Would You Wear It – Skirts & Dresses

Would You Wear It - Skirts & Dresses

It is time once again for Would You Wear It – skirts & dresses!

This is the day my friend, Jennifer, and I bring you fashion displays from our different cities…just to see what you think of the clothing.

Would You Wear It

We ask that you look over the display and tell us personally if you would or would not wear what you see.

Please be constructive and helpful to others with your comments…the comments are read on this day!

This display at Nordstrom caught my eye and I decided it was a good one to solicit your thoughts on the styles.

Would You wear it

So please look over this family of three, and tell us…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



Would You Wear It

I have been having so much fun shopping with friends lately.  My friend, Karen, has a new stripped pair of capris pants from Marshall’s that she needed a top to complement.

Would you Wear It

After she tried on many different tops, we both liked best this Michael Kors Solid Lux Matte Jersey Tulip Sleeve…even better it’s on sale and if anyone is interested, it also comes in plus size.

Would You Wear It

Though she wasn’t really looking for it, Karen fell hard for this Calvin Klein Twill Tencel Roll-tab sleeve zipper pocket open front cinched waist jacket!  

She was so pleased to add it to her wardrobe. 

Would You Wear It

Finally, I wanted to share with you Leigh Ann’s style from last week when we went out and about….I do not know any of her brands…I only know she looked great and this would be a perfect inspiration look!

Now, remember to also go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her display.  Leave your comments about mine here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Oh no pleats! The blue skirt is a great color but the pleats no. The fullness of that kind of skirts looks awful on me. I’ll take the wicker bag, belt, striped tee and the blue sweater tied over the striped tee. I don’t wear peach and a striped top with a pleated 3 color skirt? That outfit was thrown together fast.
    Let’s talk about the outfit on Leigh Ann. I would happily wear the entire outfit — the bermuda shorts, the blouse, the small clutch and the shoes. That is my style. So cute. What brand please?

  2. Love Leigh- Anne’s Bermuda shorts and shirt/ very cute and is similar to how I dress 80 percent of the time in summer. I might add a sleeveless blouse or tee shirt when the humidity soars. Also like Karen’s striped crops! Must check out Marshall’s again!
    On the store display I like the center rear top and the tee shirt but the skirt with it is not really my style – maybe if I were taller? I would try on the tangerine dress but since I rarely wear dresses anymore it would have to be flattering and comfy! I realize dresses are “in” but I just don’t wear them much.

  3. The dress has possibilities. I’d have to try it on to know for sure, as I usually like sleeves just a tad longer. There is a nice softness to the draping.
    The other two are not my cup of tea.

  4. You have cute friends!
    I want that tan sweater in the picture. That’s just my style.
    The pleated skirts – no. Not only the pleats, which are too fussy for me, but also the fabric.
    But the sweater – yes.

  5. Neither looks good on my shape (i.e. hips.) When these styles were popular years ago, I tried them, but never felt they flattered a curvy figure. I thought they looked good on models, alone.

  6. Love the peach colors. They are so summery. But I don’t wear dresses or skirts. No reason just mire comfortable in pants. My daughter on the other hand would wear the peach stripe skirt and sweater but the top with really doesn’t look right. A softer more feminine top in a sold color would look better.

  7. My mannequin is also wearing broomstick pleats this morning. I was always a fan but the design is looking dated to me now. I guess they’re coming back!

  8. Hi Pam,

    I am wondering what brand the tangerine dress is? Did you happen to see that?

  9. The skirt is not my style. But I would like those coffees at the beginning of your post! Thanks for bringing your friends today. Have a good weekend.

  10. The only thing I’d consider in the display would be the stripped T. I would wear it with the blue skirt as the soft pleats are attractive. Alas at 5 ft. pleated skirts, especially in soft materials, are impossible to hem. I like the detail on the sleeves of the top Karen is wearing. It would be a very versatile piece to own. Like others Leigh Ann’s total outfit is something I would wear in a minute.

  11. I love the pleated skirt outfit and the orange dress and purse. The fabric of the orange dress looks thin and cool and would be perfect for hot summer days.

  12. At first glance, I was like no way. Then I took a look at how I might have styled the first two. For the tri colored skirt, I would change out to a black tee, sleeveless or three quarter. I would put the striped tee with the blue skirt. Looking again at the coral dress, I would try it on as I do not have anything like it and I do like the color. If it looked okay, I would then add a simple necklace and sandals.

