Next Stop in my search for a New Life-style: Soft Surroundings where Change is Celebrated!


Pamela Lutrell in a new Soft Surroundings hat on Over 50 Feeling 40

My new life as a professional work-from-home writer and website editor at age 67 has me ditching professional style and seeking a new life-style…clothing that communicates what I want the world to know about me!  I am learning so much, but still not set on the destination.  Soft Surroundings is my third stop on the journey and the beautiful store at The Shops of La Cantera was full to overflowing with new Fall 2020 collections for me to try on!  It was so much fun.

I selected Soft Surroundings because of their new campaign.  The email promotion read: “This fall, we’re celebrating change, rethinking of our wardrobes, and refreshing our points of view.”  They just described me perfectly and what I am up to…so they won the third spot!

Soft Surroundings boutique on Over 50 Feeling 40

This display is a good illustration of my mindset going in.  Several ladies have encouraged me to feed my creative side and consider more bohemian designs.  Yet, I still have a love of classic designs.  So, I am seeking ways to marry the two and discover Pam-style somewhere in the middle.  


Soft Surroundings leggings for fall 2020 on over 50 Feeling 40

Recently someone wrote in the comments that leggings, jeggings, and skinny jeans are no longer in style.  That is simply not true.  Everywhere I have gone features new designs of all three and I feel like it is influenced by our stay home world right now and athleisure wear.  Whatever the reasons, this is my wheelhouse…I love to wear all three and believe when styled the right way, they can be very flattering.  Not for a professional office…but I no longer have to worry about that!!  

Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings vest on over 50 feeling 40

I would call this look full blown bohemian!  I like it and enjoyed wearing it around the store, but I am not sure if it is me.  All of the pieces were fun though.  I do not own anything like the Laurier Vest so I enjoyed trying it on and thinking about it for a long time.  Even now looking at the picture, there is still something about it that I am drawn to.

Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings on over 50 feeling 40

These are different leggings called Superslim Indigo Kilim Leggings and let me add, they are also super soft!  I really like this look.  All three pieces worked well together and were enjoyable to wear.  This Corinna Hoodie in pale pink is beautiful and very flattering.  Another one I really like, but just not sure. At this point, the vision of who I want to be right now, began to blur.  These styles had me reconsidering a whole new casual type of look.

Pamela Lutrell in Kajal jacket from Soft Surroundings on over 50 feeling 40

Now, when I discovered the Kajal Jacket, it seemed to be more of what I am going for… balanced the Have to Have printed leggings really well and the design is very flattering.  It was more understated and not so overwhelming with boho.  Look at the seaming on the back of this jacket…the detail keeps it from being boxy and creates a more flattering fit.  However, do the first two styles reflect my creativity and joy more?  AH! So many questions…but beautiful garments to ponder!


Pamela Lutrell in Embroidered Blouse at Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40

I really like this denim top…it seems to have the combination of creativity and classic style that I have in mind.  I can think of so many ways I could style this top for fall….a fun brooch at the top button and collar would look great!

Pamela Lutrell in Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40

This is a beautiful top, just not me.  The design is overpowering on me and the neckline is not flattering.  But if you love bohemian, you will love this top.  

Pamela Lutrell in white Soft Surroundings top on over 50 feeling 40

This Rendevous shirt is one of their most popular tops and comes in many colors.  Again, placement of seams makes a difference and this shirt has great fit and comfort.  I wanted to try in on in a different color, but they didn’t have my size.  For a simple comfort top, I like this. 



I wanted to show you this dress.  It is beautiful and the design has a very flattering fit.  However, the one I tried on was similar to the one on the rack where the big flower hit across my chest…it was just too much floral and too overwhelming on me.  I would love to see this same dress in a solid black or navy…it would be beautiful. 

Soft Surroundings Fall 2020 Accessories on Over 50 Feeling 40

When I walked into the store, my eyes fell immediately on the accessories…the hats, the scarves, the bags, the jewelry!   Gorgeous….they were hard to resist.  Again, part of re-thinking my new life-stye also includes how I will wear my accessories going forward.  

