Chico’s Answers Most Sizing Needs for Petites and Misses in-store for Fall Clothing

Chico's Meets Fall Clothing Needs on Over 50 Feeling 40

Welcome back, ladies for fall clothing shopping with me and my friend, Iris.  I did not mean to imply that the pandemic has ended…perhaps I could have chosen a different headline yesterday, but what I did mean…is that the pandemic has changed our in-store shopping experience.

Iris and I both have body types which need certain fit options.  So, when we did not find that in our first three places, she said…”I know where to go!”

And off to Chico’s we went.  Thanks to store manager, Silvia, and her associates at The Shops at La Cantera, we had a great experience, because Chico’s does meet most fit needs.


Iris Petite Fit Outfit at Chicos on Over 50 Feeling 40

This is the outfit Iris purchased at Chico’s this fun shopping day.  She prefers Chico’s when shopping pants…mostly because they do have the petite sizes in store for her to try on.  Take a look at the regular size and see if you notice the difference.

The top was much longer and though it is difficult to see it in the fit of the pant, the stride and upper portion of the petite fits her better.  She loved this outfit and bought the sizes in the first picture. 


Over 50 Feeling 40 with Pamela Lutrell in Chico's Mesh Tank

I have shopped Chico’s often in the last few weeks, but there were three items I wanted to try.  I really like these mesh tanks under jackets and with the 25% off, this was a good purchase for me. The mesh tanks are very flattering.

This picture is from White House Black Market, but I wanted to show you another way to wear these sleeveless tanks in the Fall….especially for those of us in warmer climates.

Over 50 Feeling 40 in Chico's sale jacket

I found this Double Faced Contrast Stitch Jacket on the clearance sale rack for $29.  It is perfect for fall (heavier fabric) and has camel colored top stitching.  I plan to style it with camel jeggings, a white blouse, and brown booties. I love it and tried it on in a smaller size!!


This is a fun blouse/jacket and is featured close-up in the opening picture.  It had a nice fit, but I am not a fan of double pockets on me.  I fell like it places headlights on my larger chest area, so I am not comfortable in it…though the jacket is cute! 

I want to thank Chico’s for maintaining a nice selection in-store of different sizes.  It makes such a difference. I also think it works better for them because they are dealing with fewer numbers of sizes. 

Today’s slideshow is dedicated to Chico’s and does feature a few of these pieces we found.  I hope these two shopping posts have been helpful to you and maybe encouraged retailers to add more sizes in-store!



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By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Such a great look on Iris! I can honestly tell a big difference between the fit of the petite sizes and then the regular misses. It’s very obvious that petites fit better. (I often have this experience myself, especially in tops.) I love the jacket you picked with the contrast stitching! And that green shirt/jacket, while it looks great in the picture and a really good look on you, I do know what you mean about pocket placement and too many pockets! I like how Chico’s also has the “halfway” sizes, not just 0, 1, 2, etc., but 0.5, 1.5, etc. And they are always so friendly and helpful. I’m always drawn like a magnet to their jewelry wall. I don’t wear a lot of oversized jewelry, but it’s like looking in a treasure box so I always go there first! You and Iris really had some great luck in this store! Fun to see what you both picked out!

  2. Thanks for bringing up the half sizes, Karen! Iris and I are both very pleased with our selections!

  3. With that line up of dressing rooms, it looks like yours is a larger store. I have to drive almost 2 hours to get to a Chico’s so it has been quite a while since I was there. I really like the detail in the shoulder of the first pictures and that is what I love about Chico’s , the fact that it is not the same as every other store. Good choice for Iris to suggest, and it worked. such fun to have a friend to go out with again. Stay safe.

  4. I like Chico’s for pants and shorts as well. Since Covid started I have not been to the local store but, once again, you’ve inspired me to pay them a visit. When I first moved to this area I was blown away by this Palm Desert store; customer service is unbelievable and the organization of the store makes it so easy to shop.

  5. I have visited Chico’s more than any store in the last few months and they do a good job keeping it safe.

  6. Love that green jacket on you….you look soo slim.

    I too am petite and wonder what size was the petite the outfit she bought

  7. I have never been in a regular Chico’s store, but often stop at an outlet store on the way to Atlanta. And I always find something I like. However, the outlet stores do not carry petite sizes which I need. I bravely ordered two pair of pants recently after one of your posts, and am pleased with the 1.5 petite size I ordered. I have found regular short sizes will fit, but they rarely are available online for some reason. It looks like you and Iris found some very useable, well-fitted items for your body types.

