Would You Wear It for Spring

Would You Wear It for Spring

Yes…it is past time for a Would You Wear It for Spring?

Sorry to be a day past mid-week, but still wanted to bring you some additional mannequins for the week!

Retailers are beginning to style displays for that all important transition to spring time…though many of us will not actually wear the styles for awhile.

So, for today, forget that you are freezing and under a heavy throw… and let’s think spring!

Would You Wear It for Spring

Just look the display of three over, and let us know what you would or would not wear.

Please explain why in a constructive way as to help others…yes, the comments are read …and we learn from one another.

Avoid any labeling or description that might make another reader feel bad if they disagree with you.

Be a fashion teacher for the day!

Would You Wear It for Spring 2021

So, ladies, give the display your best discerning eye (forget it is winter outside) and tell us…………………………………………………………


Note:  These styles are from Kohl’s and oftentimes it is difficult to find the exact garments online.  However, here is your link for KOHLS APT. 9, the department where the display was located.


Chico's necklace for spring

Spring collections are showing fun pieces like this Convertible Faux Pearl necklace from Chico’s. 

Style it long or short….it is perfect for the month of love or to show love all year!

Isn’t it refreshing to think about wearing other things than a heavy robe and furry slippers.  Let us know what you think of today’s styles!  And tomorrow, I have a special post for petites (I know I am not petite, but I brought in reinforcements!)


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I would wear the striped v neck top + black sweater + jeans. I like this look. The dress colors don’t work for me, neither does the coral top. I would find a reason to wear the pearl necklace! Nice! Happy Thursday.

    1. Would be curious as to the quality of the jacket as do like its neutral color and overall design. (Have a pair of snakeskin loafers with similar color in them that I would pair with it for sure.)) As to the grey bottoms since in the market for such it would be dependent upon their fit and a more than likely yes to the dark wash skinny jeans. As to all the other pieces a no for numerous reasons. i.e.: Prefer full length sleeved sweaters as always can push up and my dresses more tailored/simplistic in cut plus avoid such necklines in blouses. Last but not least, If the striped top is a t-shirt a possible yes to it, as have similar in my wardrobe already, -Brenda-

  2. If I wore dresses,this one is pretty. But I rarely do, so it’s a pass. I do like the grey pants with striped tee shirt, but the color of the jacket throws me a bit…what is the true color? It appears to be a caramel color? I haven’t decided if id wear ut with grey, but perhaps. I like it (it’s style) and might wear this jacket with my dark wash jeans, or another trouser.
    The jeans on rightare fine and I own a similar blouse. That would be a yes.

    1. In general, I like the looks of the outfits from the standpoint of pieces, but I don’t love the actual pieces in these photos. I like the style of the dress, but the print would be too overwhelming on my 5’2″ frame. I do have lots of similar dresses in smaller prints and often pair them with a black cardigan. I often wear jeans with a beautiful blouse as a combo, but the blouse pictured does nothing for me. I usually like to pair dark skinny jeans with a beautiful print silk blouse and a gorgeous necklace. The gray pants-striped top-leather jacket combo is kind of blah to me. I have all the pieces in my wardrobe, but I think I would pair with a scarf or try to accessorize in some way to make it a little less boring and more intentional. While all the shoes are season appropriate, they seem to drag down each outfit a bit. I would look at different shoe options – sneakers, loafers, slingbacks – to hint at the coming season. I used to love to shop at Kohl’s but have not shopped there in years. When I go in, the offerings all look a bit sad and tired and I have found the stores a bit of a mess.

    2. “Nothing says spring like a leather jacket”, said no one ever; so I’ll pass on the first look. I’m liking the second look for all those spring events like bridal showers, piano recitals, awards luncheons,, etc., but I’d lighten the footwear. A nice flat, espadrille or strappy something would be a better option for spring. I’d prefer a pink or yellow cardigan for spring; but most of us have a black cardigan already, so I’m OK with it. The necklace seems like an afterthought; so I’d leave it off & go with earrings & a couple bangles. The third look for spring gets my vote, but the black suede booties have to go. A ballet flat, moccasin,, athletic shoe or sandal (weather permitting) is a better choice for spring.

