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Would you wear it on over 50 feeling 40

Before you know it, Wednesday has arrived and it is once time for the Would You Wear It Mid-Week Pop Up with me and my friend, Jennifer! As you can see, I was able to finally get out and about this past week and into an actual Chico’s! It was so nice to return to the world of retail again.  So I am able to bring to you for consideration today a fashion retail display!

Just in case someone is new, here is what happens on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Jennifer and I go out and about…or search around the web…to find retail displays which make us wonder what you would think of them.  We are not looking for outfits we like or don’t like…only looks which have been styled by professionals that give us pause to ask...What would the ladies think of this?  Please explain constructively if you would or would not wear the looks and why it does or does not work for you.  We are not asking if you would buy it…just want to know if you would wear it if it happened to be in your closet now.

Would You Wear This on over 50 feeling 40

I realize I have given you a lot to think about here.  You may comment on one of these outfits or all three of them.  You may also comment on how the looks are styled…does it make you more or less want to try it on or purchase it.  You guys really are the best focus groups around.  Just be constructive, and say things in a way as not to offend another reader who may think differently from you.

Chicos display featured on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, look this display over and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Flowers on Over 50 Feelong 40

I told you we would see great amounts of blue this summer and it certainly is true from many retailers.  There are two slideshows today, because I promised a reader (Hi    ) on Monday for a plus size slideshow with tops in it.  I appreciate all of you so much.  Make sure you also go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display!


For Plus-Size Ladies:

And For all:


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  1. Really like all the options,especially the blouse.That color is universally flattering to everyone. Will make a great addition to my “collection” what my husband calls my closet!

  2. I would definitely wear the two pants outfits, especially the one on the left with the blue top! The shorts outfit looks very warm for summer, even though it’s shorts. I gave all my shorts away this year so, probably no more shorts for me. I switched to skirts. While the sweater looks a little hot for summer also, I can see it in early spring and I do like the wrap very much. These are all very nice, classy looks. I’m SO glad that we can go into the stores again!! This is my preferred method of shopping.

  3. I love the colors. My favorite outfit is the grey shorts and blouse. Although I am plus size so I would not wear tucked in nor above the knee. It looks classy for the office where air conditioning would be on.
    I am not a fan of shawls over sweaters. Just me.

  4. I’m tired of statement and puffy sleeves. I would not wear a blouse like that with shorts ever. It looks off balance. I like the ombre scarf. I could use that. Happy Wednesday!

  5. you got into a chicos…so jealous! lol….i love this color, and i do have some of it in my closet. the set on lower left i would wear, and have several like it, because of air conditioning in the summer being cold, and in what we call winter here in south florida. the pants on both left and right lower would have to be knee length, that length just doesnt like me…the dress shorts are not anything that i have, and i probably wouldnt consider them, they have no place in my very casual lifestyle..the middle blouse i do love except for those blasted sleeve bottoms, that would aggravate the fire out of me…and the lower right is just too much bulk for me, but i do love that scarf.

  6. I am a lover of aqua/turquoise and so these mannequins speak to me. I own one of the bishop sleeve blouses from Chico’s and really like it, but the style may not be for everyone. The tunic length sweater with the scarf thrown over the shoulders would be too warm for me during the summer. Again, the colors are lovely. The elbow length sleeve on the cardigan is also right up my alley. I would pair the blouse and cardigan with white pants for a more summery look. Metallic sandals would finish off the outfit nicely.

  7. I would definitely wear the look on the left. White pants would also be nice for warm weather. I cannot wear Bermuda length shorts; I like 7” shorts when I wear them. I do like crop and ankle pants. The colors on the right seem too washed out for me. Also the scarf looks a little fussy for my style.

  8. So nice to see the re-birth of turquoise blue as one of my favourite colours, however with the exception of the shawl I would not consider purchasing any of the other items namely due to their styles as too boxy for my body shape and definitely do not care for the gathered open cuff line of the blouse (which I know I would have stained by day’s end).

  9. I like most of the pieces but not together. For example and my taste is: yes to grey shorts but no to the long sleeved blouse paired with them. Too hot for that blouse on a shorts wearing day. Yes to the entire outfit on right- a great looking spring outfit. The tank and topper on left are fine if cool but maybe paired with white or light beige pant instead of black? Actually other than the long shorts each outfit might fit many body types quite nicely. Little changes needed, just as explained -for me anyway!

