How to style a white topper on over 50 feeling 40

Let’s start the week off with a conversation about how I recently styled a white topper.  I have seen several different white toppers or summer jackets online lately and was attracted to the looks.  I was about to order one, but when looking closely at it, the garment resembled a tunic which was just left open and I thought…hmmm, I can do that!

Since spending more time at home, I have been playing in my closet more with an effort to spend less and make what I own work in different ways…especially since what I own is a wardrobe composed of 99% separates.

Everything I am wearing is previously owned but placed together with purpose.

How to style patterned jeans on over 50 feeling 40

Mr. B hates that I stood by our bedroom patio wall which is a buttery cream color, but I like the contrast.  What I did not like was trying this Foxcroft tunic on with a white tee underneath.  For me, it was too much white and too much like an oversized cotton ball…not what I am going for.

I am rapidly getting to a point where I only wear V neck tops…they are the most flattering on me.  They open up my face and elongate my body type.  I am hoping sometime this summer to do a MAJOR closet purge and there will be careful consideration given to other necklines.  I am not ready to send all of them along their way to a new home.  The closet purge I am looking toward will be major and difficult for me.  Each piece has a story…especially since I began the blog in 2010.  But, I digress.

Sterling silver cuff by James Avery on Over 50 Feeling 40

The patterned denim is very old, but I really like the pants for their fit more than anything.  However, the feather on the jeans and my James Avery feather cuff, sterling silver bracelet go nicely together ….don’t you think?

How to style a Chicos topper on over 50 feeling 40

I wore this outfit yesterday to run a few errands and felt very confident in it.  Though the tunic is a bit boxy, it has a row of buttons down the back which give it more shape than some of the other tunics I own. Foxcroft garments are typically high quality and will hold their shape.  One of my errands was to stop by Chico’s and the above look was in their window…same idea! (BTW, this tropical drink blouse is on sale and in the slideshow below).  Of course, a jacket usually provides more shape and fit, but is harder to wear in warmer summer climates.  Today and tomorrow in San Antonio, we will be in temperatures over 100.  Everyone keeps saying it is going to be a hotter summer…so sad but looks to be so true.   After my errand running, which I did early, I put on the walking shorts!  

Squirrel houses on over 50 feeling 40

Here I am checking to see if Sam, the squirrel is at home.  He was not, but there is remains a lot of food to chow down on in there.  His wife, Bertie, is usually around, but we did not see them this morning.  Mr. B is convinced of their sexes…I will not say why…but thus they are now Bertie and Sam.

I would like to thank everyone on the blog and on Facebook who participated with their thoughts yesterday.  If anyone would still like to share your own definition of elegance, please do.  They were fascinating to read and to ponder.  I am working on something with all of this and will share it soon. I am listening and processing your comments and doing a lot of reading!

Does anyone else use other garments as toppers?  Or would like to share how you style a white topper?  Please share…enjoy today’s slideshow and always



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