Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing Pop Up + a note for my followers


Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40

It is already mid-week and time for a Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing Pop Up!!  This is the day, YOU become a stylist and tell us what you think of the display.

There is a request….

Would You Wear It Pop Up at Macys on Over 50 Feeling 40

Please keep your comments personal and phrase them in such as way as to not offend someone who may feel differently from you.  There were a couple of comments last week, that I did not post. 

Please do not give the fashions ugly names, but tell us how these either would or would not be worn by you and explain why.

A constructive comment helps others, and sometimes women will look at the styles differently because of what you said.

So, look this display over from head to toe. There are two trends here: the midi-length dress and faux leather leggings, then tell us…………………………………………………………………………………


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To My Followers:  First of all, I want to thank ALL of you for being here and so many for joining me everyday to build a wonderful audience for Over 50 Feeling 40.  Most of you are aware that due to the pandemic, I was part of a large layoff in July by the university where I worked during the day.  

Since I began this blog 10 years ago, I have always worked a professional job by day and my blogging passion by night.  But, when I was laid off, my husband gave his support for me to blog full time…and I am loving every minute of it!

However, as I have told you before, I must generate income in order to be here.  I say all of this because ONE follower asked me this week about the ads on the website…Why are they there?

Where there is one wondering, there are probably more. So simply put…  The ads are there to generate income for the blog…as they are on most websites, as they are on your television, in your magazines, in your newspapers, and on your freeways.

They provide for me and my family.  Your patience and understanding with them is so appreciated.  I also cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate those of you who shop through my links…another form of revenue.

I hope to keep at this for a long while and your continued support and understanding is critical for that to happen.  So, THANK YOU…..THANK YOU….THANK YOU!


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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I do like the copper-colored jacket very much. Great color. I also like those leggings, but have never bought any because I’m just not sure about them…but I LOVE the look of leather leggings! Just not sure how they’d fit into my lifestyle. I’m sure drawn to them! The dress is too long for my taste. I do like the style, just not the length. From this display, I’d be very interested in the jacket.

      1. I have never worn leggings but I find these most interesting because of their faux leather composition. I’m sure they are attractive to people who do wear leggings. As I was dressing yesterday to go to a funeral I was thinking how very long it’s been since I’d worn a dress. Throughout my 31 years of teaching, I wore hoses daily, but hose seem to no longer be acceptable to wear. I am not comfortable wearing some shoes, especially heels, without hose so this is one reason I always wear pants now and rarely wear heels. I like the shape of the dress as well as the length so if I needed to buy a dress, I would look for one similar but in a different color. I also like the jacket as I usually wear a third piece of clothing, but again I would look for a different color that better suits my winter, gray-hair coloring.

        1. Celia…hose are still out there…if they make you feel comfortable and confident…wear them! Colored tights are also great for the season.

        2. Celia. I wear leggings most of the time. I have even worn black ones to church with a long top or with a jacket. Forget what people think about hose. Who looks at your legs anyway. I wear black sheer ones sometimes and other times, when I do wear a dress, I wear suntan/coffee/etc. I am comfortable in them, and that is what matters, not what other people think.
          Life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

  2. I like the long dress and would wear it with black suede pointy toe booties. The small crossbody looks nice with it. The other outfit is a NO. Leggings are not for me and pleather doesn’t make them any better. I don’t like the cut or the color of tthe jacket. I usually avoid prints but a small geometric is fine.

  3. I, too, have been drawn to the faux leather leggings but have not purchased any. I keep picturing Sandy from the movie Grease and the “naughty girl” image she was creating at the end of the film. Not really the look I am going for at my age 🙂. I don’t have a need for a dress in my wardrobe, but I do like the midi length, especially with boots during fall and winter. The pattern on this dress makes my vision blur, so I would choose a solid and accessorize with jewelry or a scarf to add interest. By the way, the color of the jacket is gorgeous.

