Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with Pamela & Jennifer

Happy Wednesday, ladies, and welcome to the Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend, Jennifer.  The Would You Wear It posts have been growing in popularity and we are happy to keep it going for you…hoping it does help with making your fashion decisions!

Now, allow me a moment to call out a couple of you….there were a couple of comments which were very ugly about the last garment.  What I want to ask you is to consider if you personally did like a garment and someone was rude about it…how would you feel?  We ask that you keep this personal and not write in such a way as to attack the tastes or likes of another reader.  It is very simple…keep your evaluation of the looks personal and constructive…why or why not would you consider wearing it?  It doesn’t help anyone for you to say something ugly about it and infer that anyone liking it is not sane. I think you get my drift!

On these days, we are all personal fashion buyers …yet, for our own wardrobes.  So as a fashion buyer you might look at the fit, the colors, the design, the age appropriateness, the current trends or the fabrics.  You might also suggest different ways to wear it that might enhance the look.  Again, Jennifer and I are not looking for styles we hate or styles we like…just for styles which make us wonder what you would think.  Write in such a way as to help other consumers understand your thought process.  It also does not help anyone to simply say Yes or No.

Would You Wear It Pop Up on over 50 Feeling 40

OK…my “mom-talk” is over.  Please look at the style I posted at the top of the page and the closeup of the skirt, and tell us, ladies,



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Make sure you stop by A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s selection for today!  The Fabulous Finds Slideshow is dedicated to summer skirts and………always…………………………………….



And In honor of the V-neck top and Macy’s sale…here Is more…..


P.S. Remember, Cultivating Elegance begins on Friday!


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  1. Good morning Pam! This outfit looks to be cool and fresh and I am drawn to this orange toned linen blouse. Very summery! I would definitely buy this. I like the line and peplum top. I love the color! A solid yes.
    On the skirt…it does look comfy but personally I don’t gravitate to this longer skirt look so popular. I prefer any skirt to be at the knee, not far below and certainly not mini. At the knee for me! If If I were taller I might purchase this skirt.
    The model looks great, however!

  2. I really like the top but I look awful in orange. If it came in another color I would wear it. The skirt has too much fabric for me. I am 5’6” and 170 pounds, I’m afraid that much fabric makes me look Even chubbier. So I would not wear the skirt. Where can we buy the top I may have missed it but I don’t see that in the post. Thank you !

    1. Good morning, Beth. I usually don’t post the brand on these days. But I found this on a site called Marketplace India. Your purchases benefit women in India.

  3. Nope not for me! First off orange is my least favourite colour but mainly the fabrics of both pieces look too stiff for me. I prefer fabrics that are soft & flowy.

  4. I like elements of both pieces, but they look kind of shapeless on the model. I like the detail on the bottom of the skirt, but I think to skirt itself is too long. I think it it would be really cute if it were knee length, or just above the knee. I do like the elastic waist, but I think the fabric is too heavy and makes it look bulky.

    The blouse is pretty But I feel it would look better with jeans’ or back or white skinny jeans

  5. I like the cut and color of the top. I would wear it with white pants or maybe a white to the knee skirt. Since moving to the California desert I rarely wear these longer skirts so I would say no the skirt.

    1. I would say no to this one. While the color is fun, it looks stiff and uncomfortable. I often prefer a cotton or linen knit top in the summer. And the distinctive elastic waist on the skirt reminds me of the elastic waist pant top I try to always cover. The skirt also looks sheer. The sandals, and really the overall vibe of the outfit are too boho for me, which is a style I like on others but does not fit my adjectives.

  6. I like this outfit. The top is a bright, cheery color. I think I’d style the skirt with a shorter top and wear the orange top with slim trousers.

  7. Cute outfit for hot Florida day. Not the best colors for me but I’m sure I could make it work. I’d wear the top tucked in to highlight my waist, otherwise it would make me look heavier.

  8. Good morning, Pam! The model looks so cool and summery in that outfit – I love it! I’d really have to try on that top, though because I’m not sure if that pretty color would look so pretty on me – that coral/orange-y color hasn’t worked for me many times. Love the skirt – I’m a sucker for khaki! Sandals are cute (I noticed her little toe hanging off the side) – but I don’t do super flat sandals…need some arch support… even in my flip flops. Overall – very cute! If the color of the top worked, I’d enjoy wearing it this summer! Looking forward to your upcoming “Elegance” posts!

  9. I love linen for summer and both garments look light and cool for the hot months ahead. Orange is not a color I prefer and unfortunately I like my tops to be at least elbow length. A longer sleeve and a different color and this top would be in my shopping cart. I don’t normally wear skirts, but have begun to look at them as a possibility for summer instead of always wearing pants/jeans. Not sure the waist on this skirt would be flattering…comfortable yes, definitely. I would need to try it on before making a final decision. I do like the stitching detail for a little added interest. Gold sandals would look lovely with this outfit.

  10. I would not wear this outfit. I prefer my skirts and dresses to be more at Knee length, unless, of course, it is a maxi dress. I also do not find the two pieces very flattering on the body. The top I might wear casually with jeans.

    1. I might wear the top in a different color. I would not wear the skirt, I am too short for that length and the fabric looks very stiff.

