Chicos Navy Blouse on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today begins my new journey to find a personal style which best represents me in my new stage of life over 50. Here are the reasons for the journey:

  1. I now work mostly at home and no longer need professional dress for my occupation.
  2. I want to communicate that I am elegant, intelligent, confident, approachable and creative. Recognizing that in order to dress both elegant and creative, I must keep the creative part of my outfits under control.
  3. I need to try clothing on to get the best fit. I want to wear less over-sized garments and more garments which fit.  I am noticing that in many places I can size down!
  4. Also, looking for more ideas of garments and outfits that I can wear throughout the year and are not so seasonal.

Chicos jewelry on over 50 feeling 40






This is more of a research mission than a purchasing mission, unless I find items I just do not want to leave behind.   I am looking for the designs and styles that I believe work and the ones that I need to stop wearing once and for all.  I am also looking for inspiration for styling garments I already own.  Let’s start with my favorite garment of the day, THE DRAPE SLEEVE PULLOVER TOP.  I will be watching this garment to see if I can pick it up on sale.  I liked the flattering fit, the elegant style of the sleeves, and the color. It says casual chic to me.  This is a good direction for me and I added a touch of creativity with a necklace from this sale rack…

Chicos jewelry on over 50 feeling 40

But as I walked by this rack…I was saying in my head…Walkaway from the fun accessories!  I love Chico’s accessories so much and often leave with something, but I have so many necklaces that I have no current need…though need wasn’t ever really a consideration before! 

My past casual life has included many ponchos, so I was drawn to this tropical one.  But once I tried it on, I thought…this is the old me, not the me I want for my new casual chic life-style.  So, I decided to bid it farewell.

I love the Traveler’s Collection and own many pieces for my past work life. I was drawn to this PRINTED SOUTACHE JACKET.  I love the print and the colors, but my regular size was too boxy and going down to this size just did not seem to be a good fit.  It is a beautiful jacket though. 

Deep Cherry Travelers Cardigan on over 50 Feeling 40

I really really like the new Traveler’s color called Deep Cherry.  It is a beautiful red and there are many fun pieces offered in the color.  Because I have had success with the Traveler’s cardigans, I tried the CLASSIC DRAPED JACKET on, but decided I was not that crazy about it on me. I was drawn to it because of the back seaming which I believe gives it a more flattering fit.  But, I think that works better for someone with smaller curves than I have. It is a beautiful jacket/cardigan. I want to watch for it in a shorter piece. 


And wanting to see how a shorter piece would look, I tried on this very pretty TRAVELER’S EMBELLISHED JACKET.  It is a lovely jacket and I liked it though I do not need a garment like this right now.  But, if you were to need a pretty piece to go over a sleeveless top or dress, this would be a great consideration.  If you like reds, you will love this new color.

Marla Wynn at Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am a fan of designer Marla Wynne, so when Chico’s began to carry a collection by her, I wanted to try on some of the pieces.  That is why I decided to try this top.  I like me in collars, as well as V-necks, and I liked the pinstripe.  But it was not flattering or functional.  So I decided to leave it behind as well.  Some of her other designs for Chico’s are lovely and if you like the over-size style, you will want to check it out.  If my adjectives were different, I might be selecting these types of styles.  But, it is not where I really want my new life-style direction to go.  STRIPED DOLMAN SLEEVE BLOUSE



Sale Shopping at Chico's on over 50 feeling 40

Once again…fit is everything.  I have gone down a size in most garments at Chico’s (Woo-Hoo).  I am looking for mostly classic styles which are more fit.   I did purchase an item on sale that I will share with you on Sunday.  Hopefully you will come back!  I also learned that it is time to retire the stiff boxy jackets and  large ponchos from my style.  I still love the jewelry, but I am attempting to keep it under control.  I have some lovely considerations in the slideshow today from Chico’s, and next Tuesday, we will make another stop in my journey.



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