Soft Surroundings Handbag on over 50 feeling 40

This is where I usually conclude what I learned from this trip.  What I learned it that I do love the creative/boho styles more than I thought I would and maybe that will be a part of my change going forward.  I can get more from simple, neutral, classic pieces…but I do have a lot of those in my closet.  So maybe I should consider a little more fun!  Has anyone else gone more the creative/boho direction after leaving professional life?  Would anyone like to share?  So many of their clothing put a smile on my face.  I will show you a new collection Soft Surroundings has introduced called Go Lively very soon. 

Now for the slideshow which features these fabulous pieces….if you live near a store, go have some fun!  There were so many exciting new styles that I could’ve been there for hours, and I do plan to return. I haven’t even touched the Southwestern/Santa Fe style!   Spend some time on the overall website here: SOFT SURROUNDINGS.



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Pamela Lutrell and Goli

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. There is so much to like here!! Your full-blown bohemian look with the long vest and leggings…I see exactly what you mean. I’m a classic girl, but that look just speaks to me! Reminds me somewhat of Johnny Was. I love it. The thing of it is, it would be a real stand-out in my closet, wouldn’t go with a whole lot, so that would have to be taken into consideration for me. But I love it. Those leggings are gorgeous! I saw that comment about skinny jeans and leggings and really didn’t agree. I see them everywhere and I’m glad, because I like both and wear both. Your choices here, except for the one floral top you weren’t fond of, are great for a more laid back lifestyle. I like the pink hoodie and the white shirt, very versatile. I got my SS catalog yesterday and SO very much wanted the piece featured on the front to be a top, but it’s a dress, and I have a closet full of dresses and don’t need one more. I even thought of buying the dress and making it into a top. Still might. I do like their leggings and also their denim. I know you’ve bought their jeans…do you find them to keep their shape well? That’s a major consideration. They are less expensive than a lot of brands so I wondered. I hope you get those floral leggings! They look great on you and add a fun element to a standard. I like the direction SS is going with this fall line. I like the dark, bohemian-looking florals and the shapes. I think you sold me on the leggings also!

  2. You look great in all pics,but ditch that long scarf in the first photo. I am all for simplicity,ease in everything.The pink outfit is great too. lovely color on you. Their accessories are always great. Have recently discovered their store and have indulged in several pieces this summer.The tops are always interesting. They had one a few seasons back with mismatched buttons. Clever and different.

    1. Hi Susan, clever and interesting is a great description. However, I am not wearing a scarf in these images so I am not sure what you are referring to. Thanks…trying to pay attention to suggestions!

  3. omg, the outfit you called full blown boho…..i absolutely love it! if you buy anything this month, let it be that!!
    i would not only buy it, but look and see if there were any other color patterns like it and buy those too…lol…i told you, i loved it…

    1. These outfits were a miss for me and my style adjectives. But it was a -very- interesting concept that not just the degree of casualness, but your actual style, might change in retirement. I don’t want to get in a style rut, but I’m also pretty sure who I am after all these years. While I do long for a little more color in my wardrobe, and no longer will mind if my vee neckline dips below my collarbone (says the former junior high teacher), I never felt that my true style was constrained to such an extent that I want to burst out of it. Over the years, I’ve found that if I’m out of my comfort zone too much, the item sits in my closet.

      1. Good advice, Linda. I do think when we push too far that it will sit in the closet and I do not want that. You are blessed to be content where you are and with your current adjectives. I may circle back right where I was, but the experience of trying new things has been eye opening and fun. At the end of this experiment, I will finalize my adjectives for the first phase of my new life. Thanks for adding what you have learned!

  4. The first outfit made you look so good! You need to buy it. Get away from the oversized tops I think they add pounds on you.

  5. First off- love your new looks in pictures two (bohemian) and (three ) with pink cardi. Very nice! You wear clothes oh so well!
    Secondly I agree leggings if done right are here to stay: denim or ponte. Mine are pretty well made and have some button accents at ankle it a more trouser look but just hope they don’t stop manufacturing them! Thanks for sharing Soft Surroundings newest!