  11. I am very drawn to the top but wouldn’t pair it with the skirt as it would be too much for my short self. I like the detail on the skirt and would wear it in a shorter length and different color with a fitted top to reduce the overall volume. .

  12. The top would not be a try on for me. I need an opening or stretch fabric to go over my head, as claustrophobia is always a problem with this type of top. Also I don’t like orange on me. The skirt looks cool, but in that length I would like would like a fuller hemline. In that style I would like it about top of the calf length and still keep the interesting detail. The elastic waist would be great for the weight fluctuations going on right now. With the skirt I would wear a top that comes just to the top of the hip. The skirt would be great in white or soft blue for me also. Seems like I am changing everything about it.

  13. The top I would definitely wear. I really like orange and can wear it. The skirt is a definite no. I don’t like the length, the elastic waist that seems to be a focus, the color, just a big “no” for me. It might work with the orange if it was shorter. This is not a flattering length for me. The sandals are cute, but don’t work with bunions!

  14. love all the blouses in the slide show. on the model, the shoes are a cute match, i believe the skirt would add a lot of bulk to pretty much everbody, maybe as a skort the color and material would be cute…orange isnt for me, but my issue with the blouse is the accent on one side….but i did like the rest of the styling, in another color, without the accent, i would want more than one of those.

  15. I don’t like the colors shown. I avoid elastic waistbands, and if I buy a garmet with one, I would definitely hide it with the blouse. The blouse would be cute with jeans if it was white or light blue.

  16. Yes, yes, yes………….except I need longer sleeves on the shirt with ugly upper arms.
    Liked them both….skirts are so easy in the hot weather and the neutral color allows for all kinds of tops.

  17. I love the blouse, but I would pass on the skirt. I am too short to wear any skirt longer than just below the knee. I like the sandals, too.

  18. Love the shirt and the color works on me. The skirt is not for me. Like knee length or maxi. But would definitely go for the shirt with white pants .

  19. I like both pieces. Since I have decided to stop coloring my hair, brighter colors are what I look for. I would wear this with pants, not that skirt.
    I would wear the skirt with a white T and colorful scarf.
    I do not like the pieces together.

  20. Neither item appeals to me. The orange would make me look pallid and the skirt length would be unflattering on me.
    If I were to wear either item, I would pair them with a paler neutral for summer.

  21. Since orange is my favorite color I’m drawn to the shirt and would definitely try it on since I would like it with white pants. The skirt is too long and wide for my figure and would only succeed in making me look larger.

  22. This is a lovely outfit for summer and it looks so crisp and cool. The color mix is great!

    I would wear the top for sure, but with slim pants.
    The skirt is too long for my frame and would not flatter my body type.

  23. I’m with the majority here. I love the outfits if the skirt was knee length. The color on the blouse is a bit too orange for me but I love it. Great summer style.

  24. Agree with many that skirt is too long and looks stiff. Plus the elastic waist is a big No-No for me.

  25. Unless you are very thin an elastic waistband isn’t very flattering. I looked in my mirror recently at my body profile. I had on a similar skirt and I didn’t like what I saw. If you are thin and tall it might work.

  26. I like the top but unfortunately the beautiful orange colour is not flattering on my colouring. I don’t like the shape or length of the skirt. I do like the sandals. The outfit would look very shapeless and dowdy on me.

  27. I wouldn’t wear this. Orange is not a good color for me, & I prefer a sleeve as my arms are not what they once were. The skirt length doesn’t flatter my short legs.

  28. I ove the colours of both pieces but the skirt is too long for me and wouldn’t be easy to hem because of the details. I would definitely wear the top, one of my best colours and would be great with my cream coloured jeans. I think I would half tuck the top and see if that gave it more shape.

  29. I love this outfit. I would definitely wear it, looks cool as it is linen. I also like the colors. I shop the marketplace all the time. It is mail order but quality unique fabric. Plus ladies in India benefit with jobs.

  30. I really like the top, love the colour! & maybe the skirt but definitely not together.
    I liked a lot of the skirts in your slide show.
    I notice that as we get a bit older we look better in a nice skirt than in capris or long shorts.

  31. I like the top but the color is not my friend. The skirt would not be flattering for me – gathered waist and too long.

  32. No! Linen requires ironing so therefore is a wear-once and then never again fabric for me. Need longer sleeves to cover the arms. Waist of the skirt is too bulky and added bulk around the middle is definitely not needed. The length and cut would just look frumpy on me. A slightly fitted cut is more flattering. This would look like a bag on my body.

  33. Do love both pieces but not together as would a) pair the top with a more fitted, tailored bottom as in a pair of white skinny jeans or capris b) the skirt with a more fitted, structured top as in a knitted jersey tank design. -Brenda-

  34. Love the colour combination- not something I would normally consider ( especially the top)- food for thought I think. Skirt length wrong for me- I like knee length or just below, or full length

  35. I like both the pieces but not together. I think my body is a bit too short (and maybe too wide, LOL) to wear this without looking frumpy. If the skirt was shorter (wouldn’t be too difficult to shorten it from the waist, hemming would destroy the cute hem details) I’d get a lot of wear from it with different tops and the top would be cute with a variety of pants and shorts

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