Would You Wear It – Matching Pieces

Would You Wear It - Matching Pieces

Happy Wednesday, Welcome to Would You Wear It – Matching Pieces!

Today is a would-you-wear-it-midweek-pop-up and I am still showing different spring trends.

Would You Wear It Matching Pieces

You may have already noticed the trend to wear Matching Pieces in one outfit…I know some of you call it “matchy-matchy!”

On this day, you look over my fashion display and tell us if you would or would not wear the look and explain why.

The comments are read and we learn from one another when you give a full explanation.  I know readers have either stepped out of their comfort zones, or avoided looks because of the comments on these posts.

Would You Wear It Matching Pieces

Of course, you can always offer your thoughts to restyle the look so that you would wear it or even to improve the display.

So, look this spring trend over to wear matching pieces and tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………




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Now, please tell us if you would or would not wear today’s display look! And always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. We’ll, this is a “no” for me! It reminds me of pajamas to be honest. I don’t like the cap sleeve over the long sleeves either. It’s just too fussy for my taste. The colors are pretty, but I would not wear this.

  2. I agree with Karen. Perhaps the top.but would have to remove those cap sleeve flaps. More trouble than its worth so why buy it. But the colors are pretty!

  3. I agree with Karen – the “outfit” looks too youthful, I would not wear either piece and certainly not together! I just purchased the Eileen Fisher khaki jacket and matching lantern pants and I do plan on wearing them both together and as separates. The jacket has a standup collar and can be worn with a thin turtleneck, tee shirt or even a tank top. The pants are cut so they are roomy, but not voluminous and can be worn with just about any top. I think of this like wearing a dress – top and bottom match!

  4. i have been known to matchy-match…but this one is a no for me…maybe for around the house, but not out and about…in the one picture, i do see a hoodie in the same print, that would be a yes.

  5. I agree with Karen. I thought it was pajamas when I first looked. That being said I do love the colors for spring.
    In the links below it looks like there might be a shirt without the poof on the sleeve, I would wear that by itself with a solid color comfy cropped pant for spring.

  6. A big no for me. I do not like tie dye, even if it does look like pjs to me still a no to try on. I am a little thrown offf with the necklace, perhaps a more casual look with less sparkle. If this was in a solid or more subltle blend with the pants loose at the bottom, it would look like a cute jumpsuit.

  7. I agree with the others that this is too youthful and would not look good on my middle aged body!
    Now, I like monochromatic dressing, but I’m thinking matchy matchy is different.
    Love thinking about Spring!! Thanks for the uplift!

  8. I love this French terry outfit for hanging out in casual comfort. The spring tie dye colors make me happy, and the ruffle on the sleeve updates this perfectly for 2021. I would style it with a pair of platform white sneakers and if it was cold out, I’d add my white puffer vest. I would not dress this up with pumps and a flashy necklace but realize that younger ladies could pull it off. I am ready for fresh and fun looks after the long winter in northern MN.

  9. Like the Spring colors and tie dye pattern top would be a fun piece to wear for a casual look, but wouldn’t wear this style top with the shoulder pieces, and never the pants. I could see it looking adorable on a young, petite person.

  10. I like INC and I like the joggers. I would wear those with something else non matching at home only. I would not wear the top with anything. The ruffles on the shoulders are strange and rhinestones are not helping.

  11. I’d give it a pass for several reasons: I just don’t care for a jogger pant/gathered ankle–never have, never will. Tie dye isn’t a fave, (always looks like an ‘accident’ to me), but if it were shibori I might take a second look. And the sleeves……….just like others have mentioned the ruffles at the shoulder. They add nothing positive to the statement. It’s definitely a comfort look and with the platform sneakers that someone mentioned would look better.

    Bottom line: it won’t come live in my closet.

  12. I love the colors, but not the outfit. It looks a lot like the pajamas my 8 year old granddaughter wore last night. This would not flatter my figure, and I try to only choose clothes that make me look better.

  13. I’m afraid that this is one of those trends that will never appeal to me (along with distressed jeans and cold-shoulder tops). I’ve not been able to embrace lounge wear into my everyday wardrobe.

    As with others, this looks like pajamas to me. I’m sure it’s comfy, though!

  14. Too youthful, too pale and just not me! Even the young women in my family and.those I’m acquainted with would never wear this…of that I’m certain. Maybe to sleep in? No. Nit even that…..
    I see these pieces on the back wall in your photo, but I wonder who will buy and wear?

  15. Too youthful, too pale and just not me! Even the young women in my family and.thosep I’m acquainted with would never wear this…of that I’m certain. Maybe to sleep in? No. Nit even that…..
    I see these pieces on the back wall in your photo, but I wonder who will buy and wear?

  16. This is a no for me. I am not a fan of joggers especially as dress up wear with heels. The extra flaps on the shoulders of the top look odd to me, & yes, as noted, it does look like pajamas.

  17. This whole look gets a hard pass from me. I know it sounds weird coming from a woman who more or less lives in jeans & tees, but I find this look too casual for street-wear with its drawstring pants & cuffed pants. They’re more like gym-wear to my eye, although I prefer something with a lot more give (leggings & stretchy tops) for working out & yoga. More practically, pastels don’t work on me at all & I wore all the tie-dye I ever intend to wear 40 years ago when I was making it myself 🙂

    Interestingly, I do like matching jacket & pant (or casual skirt) “sets” in solid colour denim, cotton or twill. Last year I bought a pair of wheat coloured twill jeans & a matching jacket & wore them non-stop with either a plain white tee or leopard print shirt & brown leather boots. I swear I got more compliments on them than I have for anything I’ve worn in years!

  18. Though I do find the colors refreshing, a no for myself. With that said; if the top was ‘ombre ‘ dyed (shaded in one color) I might consider it however it would have to be wash ‘n wear as ironing the area of the shoulders could be a nightmare …😵. Re the bottoms, I would be more apt to pair them with a solid color T. As to wearing matchy-matchy itself I do feel such has it merits; not to mention it is a good way to expand one’s wardrobe. i.e.:. A skirt and top can give the illusion of a dress, a top and pants that of a jumpsuit.

  19. Funny this post appears today. I saw several similar separates in gorgeous spring colors at TJ Maxx. I bought 2 tops that would work with my solid knit pants. The matching jogger pants were tempting but I felt they were too youthful for me. Diplomatic way to mix the pants for my age. Just too pajama-y.

  20. haha! I agee about the cold shoulders and distressed jeans. No thanks and I’ve been waiting for the animal prints to fade away.

  21. Hi Cathy, I live in San Antonio Texas and we have been without power and water that long. I am working right now on my first blog post since Monday. We have had no power or WIFI on a regular basis until today. The state of Texas has been in a dire situation all week. Thanks for checking, but it is because I could not blog.

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