  13. For starters; the dress is a definite ‘no’ for myself as do not have the bust to fill it and there is far too much fabric in the skirt for my body type, however I do like its colour and the woven tote bag shown with it. Whereas the skirt/sweater and T ensemble is definitely not how I would style the pieces and as for the skirt itself; I do not wear knife-pleats and feel the arrangement of its colors draw the eye too much to the waist ‘n hip area so I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. (I’m slender but am also hippy and my waist is not as defined as it use to be.) Lastly, do like the broomstick skirt in the background and would certainly be willing to try it on but would choose a different top altogether (something not as textured and perhaps in a similar tone) regardless I like the woven details and sand color of the sweater tank. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Loving Leigh Ann’s shirt blouse and Karen’s cinched waist jacket. The latter when browsing I probably wouldn’t give a 2nd look at, but looks amazing on her.

  14. I really like Karen’s striped pants. I’d love a pair like that, and would wear them with a white tee more than anything, but pale yellow and peach as well. Very cute! Also like Leigh Ann’s look – but she always looks so put together. 😉 As to the display, I cannot wear broomstick pleats or even looser pleats so both skirts are a hard No. I am very drawn to the sleeveless sweater and could find plenty of uses for it. Have a great Saturday!

  15. The blue skirt in the center and the dress on the right (and the bag) would work for me. The 3 tiered skirt gets a firm no. Two thumbs up for Karen and Leigh Ann’s outfits!

  16. Leigh Anns looks are great. I really like the shorts outfit but all are nice.
    The skirts are something I would wear and the orange dress is” definity “will wear.
    The mixed pattern on the top w/shirt is not what I would wear together. I never could be comfortable with the mixed pattern dressing I guess that’s my age showing! So many summery looks I love.

  17. There is nothing about this display that would make me stop to look. The broomstick pleats & the length on the skirts are just wrong for me. The dress is ok, depending on the actual color, but I’m not sure I would like the fabric. I would wear Leigh Anne’s look in a heartbeat. Very simple & classic!

  18. The middle outfit is a definite yes. Love the sleeveless sweater and I like how it is paired with the skirt and belt. The belt definitely makes the outfit … it gives the sweater some definition without being too tight or making the top look too bulky! A+++ outfit for me!!

    I don’t care for the other two outfits, although if the dress were in navy or black I’d wear it … probably add a belt for interest.

    Karen’s jacket is just wonderful!! I could imagine it worn in many different ways. She has the perfect shape for capris, too!

    Leigh Ann looks so comfortable and stylish in her outfit!

    It’s so fun to see your friends and get more styling ideas, Pam!

  19. Leigh Ann looks terrific! I love the coral dress. With an hour glass silhouette, I look better with a defined waist so this dress appeals to me. I’d add a turquoise statement necklace or earrings and some nice nude color sandals and enjoy a patio supper.

  20. It’s a definite no to the pleats on my hips, and I do not like black with pastels (the black sweater at least balances the block of black in the skirt but I still feel that black is unnecessarily harsh on a sunny day). I like some aspects of the tangerine dress (the waist, sleeves and bust) but the high neckline combined with the low hemline and full skirt, and (on me) wishy washy colour, would make me feel just like Sandy before the makeover in the movie Grease. I am in my 50s but I do like to feel just a tad sexy. I wore a dress in the 80s just like this one and when I see photos of myself in it now, I only wish I could take my former 20 something self shopping for dresses with at least a little more pizazz.

  21. Your friends dress beautifully. I love Karen’s striped crops paired with the red blouse and blue open front jacket. Leigh Ann’s outfit is lovely. Both outfits would find a home in my closet. I am a fan of the navy, gray, chambray, cream and red combos.

    I would not wear the mannequin outfits. The outfits don’t fit with my style adjectives. The pleats of the skirt don’t seem well matched against the gray striped tee shirt. The thin pleats are vertical, the color blocking is very wide, horizontal, and in bold colors. It seems very busy and my eyes don’t have a place to settle and admire the person wearing the outfit. The dress style isn’t my style, neither is the color. Orange doesn’t do a thing for my rosy complexion.

    The items I do like on the mannequin are the gray tee with the navy cardigan draped over the shoulders. I would add navy trousers or the hidden light blue skirt instead of the bold pleated skirt as a possible outfit. I like the the brown sweater, however, being sleeveless would eliminate it from going home with me.

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