Would You Wear It Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up + A Special Celebration

Would You Wear These Styles Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy July 1, everyone!  Welcome to the Would You Wear It for Women Over 50 Mid-Week Pop Up!  Of course, this happens weekly with me and my friend Jennifer.  We select fashion displays which have attracted our attention and make us wonder what you would think of the styles in the display.  The pandemic has made this a little more challenging, so sometimes we are able to bring you actual displays we photographed and sometimes we bring you looks from mailers or outfits we have seen online.


I have made one trip to the mall and I took my chance to photograph several different displays…just in case I could not make it back soon.  Jennifer and I do not look for mannequins in styles we love or in styles we hate.  We look for those which make us stop and wonder…What would you think about these styles?  We ask that you tell us if you personally would or would not wear it, and explain why with constructive comments.  Remember, the comments are read my other readers and we are all learning from each other.  So be constructive and helpful and specific.  Oh yes, and remember to be kind…some readers may feel differently from you.  

Today, I have a family of three.  You may comment on all, or one, or as a group. So, please tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………..WOULD YOU WEAR IT????


I started the week with strawberries in my water, and today I just might add some in a glass of champagne.  Would you join me?  Today, is the official tenth anniversary of this blog!! Woo Hoo…so glad to have this blogoversary finally arrive.  I want to thank every one of you for making these 10 years possible.  You are an amazing audience to share each day with and I so appreciate the support. Let’s celebrate!!

Now, please go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.  Of course, there is a slideshow for you below composed of all pieces on sale and as always I encourage you to




Pamela Lutrell wearing quality over quantity


Nyla is looking for the perfect white shirt to wear under jackets and cardigans.  I wanted to show her this Ming Wang white top, and to produce a slideshow just for her.  So, Nyla, please look below.  The top I am wearing above is stunning and yes…elegant (I think so anyway).  It does have a very flattering fit.  Here are some others I found for you:



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Pam: Thank you for the ideas! My favorite is the one you are wearing. I am going to look for it or order a Ralph Lauren from Macy’s. Thank you for the pictures. I also like one of tje Nordstrom’s ones and may order it too. Never too many white blouses!

  2. You are so welcome, Nyla! Always happy to help out! I saw one version of the Ming Wang on Nordstrom but it was with black & white stripes. If you order different products but go to the websites through my slideshows I will make a small commission. Much appreciated! Thank you

  3. Congratulations on ten years Pam!! Your decision has been our gain! I’ve learned so much from you and, of course, still do! Your blog is real, fun, informative and affirming! I’ll be a loyal follower for as long as you choose to do this!

    I would not wear any of these outfits. I prefer things to be more fitted and have a personal aversion (for myself ) to the wide crops. The dress is not my style, as I said I prefer more fitted. However, for fun and casual, I do like the chambray dress in the slide show!

    Your olive green jacket and white shirt follow along with the tips from yesterday, with the V neck (bonus points for the elongated version of that!) and the single row of buttons on the jacket. I like that look a lot!

  4. Thank you for being such a loyal support, Karen! I wish we could meet face to face one day! Maybe a FaceTime call should be in our future! Thanks for starting us off today with Would You Wear It and for all of the support!

  5. Swear by Chicos and Foxcroft white shirts. really like that you put sale item in your slide shows! As to the outfits, might wear the navy/whit e dotted top or the pants,but not together. Too busy for me. The others have too much fabric and look dumpy,but on the right person with some accessories, they might be smashing! Congrats on writing this for ten years! Best wishes on many more!

  6. I would not wear any of these outfits. I hate pants/tops that have that sloppy style to them. Just yuck! I need more fitted things.

  7. All three outfits are far too loose-fitting for me. I love that shade of orange because it’s so bright and makes me feel good, but it’s too bright for me to actually wear if that makes sense. Happy 10th anniversary!

  8. congrats on 10 years. I’ve been here for all of it with the exception of the year we moved.
    Nyla, I agree on the white shirts. I just counted and I have 6.
    I would not wear any of these outfits. I think a less plump person could carry them off, but I need a more fitted garment.