  6. You look fabulous in the full blown boho outfit! Go for it!

    You also look wonderful in the Kajal jacket and white blouse. Great pieces.

    I’ve incorporated some boho pieces into my wardrobe and absolutely love them. I also wear them to my office job — I think the secret is to keep it toned down and not get to crazy.

    You’ve really pulled it off with that boho outfit, Pam!

  7. I’m more of a tailored, conservative dresser. The bohemian look did not appeal to me in the sixties or seventies and even now I’m rarely tempted. A SS opened up near me but with COVID I’ve yet to visit. In SoCal we don’t see a seasonal change until October so I’m not thinking fall yet. I hear the SS leggings are great and they look super on you!

    1. They have created a very safe space for shopping, Linda. So when you are ready…go have some fun. The leggings are great whether you like a solid neutral or some design.

  8. I thought the boho outfit with vest and leggings was over the top wonderful on you. I might even call it an elegant casual look.

    1. Thanks Sue…I had not considered it in the elegant area! I am now kicking myself for not purchasing the vest!!

  9. You look so happy in the vest and leggings shot. That could be worn with many outfits and I am thinking perhaps a try on would be good. The pink soft hoodie looks like it could fit into a casual wardrobe really well. I so wish we had Soft Surroundings here. It looks like a fun place to shop each time you show us. Good to see some places have dressing rooms open, it makes all the difference for shopping.

    1. It really does, Diane. I would not have even considered some of these pieces if I had not been able to try them on. Thanks!

      1. Another vote for the boho look on you! Fabulous! I liked everything you showcased but I’d buy the boho first.
        I am still working in a professional position although mostly from home so I am trying to find a way to marry my office clothes with my WFH environment. Not easy. It can be over or under done. Mind you when the video conferencing is over for the day, boho is my style. 💜

  10. Au contraire on the “unflattering” neckline. I like how the openness lengthens and slims your neck. It’s also more indicative of the warmth and love you have for others.

    On the boho look (which I love, but don’t feel right in) just make sure not to layer too much. A true bohemian look, of course, is full of layers and patterns like an overstuffed sofa covered in pillows and throws, but you are not a sofa so should keep it simpler. The patterned legging/vest with the dark plain top is a good guide……whimsy, but not out of control.

  11. You Re about the same size and shape as me. I have lost 130 pounds with the Lord’s help, and am soon having skin removal. I have noticed on my 2 year weight loss journey that different styles are flattering on me. Now, skinny jeans and leggings make me look at least 10 pounds lighter. Also, fitted shorter jackets look much better than long boxy ones. I love almost everything on this post and know it would look similar on me. It is great to see you transitioning in the same direction as I am. I always dressed more professional as a pastor’s wife, but now realize that a put together look in casual clothing fits my present lifestyle. Soft surroundings is probably my favorite so far of all your posts. You look like you are coming alive more with a more relaxed lifestyle.

  12. I have to agree with the others. You look happy and fun in the boho look. Go for it!
    All the SS looks were good but that boho outfit has your name on it in my opinion.

  13. Love the long vest on you with the leggings! The vest could go over skinny jeans as well. I think it’s a fabulous look for you!

  14. I agree that legging/ jeggings are all over. I wear them more since we retired 2 years ago and moved to a mountain community (in California) so to say things are very casual is a understatement:( I’ve also started wearing legging type pants more because it get cold I wear boots a lot and a lot of sweaters also.Plus my body has changed so I wear loser tops so I need more narrow pant legs, Trying to change with my changing body:)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Linda. For me, one the best things about my changing life is to be able to wear leggings more often.

  15. I agree with the other comments that the bohemian vest outfit looks great on you. I feel your trepidation as I strive to control my boho inclination at age 70. I believe that leggings require longer mid-thigh tops, tunics or vests to look flattering. I will have to try the SS leggings.

