Shopping JJill hits and misses

JJill hits and misses on Over 50 Feeling 40

Join me today at JJill and see my hits and misses for this shopping trip.

For Christmas, my youngest son gave me a gift card, so with sales underway, last week was the perfect time to shop.

I headed over to The Shops at La Cantera, and went in with my style adjectives: Approachable, confident, current, creative, and respectable (my way of saying elegance).

The first look includes a Relaxed V-Neck Pullover I got on the sale rack for 50% off the clearance price…I thought starting off with a hit was a great way to go!!

What worked and didn't work shopping at JJill

JJill Plaid tunic is a miss for Over 50 Feeling 40

Both the plaid tunic and the Wearever Mixed Media Top were on a sale rack with 50% off the sale price that day.  I liked both tops……but, both were misses for me.  Why?

  1. The Wearever top is awesome, but I currently own two tops in that same color, so I could not justify bringing it home…though it met my style adjectives.
  2. The plaid tunic was fun, but too sloppy for me and I have no need in my wardrobe for a piece like this.

If you like one of the sale pieces I link to and your size is not online, then I recommend calling your nearest location to see if your size is on the racks.  I am sure they will ship it!

A hit at JJill for over 50 feeling 40

This Soft Tab Sleeve Pull Over Shirt is a definite hit!  As I wrote yesterday, I am looking most for tops I can wear all year long.  This one has the tabs to pull sleeves up and down and it is a light fabric.  I purchased it in both colors!

A shopping hit at JJill on Over 50 Feeling 40

Depends on how you look at this one…I loved it and it is a hit for my creative side.  But, I did not need another jacket like this one.  It is fun though and on sale.  Pure Jill Shibori-Print Velvet Jacket. 

A miss at JJill for Over 50 Feeling 40

The new Soft Safari Jacket was the reason I went into the store last week.  I say it online, in a catalog, and on a mannequin and thought…that is mine!

But, as you can see, it was a total miss for me and I tried two sizes.  It does nothing for my rounded figure in the middle but make it worse.

The neckline doesn’t work for me and the pockets on my head lights are just not good.  It is a cute jacket…just a miss on me.

I do like the new green they are featuring in this collection called Eucalyptus. 

Relaxed Knit Pants at JJill are a miss on Over 50 Feeling 40

Speaking of green, here are the Relaxed Knit Pants and the print is lovely.

I also tried two sizes of these, but they are too relaxed for me.  Fit was the reason they were a miss, but they are very comfy!

Tomorrow, I am going to style for you my favorite JJill pant and discuss how they have a new version of it about to hit the stores. 

JJill Textured Hooded Sweater is a hit on over 50 Feeling 40

I do not know why I suddenly like hoodies, but I do!  This is really new for me.  This is the Striped Hooded Tunic.  

I think a wardrobe goal for me next fall will be to get a hoodie for cooler weather.  I just would not wear it very long this year, but it is a great Gigi-piece for playing with my “Beast Squad of six!”  And…I might be watching sales for one!!

it is always difficult to walk away from garments I like on sale, but with a new semi-retired lifestyle, and new style adjectives, I was able to leave some cute pieces behind and purchase a few I am excited about.

This shopping trip happened with a wonderful gift card, but I am able to shop right now from selling most of my professional clothes on ebay!  That has been important for my wardrobe transition.


Restand Relaxation is a hit on over 50 feeling 40

I have a variety of fun topics for you this week.  I also have been “studying”….seriously, studying…about a cozy lifestyle and will speak more to that later. 

Remember to “choose” joy this week!  

Thank you for reading…supporting…and encouraging.  You are the best!


By Pamela Lutrell




    1. Thank you! I liked it a lot and even kept it on for awhile trying on other bottoms. But, I other items took a higher role with my gift card! I did like it.

    2. Hi Pamela,
      Would you be willing to share about the pants you are wearing during the try-on session? Always on the hunt for nice looking, well-made, non-skin-tight pants. Thank you!