  3. i like the dress in the middle, for someone younger and more slender than myself, i would have worn it in my younger days…i like the sweater picking up the color of the print, but the print i would like to change, for no other reason than it just doesnt appeal to me..the shoes on that mannequin i think should be strappier, not just low pumps.
    the mannequins on either side, i do not care for ankle gap between booties and short pants, if the pants were longer i would like them…the blouse on one side looks orange to me, and while i like the style, not so much the color…the faux leather on the other side looks a little “too” faux, thats the nicest thing i can think of to say.

  4. I like all of these outfits, especially the pants/jacket/striped shirt on the left.

    The dress is very feminine but I agree with Sheryl about the shoes. I think the dress would look much better with strappy sandals. The shoes on the mannequin look a bit clunky.

    My only other thought is that while I do like all three outfits, I don’t necessarily care for them paired together. To me, the pink flowers in the dress clash with the orange top and caramel/rust color of the jacket.

    That necklace is very pretty and I’ve had my eye on it for some time. I might wait for it to go down in price.

  5. I read your blog every day and I wanted to thank you for yesterday’s post. I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hips and back, so I found the post very informative. I have bookmarked the references you provided so I can expand on my research on the subject. Thank you again!

    1. You are so welcome, Glenda! I am glad it encouraged you…do not let working with weights scare you. Even if you purchase some 2 lb weights and work with them..then work you way up, it will help. I started with little eight years ago and gradually worked up to where I am now. I work out with a 10 lb ball; 20 pound kettle bells; and just five pound hand held weights. I could go higher if it had not been for an injury to my shoulder. But remember EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

  6. I like all the outfits pictured. They look fresh and wearable, with many styling options with other things in my closet. I’m not sure what the faux leather quality on the jacket would be, so I would want to see it in person, but the color is very interesting and sophisticated. It could be paired with navy or brown as easily as gray or black. The open necklines would flatter many figures.

    1. I would wear the items on the left and the right with a few changes. I would switch out the stripe tee for just a plan white or ecru top. I would then add a colorful scarf. To the blouse on the right I would add that fabulous Chico pearl necklace! Not a fan of the dress for me. I prefer a sheath silhouette.

  7. I would wear the dress and can hardly wait to get back into more dresses. I find for me, the look on the left is a bit too androgenous and the blouse on the right is way off my colours of choice. Oh how I wish the necklace was in a silver tone. That I would snap up in a heartbeat. I am dreaming of a few warmer days to come, right now it is -15C in the sunshine and a dress is just not on my radar for going for groceries.

  8. Nice display! I love the blouse at right and would definitely be drawn to it as that’s a favorite wardrobe color for me. I also like the dress a lot, but would prefer it with another five or six inches of length. I enjoy striped tees and blouses, so Yes to the top at left, but No to the pants (seem a little shiny for my taste) and jacket. I prefer either a cardigan or a fairly structured blazer.

  9. It was fun to see the three outfits. Made me think of spring. I would not wear the dress since I gave up dresses upon retirement. But the other two outfits would be a yes .

  10. I would wear the gray pants on the left, but I don’t care for the color of the jacket. I appears to be an odd shade of rose to me. The top under the jacket is ok but not something that appeals to me. While the dress is pretty & feminine, I don’t like the tie at the waist. I would wear the peach blouse & jeans on the right. I like the color & style of the blouse.

  11. Oh spring as my day started with 10 degrees outside. I would wear all three outfits. I’m not normally someone that wears a dress in a flora. I like the size and colors. I love the jacket and striped shirt as well as the coral blouse. I’d wear different shoes with all three outfits. I’m not sure about the necklace so I’d wan to see it worn by others.

  12. I would not any of these outfits. To me they seem uninspired and unfashionable. I don’t really find most of the clothes at Kohl’s appealing.

  13. I would wear the dress if it comes in petite but would shorten it to above the knee. I would pair it with a heeled black sandal. The black sweater and pumps make it look like office to me and luckily not having an office I need to go to I would pair it with a bright pink sweater to wear to a summer shower or wedding. The pearl necklace would be too heavy for me but I have a flat pearl and diamond necklace I would wear with the outfit.

  14. I would wear the outfit on the left as long as the jacket fit my long torso properly. I have a little black jacket like the one on the middle mannequin. I wear with many different pieces in my closet, but I wouldn’t wear that dress. I don’t care for the floral pattern or the tie waist and that much white wouldn’t look good on me. I would wear the outfit on the right if it wasn’t for the pocket placement on the blouse.

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