Would You Wear It – Comfy Casual

Would You Wear It - Comfy Casual

Happy Saturday!  Today is Would You Wear It – Comfy Casual?

It’s the day my friend Jennifer and I bring before you fashion displays which have made us wonder what you would think of the styles.

These are days are always great learning experiences for all of us.

Would You Wear It - comfy casual

Please look these over with your constructive, personal shopping eye.

Then tell us if you would or would not wear them and explain personally exactly why.

Please don’t “attack” the clothing…just tell us why or why not it does or does not work for you.

Would You Wear It Comfy casual

So, look over my group of three…you may comment on one or all…and tell us, ladies……………………………………


I found today’s fashion display at Dillard’s and here are more….


Would You Wear It - Comfy Casual

Today, I am creating an inspirational slideshow for reader Michele.  She described her five adjectives this way:

  1. Current (modern but age appropriate yet not frumpy)
  1. Confident (feeling great, no second guessing)
  1. Planned(“Hitting the Mark”but appearing effortless) 
  1. Classic (tailored but comfortable)
  1. Quality(good materials/precise stitches)

Here is a slideshow for Michele and women like her with garments I believe speak all five adjectives:

Now make sure you visit A Well Styled Life to see Jennifer’s display….tell us below what you think….watch for the May newsletter in your email later today…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. I’m assuming these are lounge clothes and never intended to go in public. While I am not personally drawn to any of these items, I do appreciate and have some beautiful things I wear when I am home in the evening relaxing. I remember one snowy Saturday recently when I knew I’d be home all day, dressed in my pretty loungewear and spent the day reading. It was bliss because it happens so rarely! With qualifications, I say yes to loungewear. I like the red lounge outfit for summer in a different, softer color or pattern. The red, for me, doesn’t promote relaxation!

  2. This clothing looks like comfy pj’s to me and nothing I need or would wear outside. See you next week.

  3. Not really my style. Although I have my own way of wearing leggings at home and out in public. None of these pajamas speak to me.

  4. Well done! You hit the nail on the head.
    That slideshow captures all the 5 elements!!

  5. oooh, that emerald jean jacket in the slide show! i had to click on that. im going to keep my eye on that one..love it.
    the display, not so much for me, too loose…certainly not out in public, it would make me look huge…does look comfortable though. around the house for me is mostly yoga capris and costco type pullovers or hubbys t shirt discards (because he is super picky with his T’s
    the neck, the fit have to be “just so”, lol)

  6. These outfits aren’t my style and I wouldn’t wear them as comfort clothes. They all have too much fabric for me with the tops and/or dress. I may wear the black and white top if there was a little less fabric. When it gets hot, leggings are too warm. I generally wear loose fitting pants or dresses/skirts.

  7. I’d wear the outfit on the far left. It has that volume on top/lean on the bottom proportions that work. It also looks like 2 separate pieces you put together, not like a matched pajama set.

    The other 2 outfits unfortunately look like PJs. I’m not sure how you’d accessorize them to get rid of that look, but if I were to wear them outside the home they’d need accessorizing.

  8. The flowy dress over leggings has become a comfy favorite. The look allows me to be comfortable at home as well as a quick trip to the market. It’s versatile and still on trend.

  9. I would definitely wear the dress with the leggings. Depending on the length, I might skip the leggings and wear the dress on its own, with black or red sandels.. I would wear the red top but not the pants – while the two pieces would be chic on someone else, except I would look like I was wearing pyjamas. I wouldn’t wear the black and white top and pants – the shape of both pieces is too boxy for me.

  10. I would certainly wear the red set (and go out with it very happily!), with some accessories (a muted gold or bronze necklace, and sandals, for instance) to create some vertical or V-lines and a bit of height. The other two are not for me. I do not wear leggings and the top on the left has not the right shape for me, as it seems cut at what will be the largest part of my torso. The set on the right is also a no, as prints on pants are generally not for me, and I do not like how the fabric floats in this one.

  11. Yes to the tunic and leggings on the left; that would work well for a comfy casual morning or evening for me (I rarely have a whole day in that mode). The red outfit in the center doesn’t appeal to me for loungewear (primarily the color but also the neckline, and loose fit). I wouldn’t be tempted to try the outfit on the right either. I’m not a fan of an asymmetrical hem for myself although I think they look cute when others wear them. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be that slouchy or Miss Mannequin needs to try a smaller size.

  12. I love these pieces, all except the white print..that print would wash me out. I’ve thought recently I need to be more intentional about clothes for lounging at home, instead of just putting on sweats. These would be a beautiful start. I’ve started sleeping in men’s pajama pants ( the only way I can get pants long enough) and a tee shirt. That way I can take my time in the mornings and still be able to answer the door without appearing in my nightgown and robe. These items would up my game.

  13. For my slender body type; perhaps the dress but otherwise all pieces are too voluminous in cut and I would totally feel lost in them plus they do not suit my lifestyle. -Brenda-

  14. The only one of the three that caught my attention in a good way is the outfit on the left. I would wear shorter leggings just below the knee and add some fun jewellery and sandals. I am hoping that the shoulders are just wide on the display, as I like the seams to actually be at my shoulders. That tropical jacket in the slide show is gorgeous.

  15. I would not wear any of today’s looks. I prefer clothing that is more fitted. I can’t visualize how to make the individual pieces work for me, either. I lounge in jeans and perhaps a loose sweater. I have a couple of pair of leggings with loose tops for exercise.

  16. Pam I agree with many of the posts. The clothes are too baggy and loose and seem to be ok for resort type wear/home. The white print dress is the exception but a bit to big too. May work for some. I am slim and on the short side so cute but not for me.

  17. I wouldn’t wear any of these. They are just not my style. I am a dress for the day kind of person & don’t have specific clothes for lounging.

  18. Yes!!!…To the red!. It’s so cute and I like it because it’s red #1 and 2, because it’s a matching ensemble, so it won’t look chopped up. Yes, to the top and black leggings. That’s the kind of look I like to wear when being casual. I love leggings; they are so comfortable.
    No to the 3rd outfit. Seems to baggy and I’d feel very sloppy in it!

  19. The center outfit (red pjs) are cute and comfy looking and I definitely would wear them around the home, if it were a stay at home day. No visitors…..
    I like them!
    The loungewear top and leggings on left is another staying in outfit that I could see myself in….if no one was visiting.
    The outfit on right, however, does not appeal to me, even if no one would see me in them…..
    I really am thinking about the red set……hmmmmm

  20. I have to say that the clothes on the mannequins are not outfits that I would wear. Since I still work and go into the office most days, these outfits are a bit too casual.

    I might consider the middle one in a different color for those days when I am home. It does look really comfy!!

    So many of the tops and jackets in the slideshow for Michele are appealing to me! Great selections for her!

  21. Love the paprika red, but not the outfit itself. Nothing here fits my taste in terms of shape, colour or style. I don’t really have much in the way of “lounge-wear” except soft leggings & long tops or jeans & big sweatshirts or sweaters. I also have a couple of ankle-length cotton “hippie” dresses & caftans I waft around in, especially for BBQs or outside entertaining in summer (I presume we’ll be able to do that again sometime). They’re great for curling up to watch TV or to dress up with flirty sandals & some jewelry for socializing.

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