Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing

Would You Wear It at Nordstrom on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday, all and welcome to Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer at A Well Styled Life.

We ask that you look our fashion displays over and ask yourself of you would or would not wear them…as styled or if they were gifted to you.

If you would buy them that is even better, but all we really want to know is if you would wear them and explain why or why not.

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40

Jennifer and I do not really look for displays we like or don’t like…we are looking for displays which make for good conversation and where we can learn from each other.

The comments are always read and enjoyed.  Just make sure you tell us personally why the styles do or do not work for you!  Keep it personal to your style messages, age, body type, taste and explain.

Please do not comment in such a way as to make someone who feels differently from you feel attacked or diminished.  I have deleted comments recently for this reason.

Would You Wear It for fall clothing on Over 50 Feeling 40


I have an interesting family of three for you today.  Much to consider here…so look it over with your best fashion stylist eye and tell us………………………………………………………


Macys Joy Ornament on Over 50 Feeling 40

Macy’s Ornaments

On this blog we are celebrating a season of Holiday Joy with the intention of ending 2020 with an optimistic outlook.  Tomorrow is the big reveal of my newly remodeled kitchen…hope you will come back to see.    

Gift Giving on Over 50 Feeling 40

I love looking at my grandchildren in this graphic!  OK, I digress,.. the links below are for your shopping ease.  Great sales are already underway and shipping is expecting to overload this year so shop early!

Make sure you visit A Well Styled Life for Jennifer’s display.  My display today is from Nordstrom.  Thank you for being here, for your support, and always



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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Happy Saturday Pam! I really like the plaid jacket and black pants. That’s a definite “yes”. I enjoy wearing plaid, especially when it’s understated like that. I’d also wear the coral pants, but not the top shown with them. On that too, the neckline would not be flattering on me, and the sleeves are too fussy. I do like the plaid pants, and would try those to be sure they fit like ankle pants because I don’t wear crops in the winter. I’m not tall, so those would probably work too. I can’t get a good idea of the top shown with them, but would probably go with something darker to avoid looking washed out. Nice choices today though… especially that jacket!

  2. I would not wear any of these items with the exception of the jeans on the far left.
    Jacket: I don’t like the double-breasted style.
    Black pants: shape is toooo close to the body.
    Center outfit: weird sleeves on the top, but I might wear the pants with the right top.
    Left outfit: top is too short and I don’t wear patterns on the bottom even though I’m not ‘hippy.’

  3. I like the two outer mannequins outfits for me. The center outfit might appeal to someone but the high neck is a NO for me, as well as the plaid top with high shoulder detail. Not going to work on my body.!
    I will wear the plaid slim pant and the skinny black Jean with jacket although I’m only so-so on their tops. I’d prefer a more traditional cut blazer with the black Jean. The white blouse works, as I like the cut of the shirt , but might have to add a scarf in complementery colors….

  4. Like Paulette’s comments. definitely would not wear the middle model-too kiddish for me. blazer,blouses and plaid pants are right up my alley! although I might have second thought about the plaid pants, too bold and noticeable. “Notice me” clothes are just that-they have people mentally saying,”here she come’s in that… outfit again!’ Those pants might just be too memorable!

  5. I love the plaid blazer and skinny black pants! The skinny pants with a blazer look is practically a “uniform” for me. I particularly like the cutaway style and button detail on the blazer which gives it a little more visual interest. (Can you provide more information regarding the store and/or brand?) I also like the mannequin with the plaid skinny pants, but would pair them with a fitted black sweater and flats for a little Audrey Hepburn vibe. The outfit with the coral pants and puff sleeve top is a definite “no” for me. I have broad shoulders so the high neckline and puffy sleeves would really overemphasize them.

    1. Hi Kami, if you look up just before where I say Keep Smiling you will find a link to Nordstrom. These looks are from there! Thanks for using my link and supporting the blog!

  6. Happy start to the weekend! This is an interesting grouping. The jeans are a “yes”. I love the plaid jacket, but my jackets always hang in the closet because I prefer to wear soft, comfy sweaters. The center blouse with the shoulder detail reminds me of the 80’s, which I love, but I looked awful in the big padded shoulders back then and would probably look worse now.