  10. The ombre wrap is pretty, but a little too elegant to wear over crops and a sweater. The center outfit is a clear no… can’t wrap my head around combining shorts and an 80s puffy sleeve blouse, not to mention the loose elastic cuffs would drive me wild. The outfit on the left would be comfortable for travel.

  11. I love the outfit on the left…that blue is great with my white white hair! I like the shorts but not with the belt! Ugh! I’m returning to long shorts since I’ll be in hot Tennessee this summer……I WANT a blue top that color..will look at Chico’s on line!

    1. Please go to Chico’s through my slideshow, Shari. If you go to their site through one of the images I put up and you purchase something else, I will still make a small commission which helps to cover blog expenses. Thanks so much!!

  12. I love that turquoise color. It has always been on of my favorites. I like the shorts but would not wear long sleeves with them. I don’t wear belts anymore so that would go. And I never tuck in shirts…those days are gone! The scarf/wrap would be perfect to carry with you in the summer if the air conditioning is too much. Very pretty colors in the sweaters but just a little too hot for me in the summer.

  13. These variations of turquoise are some of my favorite colors. I would wear either the outfit on the left or the right. The center outfit with bermuda shorts and the full sleeves is just not my cup of tea. Love the color of the top, just not the loose sleeves, which would probably be in the jam on my scone.

  14. I don’t wear tops tucked in shorts anymore. Like the colour but not the style of sleeves on the top with the shorts. Love both the cropped and ankle pants. I would not wear a bulky white sweater with white pants. The colour of the scarf is nice, but I can’t see myself wearing a scarf over a bulky top in the summer – too much bulk. I’m feeling overheated just thinking about it. I do, however love this shade of blue.

  15. Love, love aqua but only with white for summer. I like the tops on the left, but with white pants, and the scarf rather than the necklace. From a distance that necklace reminds me of when a clasp slides down, which always bugs me! I also like the middle blouse, just not tucked in, and not with shorts, maybe skinny white crops and statement earrings? The pale, saggy sweater is sad feeling but who know, maybe at home with lounge pants, but too warm looking for summer as styled with the shorter pants plus the wrap scarf.

  16. I can’t figure out how to comment without attaching to someone else’s comment;) I really like the outfit on the left. I love the gauziness of the top and sweater. They are great for my summer climate.

    I just love Jennifer’s outfit. The blouse is different than I would automatically choose–and I like that. I want a pair of white jeans but have to try them on.

  17. I absolutely love the color story here. So fresh and cool looking. It’s a color I would have worn in a more jewel tone when I was younger with black hair; now this shade is a better match for my lightened hair and less vibrant complexion. The outfit on the left is pretty close to what I wear on a typical workday as a junior high teacher …. functional, attractive, a little safe. I like the shorts outfit … I think because they are longer, dressier shorts that the blouse looks good, and the sleeves are not so oversized as to drag in your soup. That said, it would not flatter my (lack of) height or my (ever present) tummy. I love the ombré scarf but not such an elegant, sheer piece over a casual sweater. I seldom wear a shawl, as I find myself constantly tugging or fiddling with it.

  18. Woo-Hoo! I’m pretty excited about the slide-show today and just bought the set shown at left through your Chico’s link in the “ocean ridge” color rather than the aqua. I have a lot of aqua items already, but the almost periwinkle shade of the other will be something new for my wardrobe. So, YES, I would indeed wear this look, and happily plan to do so very soon!!! 😊 I will pair it with navy blue pants, cropped denim, and khaki ankle pants to vary the look, and think the tank will pair with a white summer cardigan, while the new cardigan will look lovely over many printed and solid blouses already in my closet. Fun! Thanks Pam!!!

  19. I love Chico’s so no surprise that I love these style and my favorite color. I wouldn’t tuck the top in the shorts only because I don’t have a flat tummy.

  20. Nice to see a great attractive display. Love the outfits and colours. Would try them on first (now at home) and purchase the best ones

  21. The colors on display might draw me in to see what else they have. So, the display works. I don’t “get” shorts with a long sleeve blouse. The piece I would be most likely to buy is the chunky sweater if it was 100% cotton and at a good price point.

  22. Oh, my heart went pitty patter when I saw these. I would wear everything except the one on the right. I think the sweater is too bulky and the scarf is too much with it. I love the longer shorts but grey doesn’t seem summer to me.

  23. I love the color. I wouldn’t wear the middle blouse and city Bermuda with the black belt…maybe in New York . It is too sophisticated in Northern California. I would wear the scarf in cooler weather. Thanks Pam !