  1. I love your theme of JOY and positive thinking-we all need it right now. I’d like to hear more about you selling your professional clothes on Ebay. Many of us are facing the same ‘retirement’ stage of life due to the pandemic and making clothing changes. Never thought about selling my work clothes on Ebay-please share your journey.

    1. Hi Loya,
      I have a friend who previously owned a consignment shop which had to shut down as a result of the pandemic. She has set up an online shop and I sell my clothing with her. It is called The Garment Exchange on Ebay. This helps both of us. But, she constantly reminds me that I can do it myslef and take all of the profit and that it is easy to do so. I like helping her and she does the heavy lifting, so it is worth it to me to work with her. But, you can watch videos or read on Ebay and learn to do it yourself. Quality, name brand clothing sells very well there.

  2. Last summer I bought an olive green linen safari style jacket from JJill and was so excited ‘cuz it was only $40! But………it has never fit the way I imagined it would and I’ve despaired of getting much wear out of it. I thought it would be the workhorse of my wardrobe, but sadly no…….thankfully it was inexpensive. Their closest store is over an hour away and it was too much effort to return via post. I can understand your disappointment in the jacket, but you were right to leave it in the fitting room.

    In your top picture I think tying that scarf just a couple of inches lower would be more flattering . It’s surprising, but most of us tend to tie our scarves too high and lose so much of their lovely drape and coloration, to say nothing of how much more flattering it can be for us.

    1. Thank you Carol…I tied it quickly for the picture, but will remember you comment when I wear the outfit this week!

  3. I’m glad when you explain why something works or doesn’t. I used to be an impulse shopper who first hit the sale racks. Now I shop with my adjectives and a list. I’m tempted by the new things, but have to be deliberate for the most part. I love the top with the scarf in the first picture, and also see why you chose the pieces you did. J Jill is one of my favorites for casual but stylish and comfortable clothing.

  4. How disappointing about the green jacket, but you did find some great pieces. That hoodie will make a great piece for cooler weather & playing with the grands. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on a cozy lifestyle.

  5. I do not live close to a JJill store so I’ve never been able to try on their clothes. I do have several long sweaters or so-called cardi that I have bought on sale , and have found them to be good purchases with my jeans which are my most worn type of pants. I enjoy seeing you try on clothes, and describing why or why not they are good for you. Since we continue to isolate, and go few places, I do not need to buy any more clothes. But the pull of 50% or more sale prices is difficult to resist. Maybe by summer we can be around people again, and I can take advantage of summer sales.

  6. ” . . . the pockets on my head lights . . . ”
    LOL! Oh, you made me laugh with this. You reminded me of a woman I used to work with who used this phrase; I haven’t spoken to her in way too long & I’m going to call her this evening! Thanks for the reminder & the laugh. [I always call those same “headlights” The Ladies or My Girls.]

    Re: hoodies. I wear them a lot simply because they work so well in my cold damp west-coast climate, where it rains all winter & is foggy & chilly all summer. They not only keep your neck warm, they’re great when you’re walking in the fog or drizzle when it’s not raining hard enough to warrant a rain coat or umbrella but you still want your head covered. Or when you have to dash across a parking lot to or from the car in a sudden rain squall. My husband wears them all the time too, often under a leather jacket on the bike. Because he’s a big, tall guy his hoodies are huge on me & I love wearing one of them in the evening over leggings or even my PJs when we’re watching TV 🙂

  7. I got so carried away with your headlights comment I forgot to say how flattering that tab-sleeved top you bought is on you. I bought two very similar ones this past spring, one in light denim, the other in white cotton, & I’ve gotten more wear out of them than just about any other tops in my closet. I don’t know if it’s the neckline or the hemline or what, but they’re comfortable & they look great & they work either alone or under a jacket. I think you’re going to be very happy with yours. I also think that green striped hoodie in the last photo is a winner — very flattering!

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