  9. I like tailored clothes that fit. The outfits here are way to baggy for me. I’ll take the champagne, please.

  10. Congratulations on ten years of blogging! I have learned much from you and have enjoyed the “conversations” with your readers.

  11. The orange outfit caught my eye. The gauzy material and very loose construction make it look very cool and comfortable to wear. For me, tho’, I would hope that it came in a different color–altho’ I would try that bright orange on and see if it worked.
    I’d like it with white jewelry…….long necklace and cuff bracelet, perhaps.

  12. Congratulations on ten years! That is amazing. As for the out fits if they were fitted and longer pants maybe but otherwise they are too overwhelming !

  13. We learn so much from you! And you inspire us to be better at all times! Thank you.
    Of three mannequins the far left navy blue dress would look best on me personally, but that drawstring cord? No thank you. Shall I cut it?
    The middle outfit is too full top and bottom. And the far right outfit just doesn’t appeal to me for my body type and my tastes.
    I wish you another ten or twenty more years of inspiring readers of all ages!

  14. Thanks Paulette….I hope it will go on that long!! I appreciate the kind words of encouragement!

  15. Congratulations on ten years! I will be with you for the next ten for sure. The outfits today are way too baggy for me. Whatever happened to the style advice about balancing one oversized garment with a fitted one? These are pretty colors and fabrics though. You look absolutely stunning today. I love how your skin and hair look in the olive and white, and the fit is spot on.

  16. Although I favor more tailored clothing than these, I love the look here—it’s the breezy, creative flair that appeals. I especially like the orange outfit as a backdrop for accessories. Now if I had anywhere to go……. I would wear these at home if I weren’t so often engaged in cleaning, cooking, gardening jobs that really call for utilitarian garments.

  17. I would wear the orange top with white pants or jeans. The rest are too baggy and would not flatter anyone’s figure. They are clothes you think will hide your figure problems but will just make you look like a large rectangle. The large print I think would just make me look older. I may be 58 but I don’t want to look like a granny that has given up.

  18. I would absolutely wear the orange outfit. I’m on a Keto weight loss journey (30 lbs so far, 30 to go). The loss has changed how I look at clothing and going for a more shape enhancing silhouette. However, what makes this work for me is the neckline and the top hitting just below the waist. I have broad shoulders and I feel with the right drape/material this oversized look can be successful.

  19. I would not wear any of the outfits on the mannequins. I agree with those who said that they look sloppy. I’m sure loose and linen are great for hot weather, but it is a style I can’t wear. Your outfit is another story. I would wear that more structured look anytime! I have a White, sleeveless Perfect Shirt from Talbots to wear under cardigans and jackets. It is cooler and looks less bulky under a third layer. Even in the heat I will wear a third layer if I am leaving the house.

  20. Well, the wine and strawberries look lovely and refreshing. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary.
    As to the outfits, I’ll just say no.

  21. I like the concept of matching tops and bottoms that look like a jumpsuit without being a jumpsuit, and all the fit issues and inconvenience that go along with that. A body-skimming fit would be better.

  22. Congratulations on your blog’s tenth anniversary! I am a loyal reader & look forward to many more years.
    I would not wear any of these outfits. I prefer more structure & fit in my garments.

  23. I just joined your blog. I had 5 pregnancies and the last child was almost 10 lbs and 23 inches long. I’m 5’4″ and unfortunately my body kept that look of being pregnant so I have to be very careful what I wear. I don’t think any of these outfits would be very flattering on me. My red hair would clash with the orange too! Congrats on your 10 years. I look forward to spending more time with you.

  24. Cindy…thank you for being here. Wow…a ten pound baby! God bless you! I am so glad you are here and look forward to hearing from you more often.

  25. So sorry for the late reply, Suzi. This morning held a few surprises! These styles are from Dillards and I think it is a combination of IC Collection and Bryn Walker…you could find them on their website.
    Thanks for asking.

  26. Though I do like cowl necklines; the (sack) dress is a no, as for starters the hemline ties dangling down would drive me bananas! As for the other two outfits; love the citrus orange and though generally favour wide leg pants feel that due to their generosity of fabric both would be wearing me, rather than the other way around.