  16. The BOHO style looks great on you. I will need to explore that for myself. I did like the Kajal jacket on you with the printed leggings. All you needed was a ‘shell’ of color peeking above the zipper of the jacket. Nice!

  17. The second outfit with the pink sweater over the print leggings and plain top is just my style. My wardrobe has changed a lot since I retired almost 9 years ago. I have always liked classic styles and that hasn’t changed. I still love classic pieces I can mix and match to extend my wardrobe. What has changed is the number of leggings and jeans I own! I still love skirts and dresses but my choices are more casual than when I was working. I think I had one denim skirt when I retired. I have 7 now! Living in SoCal means I can wear skirts and sandals even in Fall and Winter. I need tops long enough for leggings and tops that work with slim pants and skirts. I was going to say that needed two distinct styles of tops was my biggest challenge, but in reality, it’s probably resisting buying more clothes when I already have plenty!

  18. Love, love, love it when you do a dressing room try-on! I really liked most of these outfits on you and it makes me want to go back to Soft Surroundings. The one time I was there everything (even some of the petites that I tried) was overwhelming and too long on me since I’m only 5′-1″. I do think that when you’re retired you can have some fun, bold pieces in your wardrobe since you don’t see the same people every day.

  19. It took about a year of trial and error to create my at-home look, and although I still adore looking at professional clothing and admiring it, I no longer buy it. Soft Surroundings has a store several hours from me and reflects much more of how I want to dress every day now, which is joyful, comfortable, and colorful. When Covid releases us, I hope to see their line in person.

    After I retired, I did a Marie Kondo on my clothing. You were to end up with two piles — love/keep and donate. I ended up with three — love/keep, couldn’t care less and professional. The professional was the largest pile. I had used it well, but loving it now I was in retirement was a different story. I kept some professional for just in case and donated the rest so that working women might find great deals on basics.

  20. These pieces really suit you, Pam! I especially like the blue top with the embroidery and the outfit with the printed leggings. You look very happy and comfortable!

  21. This is such an important post since retailers need to see their customer’s lifestyles do change. I like the understated Boho styles because the details are often fabulous. You look great in the vest !! It’s fun watching you incorporate different styles with your classics. Thanks for sharing your style journey !

  22. I love the first boho outfit on you. It is so flattering to your new figure! I, too, am more of a classic type. I am drawn to the boho style, but find it doesn’t get worn as much as my classic pieces. When I veer from my classics, it’s almost like I have on a costume.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deborah! That is what I will have to consider going forward…what will actually be worn!

  23. Oh yes, yes, yes!!! Honey, you are right in MY “wheelhouse” now! I’ve been into Boho for 40 years & while the silhouettes & hemlines & details ebb & flow over the years, the thing that remains is the exuberance of colour, texture, decorative stitching, ornamentation & how it moves, always with the body, never stiff or rigid.

    Everything you tried on looks spectacular on you with the exception of the black embroidered blouse you weren’t keen on — I agree about the unflattering neckline. I’m in love with the Kajal jacket for the back seaming alone & wouldn’t that embroidered denim shirt look spectacular worn open over a cami with one of your statement necklaces!

    And as for leggings, jeggings & slim jeans going out of style, I don’t see that happening. They’re much too comfortable & they appeal to too broad a range of women & lifestyles, especially with Covid still keeping people home-bound & dressing more casually. Also, women are more health-conscious than ever before, exercising & keeping themselves in good shape, so we feel more confident wearing slim fitting pants. Paired with the right tops, they fill a number of fashion roles & flatter just about every shape & size & age. Classic tailored slacks will always be popular, but I see fashion trends adapting AROUND slim fitting pants, with them remaining the central anchor everyone always returns to.

  24. I hope you got the Kajal jacket because that looks wonderful on you. Lots of the other looks are also fun and flattering but that piece is a clear winner.

  25. You look amazing in each outfit! I think the new look makes you look younger and sassy! I find myself drawn to the same outfits over and over, lots of black and navy. You’ve inspired me to rethink my choices. I hope you bought some of the “new look” that you modeled.

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