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Would you Wear It on over 50 Feeling 40

There are officially four Saturdays before Christmas…and we will continue to enjoy each one with Would You Wear It on two blogs!!

My friend, Jennifer and I discover fashion displays while out and about which make us wonder what you think of the styles.

Would You Wear This dress at Nordstrom on over 50 Feeling 40

We ask that you give your opinion…would you or would you not personally wear these looks and explain exactly why or why not.

The audience loves to read the comments and we do learn from one another…sometimes we learn ideas of how to improve the display!

Trousers from Nordstrom on over 50 Feeling 40

So, please look my display of two over with your best stylist eye and kindly tell us……………………………….



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By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I think both of these looks would be a no for me. The dress fabric just feels a bit dark & dreary to me.
    In the other outfit, I like the color of the sweater, but I don’t especially like the neckline. Although if the sweater is soft & not scratchy, I might try it on just to see how the neckline would lay. I wouldn’t tuck the bulky sweater into the pants, though.
    I think the pants are nice looking, but a bit “business-y” for my casual lifestyle.

  2. These are a no for me. The sweater is a beautiful color, but too much fabric for me, and the neckline would not be flattering. I don’t wear cropped pants in the winter, and the ones shown have a line to them that seems to add bulk in the hip area. The dress is much too low-cut for my taste. The style is a classic shape, but the color and pattern appears drab to me, and the fabric appears to have a sheen which is something I avoid. I do like the color of the sweater.

  3. I love the sweater and pants outfit! The dress is a no for me, haven’t worn a dress in quite a few years and only to weddings (when we can have them again) and funerals. The dress is very dark and not a style I would be comfortable in. Just not me. The color of the sweater is luscious and could be worn with any pant and skirts as well. Love it, my favorite!

  4. I don’t like the dress – the print is too big and the overall dress has too much fabric. I like the pinstriped pants — I would like them better if the leg was slimmer. The sweater looks super comfy. I would check it out in a better color — navy, plum, dark grey. I would wear it long and comfy with straight leg jeans — that front tuck is not for me.
    Happy Saturday.

  5. No for me on both! Neither works in this SoCal climate. The dress style looks old and dark. A sweater and wool pants get very little wear around here.

  6. I really like the muted grey-green sweater, and the pattern in the pant but not the cut. The cut of this pant seems like it would balloon a person’s tummy area, and thigh area.
    So a yes to the sweater but not the pant. I’d wear the sweater with charcoal classic trouser or even skinny jean.
    The dress is dreary…too long for my body type, too dark in pattern for a holiday dress.

  7. The sweater and pants outfit is a big yes for me, interesting colour and my style. However, I am not sure about tucking in the sweater. Usually, I am not thin enough in this mid area to do that, and it looks as if I am trying too much to be modern. The dress is a no, the style is too classical for my taste or lifestyle. I noticed that these classical styles are back and that they can give an interesting twist to the style of young(er) women, but on me they just look a bit boring.

  8. I love the sweater and pants. The colors are good for me. Any warm cozy sweater I would wear! I might try the tuck on a skinny day, too. The dress…NO. It looks dreary and frumpy…but I like the style.

  9. The sweater is very pretty and I would wear it as long as it’s wool-free (highly allergic). I like the pants but the crop length doesn’t work for winter in Eastern Canada. The dress is a lovely shape but the fabric and the print aren’t to my taste. Also not practical for my student lifestyle.

  10. A possible ‘yes’ to all pieces as would be dependent upon ‘fit’. Love the color of the sweater which I’d also pair with jeans or leggings and add my favourite silver, vintage
    long rope chain. Whereas the pants; I could see them working with various tops however most probably would be tempted to partial stitch down the pleat (or slit pocket then remove it) to accomplish less bulk through the tummy and hip. If too short would check out the lower leg hem allowance to enable another small alteration …. ☺.
    As to the dress; would add a camisole (straight/boat edge/slinky fabric) underneath it to tie in the burgundy tone (?) in the dress and pair it with either a high shaft boot or leotard/tights and a bootie or heeled pump. (May even have a pair of suede burgundy pumps that might work. ) Would even consider adding a skinny belt to it.