  24. I love the outfit on the left as a first choice, with the outfit on the right as a second choice. I love the color and the fabrics look easy to maintain. Summer is cool where I live, so I like the shell and matching cardigan on the left.

  25. I would wear the outfit on the left. The colors are great and I like cropped pants. I like the blouse in the middle but I would never wear it with shorts! The shorts are a good length but the color is meh. I would not wear that belt with shorts. The outfit with the scarf isn’t as appealing to me. I have a short neck and a large bust so having a scarf high on my shoulders would make me look wider as well as shorter. I’m not drawn to the pale colors of the top/pants. I know a column of color is visually slimming but I prefer brighter colors so I wouldn’t wear this outfit.

  26. I would definitely wear the outfit on the left. I love the color of the top, & it looks polished & not too heavy for summer. I wouldn’t wear the blouse in the middle. I love the color, but I would likely be dragging those full sleeves through all manner of things & making a mess. The outfit on the right looks a bit to warm for the heat & humidity of a Midwest summer, but I think the scarf is beautiful

  27. I love the colour! I would wear the outfit on the left in a heartbeat especially if the top is two pieces. I’m not fond of one piece tops made to look like two because they lack the versatility of being able to wear the pieces individually or with other pieces. I do not care for the blouse on the centre mannequin. I don’t like the look of the wide sleeves and elastic cuffs and would find them a nuisance to wear. I also don’t care for the look of a long sleeved blouse with shorts, so that outfit is a no go for me. I’m undecided on the third outfit. I’d definitely try it on, but I’m not sure that I’d ever get the scarf in place properly or that it would stay there if I did.

  28. Would definitely wear the tops on the left with black or white regular pants. Love the color but the second and third are not for me-too fussy looking.

  29. The colors are all so pretty. The outfit on the left is my favorite but the black is a little heavy for summer. I would pair the top with white jeans. The shorts with the long sleeve shirt doesn’t make sense to me and belts don’t work for me now. The sweater in the outfit on the right wouldn’t work for my body type, it’s too boxy. The pants and scarf with a different top could work for a casual evening out.

  30. Although I’m in Sydney and it’s Winter I still enjoy the outfits, some of which are good fro our sunny winter days I wouldn’t wear a long sleeve blouse with shorts..too hot!
    I don’t understand when so many omen comment on needing warmer tops for indoors in the Summer. What temperature is the air conditioning set ? Seems a waste of money to have it so cold that you need to have a jacket or sweater inside. Only curious. Thanks for the blogs, I really look forward to seeing them.

    1. I agree with your comment about the air conditioning! I can’t figure out why office buildings, especially, have to be kept so cold.

  31. That 2-pce set on the left is gorgeous & absolutely “me” — I’d wear it with slim black or white pants & slip-ons around the house or to lunch or even grocery shopping (the only time I’m out these days). The grey shorts are nothing I’d wear simply because every second older woman here wears shorts that length all summer & I prefer to not look like everyone else 🙂 I do love the colour of the blouse but those big sleeves would drive me insane as I’d be catching them on everything. The pale blue capris & sweater are pretty but the sweater is hanging oddly, which might just be the mannequin — I’d have to see it in person. And big scarfs or wraps look ridiculous on me, so that’s out (I’m too short or too casual or something, but it’s a look I just cannot pull off). But what fun to play “what if”! Great slide shows, btw.

  32. I would only wear the outfit on the far left because it has presence and contrast. The dark pants seem to ground the outfit and make the lighter colors pop. I would really like that outfit. I don’t wear shorts so the middle outfit is a no for me as I am not comfortable in shorts. The outfit on the right seems blah to me.

  33. One of my favorite colors! I would definitely wear the outfit on the right and the left and I own the belt on the middle outfit. I don’t like the sleeves on the blouse worn by the middle mannequin but I do like the shorts (I’m tall and that length is one I would wear ‘in public’ – a dressy casual that IMHO is more flattering than capris) but would wear them with a different top

  34. My favorite color! I would wear the look on the left. It strikes me as spring through fall rather than strictly summer, though. The middle look took me a minute to think about. I wouldn’t wear it ‘as is’ but that top would be cute worn out, not tucked, with skinny white jeans. I tend not to tuck these days. I can imagine wearing those shorts with a dressy white T or a straight-bottom, cuffs turned up button down for a more casual (and cooler) look. The third look – each of the pieces has potential but not all together. It comes off bunchy and monotone and not really what someone would wear together in summer. In fall colors a few months from now, I’d probably love it.

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