favorite place to shop in San Antonio, Dillard’s at The Shops at La Cantera to meet with Sheri Hammett, the talented store manager. 

John Mark Summer Styles at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

Sheri gave me these steps when keeping summer heat in mind:

  1. In order to feel elegant in the summer, then we must not forget the importance of a proper FIT, so we feel comfortable when out and about.
  2. Breathable, natural fabrics are key. “I personally love fabrics which flow and drape for comfort and elegance, “ she said.
  3. Shop for brands which make you feel good and be willing to invest in those quality pieces with great style and fit. The high loyalty brands at Dillard’s for women over 50 include Eileen Fisher, Ming Wang, and Bryn Walker which all offer exceptional foundation pieces to build your wardrobe upon.  Spending in such a way as to own great fitting foundation garments which will be worn over and over again is worth it.  This is the basis for a functional wardrobe.
  4. Then you can add some fun garments for elegant color from Ali Miles, John Mark, IC Collection or Calvin Klein
  5. An elegant woman is confident in her clothing, so it may take a lot of trying on in order to discover the personal style you seek and believe is ultimately YOU!

Sheri and her sales associate, Denise, spent time with me and we tried on a lot of different looks.  Denise is pictured above.  I had her remove her mask so I could get her fun look that day.  She wore a stylish, confident look and I believe she portrayed her own version of elegance.  I did leave with a couple of pieces you will see later…one tomorrow.  But, here are a few which had me pondering….and, of course, asking myself, “Do these say elegant, intelligent, confidence, approachable, creative…Pamela-style? “ It makes a huge difference to shop with your adjectives! The looks here stayed at the store for various reasons, all having to do with my own personal style adjectives.  But there were some very fun pieces….the great brands at Dillard’s made the decisions more difficult…so I pondered longer!  Also in the first picture of the blog, I am wearing Eileen Fisher leggings.  The first two looks above are by John Mark.  Here are some other styles I tried on…..

IC Collection at Dillards on Over 50 Feeling 40

IC Collection

Bryn Walker on Over 50 Feeling 40

Bryn Walker

John Mark on over 50 feeling 40

John Mark


I am reading two books which a couple of you suggested I add to my “elegant textbooks.”  In A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, the author defines chic as the essence of casual refinement.  So, I looked at several definitions of refined and liked this one:Developed or Improved so as to be precise or subtle.  

I can work with that; furthermore, Dariaux writes: “In order to increase your chances of acquiring chic when it is lacking, the first requirement Is to be aware of the fact that you do not possess it.”  No problem there either…I have admitted, I do not possess it thoroughly at this time.  But, then she says, “You can then entrust to experienced specialists the responsibility of changing your silhouette, coiffure, make-up, gestures, and wardrobe.”  Most of us to do not have the income to hire professional stylists, but that is why I am here… I am going to attempt to use the experts in the related industries and the research through books to guide us through.

I am so glad that my Dillard’s has the experts to help me out.  I want to thank them for a fun day and encourage any San Antonio ladies to The Shops at La Cantera for shopping…they have taken all safety precautions.  Also, Dillard’s has incredible sales…in the store and online.

There will be more about cultivating elegance into our everyday lives tomorrow.  Hope you will join me then. 


Note: The other book I am reading is Audrey Hepburn, an elegant spirit by her son Sean Hepburn Ferrer.  This is truly a beautiful book. 

By Pamela Lutrell

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