  7. I would wear the red tones pants with the center seaming because I find that shape slimming. The plaid pants look like they would work for me too. I’m not a fan of the sleeves on the blouse for my broad shoulders.

  8. I’d definitely try the blazer. I don’t normally wear double-breasted jackets but I like the cutaway & the plaid isn’t too overwhelming, so I’d give it a go.

  9. None of these appeal greatly to me: plaids aren’t my favorite pattern: I have a smaller frame so larger plaids overwhelm me (although I like the color combo of the middle outfit) and they rarely match well at seams. The plaid in the jacket (blazer?) is more subtle and works as a neutral so it’s better for me, and I like the uniqueness of the cutaway style but not the the big bold buttons for the faux double breasted look

  10. With the exception of the plaid pants (provided they hit at the waist); the rest is a ‘no’ for myself. Breaking it down: —

    White blouse – Appreciate pendulum tops as can camouflage a midriff muffin bulge however this one appears somewhat short so do not feel it would be worth the purchase when there are more versatile styles to choose from in white blouses/shirts.

    Blazer – The button placement (in line with the chest) plus to me they appear to be out of scale. In other words too large and IMHO more compatible for a male blazer.
    Pants – Rest on the hips which at my age I don’t find comfortable after a few hours of wear as find it causes stress on them; regardless that the fabric may contain some stretch.

    Center Blouse – Not fond of its fabric pattern or its style with the leg-of-mutton cap sleeve as shoulders are wide enough so do not need them accentuated.
    Pants – Style and colour just doesn’t appeal to me. -Brenda-

  11. Two of the pieces appeal to me. If the plaid jacket came in petite I would try it on but I would take off the four top buttons and only have the two at the waist. I also like the rose coloured pants but would want them in a more neutral colour. I like the flat front and and stitched in crease.

  12. I would wear the outfit on the right. The plaid blazer & black jeans are my classic style. I wouldn’t wear either of the other two. I don’t wear bright colored pants & with the seam down the front they are too reminiscent of those dreadful polyester pants of days gone by. The puffy shoulders on the plaid blouse wouldn’t be flattering for me. The white shirt on the left looks a bit short for my taste.

  13. I like the plaid pants, but I’d pair them with a different (and longer) top. I think a dark top would be best for me.

    I happen to like the top in the middle … however I’d wear it with navy pants or skirt. I do like the coral pants, but not with this blouse. Again, I’d have to pair them with a longer top … I think a velvet top in navy or black would be so striking with these pants!

    The plaid blazer is not my style so I’d pass on it.

  14. The top shown with the plaid pants is too short. I’m a little long-waisted and have a larger bust and I can tell this top wouldn’t be flattering. The plaid pants are a maybe. I had a pair of glen plaid pants years ago that I enjoyed wearing but these days I almost always buy solid colors. The plaid blouse would not flatter me either. I don’t like really high-necked tops and bias-cut plaid would emphasize my chest. I’m not drawn to the color of the pants. I prefer classic colors The double-breasted jacket would not work on my body. I like slim-legged black pants but these look too tight for me to wear with a regular length top.

  15. The only outfit I really like here is the one you don’t show 🙂 on the far left — what looks like a boyfriend blazer with blue jeans & a black top: that’s me. The white peplum blouse is cute, too. I’d wear it with jeans or leather pants. The pants are a no for me — too short in the ankle & I don’t care for plaid pants. Even though I’m slim & fit I’m also short & don’t think the strong horizontal lines flatter me. The coral pants are a hard no for the colour & the blouse is too fussy for me. The black jeggings are out as well but it took me a minute to figure out why: first, the rise looks uncomfortably short (I like my waistband at my waist), but also I realized I’m sick to death of shiny faux-leather (if that’s what they are) leggings/jeggings, esp when worn as pants. They’re starting to feel a bit costumy, which means I’d only wear them a handful of times before being tired of them & I try to not buy clothing I can’t get a lot of wear out of. I really liked the cutaway jacket until I realized that on most women with a bust line, those top 2 big brass buttons are going to sit right at nipple level, so I’d try it on but suspect I’d leave it on the mannequin, who isn’t as boobsy as I am 🙂 Great selection today though!

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