    To conclude; a BIG congrats on your 10th year blog anniversary Pam and wishing it continued success.

    Footnote: Re the orange outfit, I do feel it would be a super project for those who are just learning how to sew as very little fitting and basic strait stitching.

  27. Congrats on 10 years as a great blogger👏
    I’m not fond of the blue dotted outfit @ all.
    The orange one would be fun in a calmer colour maybe.
    The drawstring dress is so fun!
    I think you almost need to get a New fresh white shirt each year.

  28. Happy Blogoversary, Pam! So glad to have been with you for much of that time.

    I like the colours, but today’s outfits are too shapeless for my liking. The outfit on the right looks like a really comfortable pair of pyjamas.

  29. A very happy 10th to you, Pam! I think I’ve been following for at least 5 of them and so glad I found your wonderful blog.

    The three outfits are a no for me. They are too loose and shapeless and I fear would only make me look bigger than I want to! That orange color is very striking though.

  30. Congratulations on 10 years, Pamela!! What an accomplishment, to say nothing of the commitment. You have much to be proud of and I’m happy to be a loyal follower.
    I’m sure I would at least try on the orange top. I would wear it with skinny jeans, white, cream or a light tan leggings or slender pants. Then I’d add a beautiful scarf, a long necklace and bangle bracelets. Or, if I had a ruana or kimono that would match, I’d wear that as a topper and skip the scarf.
    I have a friend who mostly wears Bryn Walker tops and dresses, the more oversized, the better. She always looks chic and comfortable. We shopped together for me, but they just didn’t work as well. I think it was a matter of proportion. I’m fairly tall and she’s fairly short. I’m also quite busty and she isn’t. Anyway, it was a good lesson in knowing what looks good on your own body shape. I can wear loose and flowy garments, but need something substantial such as a long scarf, long necklace or long topper to draw the eye vertically to feel comfortable.

  31. Well, the blue dress is a pretty color but that’s the only thing I like about it! I don’t care for loose tops over loose pants so the pant outfits wouldn’t work for me either. I always think about proportion and fit and clothes that make me look slimmer, I went to visit a friend this morning so I “dressed up.” I wore a black, short-sleeved, v-neck a-line tunic in a soft rayon knit and 7/8 length white denim leggings. I added a Chico’s necklace with a mix of silver and gold strung on black cord. The matching earrings are a simple waterfall of different size beads/shapes. I wore white wedges with a black sole. Very simple but I felt put-together and even elegant!

  32. Pam, congratulations on a whole decade of blogging! The hard work shows — every post you give us shows your professionalism. As for the fashion show: I’m absolutely head over heels in love with that flame-coloured outfit! I don’t usually care for loose-fitting pants & round necklines, but this is so “me” I’d make an exception. I’d alter it, narrowing the legs & putting a slit in the neckline (using fabric I’ve taken out of the pant legs for a facing) so it lies open in a V, but I can see myself buying this.

    Not the dotty outfit (looks like PJs to me, sorry!), but I also like the dress. I think it would look stunning with strappy sandals, a stylish clutch bag & show-stopper earrings. It’s actually cute enough I’m tempted to forget I rarely wear dresses anymore!

    I love the drama, sensuality & mystery of unstructured clothing, especially “floaty” gauzes & silks in unconventional styles (tops & dresses, anyway; I still prefer very simple slim pants). It usually lends itself to dramatic accessories (especially shoes & jewelry) which is right in my wheelhouse 🙂 I spend most of my time in jeans & tees, so when I get out of them & into something else, I want it to be special & not look like what everyone else is wearing.

    One last thing: that outfit you’re wearing with the white V-neck blouse & slightly fitted olive jacket looks stunning on you! You hit that one out of the ball park.

  33. Hi I just started reading your blog and it’s very real. Thank you for the great info. I would maybe wear the blue dress over a bathing suit. The tie at bottom gives it that feel. I would not wear either of the other two. The reddish orange color is not good with my complexion or grey hair and the shape is too unfitted. The other one pattern too much like being in space and unfitted for me.

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