  4. Really like both outfits. The jacket and pants I would definitely wear. Like the print of both blouse and the dress. However not too sure if the blouse would be wearable with my figure.I usually wear shirt-type tops to help cover that big middle bump(Not preggers). which store did they come from. Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan, these are at Macys… I have a link for Macy’s above the comments… just click on it and you go straight to the site!

  5. I love the top and jacket, but I would not be able to wear leather leggings, as leggings just don’t look good on me. I would wear dark jeans and boots with it. It’s a beautiful fall outfit!

  6. i like the dress, and could see myself wearing it in the 80s…im too far into my apple shape for it now..would look nice on a slender woman though.
    the jacket is pretty, but looks like it might snag very easy. i like the blouse with perhaps cream color slacks. the leather jeggings are just not for me, i fight with my Spanx, i can just imagine what cuss words these might generate…but say they are easier than they look, i might try them, but with a longer top.

  7. Although the colours are wrong for me personally, if the dress was a different fall colour, perhaps plum or a cool green, I would be in it in a second. I love the neckline, the sleeves and the length. I would style it with flat boots and a scarf. That jacket would even work over the dress, again in another colour. I am not so much for the leggings as I am getting away from really slim lines on the bottom. Just my preference since a surgery that left my knees two different sizes. Pam, I am pleased to hear you did not post some comments but I am sure they still leave an impression on you. I have seen on other sites the rude and unnecessary remarks and it makes me rather angry. Also, good point on the ads. You are so right, they are in our faces 24/7 everywhere else and I have learned to ignore most of them. Keep on doing what you do so well.

  8. I agree with Karen above. I love the jacket and love the color! I am going to try the leather leggings this winter, as I wear leggings often. I recently purchased a pair of Lysse velvet leggings and I love them! Going to live dangerously this year, I’ve been cooped up long enough! I would not wear the dress, much too long and not my style at all. Love these Wednesdays where we can critique the outfits shown and how they would work or not work in our lives!

  9. The classic wrap dress is timeless but this one is too long for me. The geometric print doesn’t appeal to me either. A more structured blazer is more my style. I can not wear that coppery rust color. As far as leather or pleather leggings for a 69 year old I feel you would need to be very confident when wearing them to carry off the look. They’re not for me.

  10. I would wear the dress in a different color as I have a winter color palette. The same for the jacket. AlthoughI’m under5’, I love longer dresses, especially with knee high boots. It gives me a longer look overall. I would not now, nor ever have worn leggings for several reasons: my legs are short- even for my height and I have large knees; I don’t like the inverted triangle appearance they give people; I’d need to wear a long top for modesty, and that crops my appearance dramatically. I choose an overall balance silhouette rather tan focusing on just one piece of my body. I’ve been told by leggings wearers that they want to show off their legs ( as the smallest part of them) , but my eye sees it as unbalanced.

  11. The Would You Wear it posts are my least favorite. I feel they are just fluff to fill a day or two. I never read them. However, I enjoy some of your suggested articles and enjoy diet, makeup and other topics.

  12. I love the looks here, but not sure they’re for me. The blazer shirt and legging look so great and pulled together here…very chic! I just might replace the faux leather legging with a good ponte legging instead. Everything else works for me! At my age, especially.
    The dress would go home with me if it were shorter, at the knee. I’d wear it with a sleek boot – to the knee. The longer dress trend does not appeal to me at all.
    All in all I love the clotges, just with a few tweaks…..

  13. I like both outfits, particularly the slacks outfit. There is little in any Fall collection I don’t like. I really like the pattern on the blouse and dress. I’m thinking the style of dress wouldn’t look good on me, but it if were a long skirt, I’d buy it in a minute. I like the look of the faux leather leggings and I do enjoy leggings but wonder if these would be hot or if the material is breathable.

  14. These are prints I would wear, but have no need of. The color of the jacket is stunning. I love the leggings but feel I would not look good in them. I would definitely try the jacket on and would likely wear it with navy instead of black. It’s a versatile piece in a lovely color that doesn’t come around in collections too often. I’m on a no buy this season and it’s hard because of these beautiful spice, amber and copper tones. If I succumb, I will for sure use your links!

