Pamela Lutrell in safe Chico's in store


Last week, the Chico’s manager at The Shops at La Cantera invited me over to preview the new fall collection recently released! 

I have been there several times in the past couple of months, so I know Chico’s pays special care to keep their stores very safe, following CDC guidelines,  and I enjoy shopping there.

From hand sanitizer at the door to a constantly clean atmosphere, these stores are well stocked and now have this beautiful new collection.  Of course, that is what I am wearing in these images.

So, let’s talk about the fall clothing…so much fun and I am just showing you a taste of it!

Chico's Reversible Tunic on Over 50 Feeling 40

Just a note:  anytime you see me pictured without the mask, it was just long enough for a picture and no other customers were near me. 

This is such a fun poncho, because it is basically two garments for one!  I love reversible styles!  This is the Reversible Mixed-Print to Animal-Print Poncho.  The other side is all leopard print.

Pamela Lutrell in Chico's Faux Leather Jacket for Fall Clothing

Yes, animal print is a huge trend again this year….including these stylish masks you can purchase at Chico’s.

The pieces in this outfit in include:

Coated Faux-Leather Topper

Tiger Print Easy Shirt

So Slimming Brigitte Geometric-Print Slim Ankle Pants. (fun sparkly textile)

Goldtone Multi-Strand Coin Necklace (one of these is now mine!)

Chicos Ruana for Fall 2020 on over 50 Feeling 40


This jam berry color for Fall 2020 is stunning.  I love how vibrant it is!   Really like all of the ruanas…especially this Leopard-Print Ruana Wrap.  

Pamela Lutrell in Chico's Statement Blouse


I purchased two tops from this collection.  You saw the Animal Print V-Neck yesterday, and this is the second one.  I love this Embellished Peasant Blouse and will wear it often for special times.  The sleeves are gorgeous.

I like this for my new life-style selection.  It fits well, has a V-Neck, and speaks the messages I desire to speak with my clothing.  I can wear this almost all year.  I am glad there was a sale.

Chicos Fall 2020 collection on over 50 feeling 40

Another cute jacket!  And this is another great fall piece for warmer climates.  This SPICED ANIMAL STRIPE JACKET looks so cute with the faux leather leggings (which also come in petite).

Pamela Lutrell in Faux Leather at Chico's

Back to where we started at the top of the post…here is a beautiful ensemble.  This outfit includes:

Faux Leather Topper in Cranberry Spice

Mock Neck Top in Cranberry Spice

So Slimming Brigitte Geometric-Print Slim Ankle Pants.

Convertible Faux – Pearl Multi-Strand Necklace

I want to thank Silvia and her team at The Shops at La Cantera for inviting me over for a preview of the collection…so many fun pieces.  I did not know what I was going to see and wore my animal print flats to go with what I was wearing.

The shoes went with most of the looks.  As always, get your mask, hand sanitizer, and go have some fun.  You can trust the team at Chico’s has your back!


GOLI on over 50 Feeling 40

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By Pamela Lutrell

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