Would You Wear It Pop Up for Fall Clothing and Hostess Gift Ideas


Would You Wear It Pop Up on Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy December 2! Let’s go for a Would You Wear It Pop Up for fall clothing, and then below some hostess gift ideas! 

Yesterday was my 34th Wedding Anniversary…and Mr. B and I plan to celebrate in the future…but this year laid low.

Amazing how quickly 34 years fly by, but I am blessed to have such an amazing husband to be my partner through this life.

Would You Wear It at Nordstrom on Over 50 Feeling 40

Today, I have a family of three in a fashion display for you to look over.

These are the posts where you give your personal opinion of why or why not these looks or pieces would work or not work for you.

Please offer constructive criticism and be kind so that others who believe differently might now feel offended by what you describe.

Would You Wear It Animal Print on Over 50 Feeling 40

So, let’s get started…look the display over and tell us…………………………………………………..


Costco Gifts at Over 50 Feeling 40

On Thanksgiving, my son’s FIL showed up to dinner with this incredible poinsettia for me, the hostess!  It is always nice to honor the host/hostess of any gathering.

In hopes that some of you will be able to gather during this holiday season, here are some hostess gift suggestions!

Now, make sure you tell us if you would wear the clothing above…and also remember to consider shopping with my links below…savings continue…and


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Holiday Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

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Rack Room Shoes


Nordstrom Rack

Ross Simons Jewelry

Lands End

Kendra Scott Jewelry



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DSW Shoes

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J Crew Factory

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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. i would have matched the leopard print skirt with the leopard print blouse, then the black leather jacket, with some snazzy high heeled black boots.
    the pretty gold top with the jeans, with some party gold sandals.
    the black tank with the black pants, and either some bold jewelry or a fancy ruana..or heck why not both…!

  2. Happy Anniversary Pam and Mr B!
    I would wear knee high black boots with at least a 2”heel with the short pants because at 4’11” anything that makes me look taller is a good thing! Hurray for showing pants that aren’t skinnies or leggings! In my area, nobody over 30 wears anything super tight, even on the legs. Even with a tunic top. (The only exception is yoga pants .) Maybe it’s a geographic thing.!!So the black jeans are great. I’m not a fan of animal prints this large- and I’ve stopped wearing prints in favor of solids that help elongate me- at least visually! I’d wear a smaller leopard print as a scarf, a purse or shoes… but that’s it. The gold blouse is pretty- I’d pair it with winter white or camel for less contrast – again going for a column of color. The black jacket and tank top could be worn together, with jeans- black or blue., brightened up with jewelry or a scarf.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. We are also hoping to celebrate for this year and next, but since it is April, may have to wait a bit longer. We are still not able to have groups outside our household in the house, so either celebrate in a snow drift or not at all. Getting used to it. May have to buy my own hostess gift…. I do wish we could see the length of the pants, as I am liking the looser style but would like them to the heel.

  4. I like all these outfits, but reserving judgment on the seated mannequin’s pants, as I can’t tell their length. I particularly liked the jeans, as they have the looser silhouette that’s coming into style, without being sloppy. All look to be comfortable and classic. I like leopard in any natural animal color, and since it’s a fave of mine always, have a few pieces in my closet that I will wear even after its “moment” has passed. Snake has not caught on in Ohio, and I find it a little too trendy overall to invest much money in it.

  5. The snakeskin top in the middle caught my eye and it appears to be tied by the stylist; if it were allowed to hang freely and in a gray color, then I would wear it. I don’t/can’t wear leopard in such a big way. Prefer a smattering in shoes, a scarf or handbag.

  6. There are many things about the outfits I love…leopard print, wider leg jeans, nice necklines, sleeveless. But…that colour leopard isn’t good for me. The sleeveless black top I would try on, and the jeans if they were truly straight or bootcut.

    I wonder…could you mention what shops you snap the photos from. Then we can look them up if we see something we like. Being I am from 🇨🇦, mostly it is difficult to get stuff from 🇺🇸 without huge shipping, duties etc but some stores are in Canada. (Old navy franchise, Talbots, Nordstroms)

  7. I’m not in love with these particular outfits, so would take a pass. I DO however like the pale blue and green blouse just to the left, hanging on the rack. Which store was this? That blouse looks lovely and cheerful.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. B. We, too, are missing some big celebrations for now: my husband’s complete retirement (he retired three years ago but continued in a part time capacity after nearly a year off), and his 72nd birthday coming up on the 10th. Home cooking will have to do! Starting to dream of a trip to Mexico once everything gets back to normal next year!

  8. I would wear the top in the center but not tied at the waist. I would wear it loose as a tunic over slim pants as that would be more flattering. I wouldn’t wear the pants because they are too trendy for my taste. I would wear the jacket, tank & jeans. It is a fun but classic look. The tank & skirt are a no. I don’t wear tanks without a third piece & the leopard skirt is too much for me.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary. Happy family pictures and acrivities only come from loving relationships and you have shown us so many pictures to confirm this.
    On to the fashions, I have a leopard scarf and a leopard bracelet that I have had for years and that is enough for me. I am also not in need of anything basic black so I would pass on these pieces as I don’t see anything new, style wise, in this group.

  10. I love the jeans/leopard top/leather jacket on the left. I prefer my clothes to be trim fitting, & casual, but taken up a notch, and this look fits the bill.

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. B! That’s a wonderful milestone and a beautiful example! The years do fly by. You are blessed to be with someone you love and enjoy.
    As for the featured outfits, I’d pass because I’ve grown so tired of leopard and snake prints. I know I’m “odd man out” on that, but I think that leopard especially has been so overdone that I’m no longer seeing it as a classic. I know most women love it though. There’s a reason it has taken hold! If that middle top had been lace, as I thought at first it was, I’d be interested.

  12. Happy Anniversary to you! Aren’t we lucky that we’ve hit such strong supportive yet sensitive men in our lives? Yes!
    I would wear the jeans with kepard top and jacket as shown with booties I think. It’s pretty cold here again so booties seem like the shoe of the hour !
    I’d like the skirt paired with a light yet firm-fitting black sweater And higher boots. Tank tops won’t be worn here unless part if a layered look until next May ir June! Lol. It’s freezing outside.
    The middle outfit (forward) is questionable. It looks pretty much not for the weather we are having!

  13. Happy anniversary to you & Mr.B, Pamela. May the next 34 years be even better! As to the pop up: I’d pretty much be happy wearing any & all of it! I love the jeans & leopard top but would have to try the jacket on if it’s faux — I have a closet full of real leather jackets & would probably pair one of them with this outfit instead. Beige isn’t usually something I even look at twice but the snakeskin blouse is so pretty — love the neckline! — altho I’d swap those floppy-legged pants for slim fit ones & add a jacket. The black shell is a YES. The round neckline is all wrong but I’d wear a shirt or jacket over it with the collar turned up & some statement jewelry to disguise that. I’d even keep the skirt (which I rarely wear) because I know I could do something dramatic with it with the contents of my closet & very little effort. I love most animal prints because they can be used to elevate an ordinary [read: boring] look into something with zing.

  14. Happy Anniversary! I’m liking the fact that this display shows a variety of pieces that can be worn together in a variety of ways. This used to be a common design technique but has fallen out of favor over the last few years. It really helps me to see how pieces in a collection or complimentary collects can work together when I’m making a purchase.

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