  15. I like the look of faux leather leggings so I’m intrigued to find out that Macy’s carries them. I like the cut of the shirt but I would wear a tunic with leggings. I don’t care for the color/print of the top or dress. I’d have to try the dress on for fit. I do like wrap dresses but I want my dresses/skirts to hit a smaller part of my leg so I’m not sure about the length. The jacket color/style isn’t something I’d wear.

  16. I love the colour of the jacket and would definitely try it on. I wouldn’t wear the dress or the top. I find the pattern hard on the eyes! I’d like to try a pair of faux leather leggings, but not shiny black. I’d prefer something with a matte finish, perhaps in brown.

  17. I would like the dress better if it was shorter and would wear it with boots. Would wear the blouse but the leather look leggings are a no go for me – just not my thang.

  18. I wouldn’t wear the leggings because I don’t think they would look good on my short, but big thighs. I love the colours and would wear that blouse and shorts with a long skirt or wider trousers.
    The dress would swamp my 5’2” frames.

  19. I like that top a lot!. I suspect I would need to pin it to keep it modest, or wear a black cami underneath. I wonder what the sleeve length is on that top? It is paired nicely with the copper blazer.

    The midi dress is just not for me- I’m 5’3″ and shy away from long dresses like that. I show a little more leg! 😉

  20. The jacket is gorgeous! It’s both a style and color that I would wear.

    I like the dress, but to me the length with the pattern is too much. I think this print would be good for a skirt (longer or shorter length).

    Thanks for not posting the ugly comments. We need a lot more civility and kindness these days!! There is usually a way to disagree without being rude.

    I don’t mind the ads at all! Your blog is always an enjoyable place to visit!

  21. I love the print on the blouse and dress and would wear either. I also like the blazer and would wear it with the dress. The blouse is a too unconstructed for me to wear with that blazer, but would look good with a sweater. The faux leather leggings are cute, but not on me. I would replace them with skinny leg pants in the leather or faux suede. Overall, both are a look I like! Does anyone else remember the “Friends” episode with Ross stuck in his leather skinny pants? I’m too afraid that would happen to me.

  22. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the time snd thoughtfulness you put into each post. I look forward to them each day!

  23. Pam, I love your blog and don’t find the ads distracting at all. I appreciate all the time, effort, and expertise you put into your blog, and support you all the way in terms of generating income.

  24. I’ll pass on the dress for no more complicated a reason than I simply don’t wear dresses often enough to warrant buying one. But I love the jacket! The colour is fabulous. And I really like the blouse, which surprises me as I rarely wear geometrical prints, so this would be a nice addition to my closet. I’d pair it & the jacket with slim-fitting black pants or even jeans. The leggings, I’m not sure about. I’m not into fake leather (I have a closet full of the real stuff, including pants) but I think they’d be cute under a long leopard-print sweater w/ big black hoop earrings, plenty of bracelets & knee-high boots. Or a tunic-length bright red turtle-neck with long silver chains & leopard-print booties.

    I’m curious with what appears to be the trend now to wear leggings & jeggings as pants. Personally I don’t find skin-tight pants in the least flattering & always wear them with a longer top. Some of my jeans are pretty snug fitting, but for some reason a good sturdy denim jean doesn’t seem as indiscreet as a stretchy legging does. Or maybe I’m just getting old 🙂

  25. I like the wrap dress. It can be very flattering . However, the print makes me dizzy. I am just not into geometrics.
    Love the leggings also. I would wear it with a longer blouse or tunic.
    I tried on a similar blouse the Nordstrom sale. With my body shape it was a no go.
    The blazer is great and I love the color! But I would not wear a satin blazer enough to make the purchase worthwhile .
    I bought a Halogen pair of faux leather leggings . They wear easier to put on and were very comfortable compared to the Spanx. I was exhausted after struggling with the Spanx leggings!
    Love the fall clothes!

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