Foxcroft celebrates fresh start in 2021 with non-iron white shirts

Pamela Lutrell in Foxcroft for 2021

I am so excited to join with Foxcroft to celebrate the fresh start and possibilities which lie ahead for us in 2021.

It is time to not allow the challenges of this past year to shut down the opportunities of a new one.

Foxcroft with Pamela Lutrell 2021

Foxcroft selected the perfect example for new opportunities…their collection of white, non-iron shirts.

Pamela Lutrell in Foxcroft white tunic

Just like a blank canvas, a white shirt represents a place where your creativity can soar.  There is so much we can do with a stark white top…a world of possibilities in styling and accessorizing awaits.  Plus, this classic look depicts strength for any woman.

I love this Cici Plus Pinpoint Non-Iron tunic for comfort, creativity, and ease.  It is 100% cotton; easy to wear right out of the closet;  and machine washable.

Pamela Lutrell with Foxcroft 2021

Make sure you have a go-to Foxcroft non-iron white top in your closet.  It is a perfect staple for any situation and a reminder of optimism for this new year.

Great news, for a limited time, you can get a 20% off code: PAMFOXFRESH

Just for being a reader of this blog!  Happy New Year from Foxcroft.

Check out all of Foxcroft non-iron tops….and always



By Pamela Lutrell 

Disclaimer:  I received product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. How’s the sizing??? I gained 30 pandemic pounds, nothing fits me and I can’t go out in public naked. As a former Catholic school student who wore a uniform, I have an affinity for white shirts. That tunic shirt is cute AF!!!

    1. Hi Catherine, I am right on the line between Misses and Plus with Foxcroft. Sometimes I need an 18, or a 16W or a 1X. This tunic is a 18. Sorry, I cannot give you one number, it just depends on the cut of the garment. This tunic also has pockets!

  2. I like the tunic length of this shirt. I have a collection of no-iron white shirts, but need to replace the longer one. I love the classic look of a white shirt, especially with jeans or chinos. I’ll have to check out the longer length. This is a great brand and always high quality!

    1. Remember the savings code at the bottom of the post! It is an excellent, trusted brand. Thanks Karen!

  3. Quite a selection of white no iron shirts to choose from. Did you see the Pam one? I do like the textured ones. Nothing like a white shirt to use a base to add to or go casual.

  4. My Foxcroft shirts are some of the finest tops I own. The buttonholes and seaming are almost always perfect, and they last a long time. If I gain a bit of weight, I open the shirt and wear a tank under; if I’m being more successful with weight control, I button. I too find the sizing a little inconsistent, but have learned to go down if the tunic is very A line. One gripe I have with all manufacturers is the “dead zone” of misses being too small, and plus being too big. This is one of my favorite looks on you. Very crisp, flattering, and the snakeskin adds some casual polish.

  5. Nothing smarter or more versatile than a white shirt! I especially like wearing them with blue jeans, a couple of buttons undone, collar popped, sleeves rolled to the elbow, no-nonsense silver hoop earrings & ballet flats. But they can be dressed up with the right jewelry, jacket, vest or a dressier pant or skirt. The one you’re wearing looks smashing on you, Pam. A clear bright white brightens almost everyone’s complexion, eyes & hair colour & for you lucky women who can wear a bright red lipstick, a white shirt is just the thing you need to set it off. I sometimes buy boy’s or men’s dress shirts to get the longer hem length (I don’t know why women’s shirts are always so skimpy!) but am going to have a look at these ones as they look to be a generous length. Thanks for the tip, Pam!

  6. I am having issues trying to sign up for your blog. Every time I put my info in it says error try again. I get to your site by way of Jennifer’s site. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Merrill,
      I am actually working with the email this morning and attempting to discover the problems. I apologize that you are having difficulties. I hope to figure this out soon. For now, please know that I post every day. So if you bookmark my page, and go to it every day you will find new information. Thank you for letting me know…I hope to get the email situation worked out soon. I am so glad to have you join us!

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