Would You Wear It for Spring

Yes…it is past time for a Would You Wear It for Spring?

Sorry to be a day past mid-week, but still wanted to bring you some additional mannequins for the week!

Retailers are beginning to style displays for that all important transition to spring time…though many of us will not actually wear the styles for awhile.

So, for today, forget that you are freezing and under a heavy throw… and let’s think spring!

Would You Wear It for Spring

Just look the display of three over, and let us know what you would or would not wear.

Please explain why in a constructive way as to help others…yes, the comments are read …and we learn from one another.

Avoid any labeling or description that might make another reader feel bad if they disagree with you.

Be a fashion teacher for the day!

Would You Wear It for Spring 2021

So, ladies, give the display your best discerning eye (forget it is winter outside) and tell us…………………………………………………………


Note:  These styles are from Kohl’s and oftentimes it is difficult to find the exact garments online.  However, here is your link for KOHLS APT. 9, the department where the display was located.


Chico's necklace for spring

Spring collections are showing fun pieces like this Convertible Faux Pearl necklace from Chico’s. 

Style it long or short….it is perfect for the month of love or to show love all year!

Isn’t it refreshing to think about wearing other things than a heavy robe and furry slippers.  Let us know what you think of today’s styles!  And tomorrow, I have a special post for petites (I know I am not petite, but I brought in reinforcements!)


By Pamela Lutrell


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