  8. I am tall and need a 34” inseam in pants, but I am also short waisted so I often find petite tops fit better. I have a pear shape so long shirts and tunics are not my best choice, but a petite length might hit at a better spot. Oversized tops make me look bigger, not smaller! We have a small Chico’s so I often have to buy online and return at the store.

  9. We did, Celia…and I am glad you took a chance to find pants that fit you online. So glad it worked.

  10. Hi Dee, I sent a text to Iris to ask the size…keep an eye out and I will post when Iris answers. maybe I should reconsider the green!!

  11. HAPPY 2nd DAY OF FALL! So glad that you gals had some success. Do like what you’ve both chosen and particularly like the blouse/jacket length on you Pamela. Wish we had more Chico locations here in Canada (closest to me is a hundred + miles away) as seldom have much success ordering online re sizing plus have had disappointments in quality. (Latest was a pair of high-end priced shoes direct from their brand website. A beautiful shoe BUT their construction was a mismatch in the toe meets sole area as totally different and very obvious. How bad? Well, even my husband noticed it …. lol! ) With that said; as the fitting rooms in our area are still not open, do envy you as right now I am just shopping my closet and appreciating your slide shows etc. as can see what is in style and what isn’t and edit accordingly. -Brenda-

  12. I had no idea that Chico’s sells shoes. You taught me something. I just did a search and that may be a thing of the past. Wish you could shop with us, Brenda!!

  13. When I was working, I did most of my shopping on line with Talbots, Chico’s and JJill. While it’s often simpler to try on, i just often was too busy. I usually ordered two sizes and took the wrong one back to the store (or both, if the outfit disappointed me). After a while, I got to know my sizes and cuts in these stores, and it was even easier. One thing that the stores request is that you call them and place your online order through them. That way they get credit for the sale, and the manager at Talbots told me it was going to be a key in whether stores can stay open. Also, usually if you call the store, any shipping is waived. If they don’t offer to do it, ask and they will (discounted but not waived at JJill). Also, if you are gong to purchase several pieces but are not calling the store, choose just one and put it in your online cart. If your cart remains for a few days, in order to get you to complete your purchase, you will likely get an email offering you free shipping on an amount somewhat higher than your cart price. That’s when you add what you were going to purchase anyway.

  14. Good info, Linda. If you sign up to be a Chico’s Passport Member then shipping is always free plus you get an additional 5% off. It costs nothing to sign up!

  15. Are manufacturers using drop sleeves and raglan sleeves because set in sleeves are more expensive to make? I like the fit of the olive jacket on you and feel it looks refreshing and takes the attention off of your chest and the pockets because of the set in sleeves and puts it on your face where it should be. I like Alex’s outfit and being a true petite appreciate the fit she has found. The sleeves again are puckered under the arms, as are most drop sleeves, and I feel it detracts from the overall look of the outfit. Perhaps it is just my body shape but unless you are a slim model I don’t think drop sleeves do any woman a favor.

  16. Our Chico’s is about the size of a walk-in closet and the Petite section is the equivalent of one rack. Love the look of their clothes but haven’t found anything to try on to get an idea of sizing. I think you found quite a few keepers though in your shopping excursions!

  17. We have a fairly good sized Chico’s catering to all sizes. I noticed on the longer pant that Iris tried on, the fabric billowed at her lower leg—somewhat ill fitting.
    Something was off
    I too loved you in the deep green jacket- wow! Very flattering! I guess all of your fans are on the same page!

  18. Pamela, I think you should reconsider the green jacket. I personally think it’s the best thing you’ve modeled for a long while. It is VERY slimming, shows your figure and not boxy at all.

  19. I understand about pockets at the chest line, but this jacket looks fantastic on you!!! I would definitely buy and wear it!!!

  20. I would buy the green jacket and model it for your husband or submit a picture of you in the jacket and ask your readers if it is a yes or a no. I think it is the best item I have seen on you. You look amazing in it. Sometimes our preconeptions can cause us to miss out on a great piece of clothing.

  21. It would be helpful if all sizes were carried in store. Sometimes you need to try on a new style to find the right size before you order online.

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