  11. I would have to say no to these pieces. I like the style of the dress, but the dark, shiny fabric would not look good with my light colouring. I love the colour of the sweater, but I don’t care for the fit or the neckline. I doubt that the pants would fit my boyish figure well, but even if they did, the cropped length doesn’t work for a very cold and snowy Canadian winter.

  12. Both looks are a no for me, Pam. I avoid shiny fabrics because they make my wrinkles more noticeable and the sweater neckline isn’t flattering in my shoulders. Happy Saturday my friend

  13. The dress is a hard pass for me. I don’t care for the sheen of the fabric, and I especially do not care for the dark floral trend on me, especially head to toe. If this were a tank top, I might consider it. As a dress, I find it both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. I love the sweater. I like a higher neckline that doesn’t strangle my slightly shorter neck, and dolman sleeves are flattering and comfortable on me. The knit looks soft and the color neutral enough to wear with a lot in my wardrobe. I have a pair of less voluminous pants in a fabric similar to this, and wore them often in a previous life. I’ve not even considered wearing them this year, so I would have to pass.

  14. The dress is a no… even if I could wear a dress anywhere. The color would not work for my complexion . The pant outfit I would try on. I like the shiny fabric. The sweater looks nice; if the fabric wasn’t itchy, I would wear it.

  15. Love the look of the slouchy sweater, but like others I would pair it with other silhouettes from my current wardrobe. The pants I like, but I had something very similar back in the mid-eighties when I was starting my career, so I’d pass on these. The dress is a definite no: too shiny, too dark. I loved how Brenda was game to change everything to make it work. She must be a very good seamstress. 😉

  16. I like the outfit on the left. The sweater is a nice slouch and a love!y neutral co!or. I especially like the stripe on the pants and see them working with a variety of boots, flats, jackets and sweaters. the dress is a no. I am not a fan of wrap dresses, nor the shiny fabric.

  17. The dress would be a no for me: the sheen of the fabric and the depth of the V neckline. It would also require hemming for me, which is an easy alteration. I like the vertical stripe of the pants and the colors but the pleated front and the length would be a no. I like the color and neckline of the sweater but not the dropped shoulders or the overall ‘boxy’ look.

  18. The dress has an elegant look to it, but it is too long for me. The sweater is too slouchy for my taste as I prefer a more structured style. I do like the pin striped pants & would try them on to how they looked as I am sure they would be flattering to my figure.

  19. The dress is definitely not one that I would wear — as it is shown on the mannequin. I really think this dress could have been a winner had it been displayed differently. A statement necklace and gorgeous footwear (boots!!) would have gone a long way here.

    I do like the sweater and pants ensemble. I’d probably have to play around with bulky middle, but I think it would work. The color mix is one I favor!

    I have to say that lately I’ve been noticing that mannequins don’t have many accessories. I think they are really need with some of these looks — just my opinion of course!

  20. I would not wear the dress as the style and print do not appeal – the print seems drab to me and style seems severe and frumpy. I love the slim striped pants and sweater. I wear this look a lot. I love nice slacks and a great sweater. I like the subtle stripe and slim fit and think it looks rich. I like the classic sweater and color. I would pair with black croc mules or loafers. I think I would add a beautiful broach.

  21. With heavy heart & tear on my cheek, I’d shake my head, avert my eyes & walk past this display. DD rocked these two looks in the 1980s, tho ;-}.

    Many ladies have used the term dark & dreary. I thought a revamp of “Goth for the 21st Century”. Either outfit would suit jet or garnet accessories in vintage settings. Add in oxblood lips & nails, heavy kohl’d eyes, thick box-cut fringe. Possibly loop & button styled granny booties.

    I _do_ like the cut of the sweater with the unique neckline. In a winter white or icy pastel I’d consider it as a “car coat” length piece for errands. Paired with an eye-catching brooch at the shoulder & patterned sateen scarf peeking out of the collar. Maybe a beret shaped with a jaunty side set brim.

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