Would You Wear It – Spring Chic

Would You Wear It - Spring Chic

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Spring Chic!

Today is the day my blogging friend, Jennifer and I post fashion displays we have found around our cities which make us wonder what you would think of the clothing.

Then we ask that you explain why you would or would not wear what you see.

Would You Wear It - Spring Chic

This Vince Camuto display recently captured my attention at Nordstrom.  I believe many are calling the color Sea Glass Green or something similar.

Please make sure your comments are constructive and helpful to other readers who may be looking to wear one of these…what considerations would you need to make?

As always, let’s keep these post kind and helpful.  

I realize I have three mannequins, but you may comment or not comment on any of the garments in the display.

Would You Wear It - Spring Chic

So, tell us ladies……………………………………………………………..



Would You Wear It - Spring Chic

Today, I have put together an inspiration slideshow for a woman after my own heart…with her love for creative, joyful style.

Diane lives in Palm Springs.  She is 5’1″ and is turning 70 very soon…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANE!!

Diane wants to tell the world with her clothing choices that she is current, comfortable, creative, joyful and colorful (though she prefers cool colors).  

I am confident that all of these selections go to a PETITE link…I know all brands here have petite sizing.  So, Diane, here are some selections in TWO slideshows for you and for women like you.

Let me know if I gave you some ideas!  Now, make sure you go by Jennifer’s A Well Styled Life to comment on her selection, come back tomorrow for some Mother’s Day fun, and always………………………


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. None of these outfits would flatter me. This is a color that washes me out for starters. The high neckline and clingy-looking fabric of the longer dress would not do me any favors. The wrap-style dress looks like it wrinkles easily, and it appears shapeless. Just somehow off, to my eye. Wide crops are not for me. I have the issue that I need petites in cropped pants, but the petite rise doesn’t work. Hemming the regular ones throws the line off, so it’s much easier to walk on by! The tank is okay, but I wouldn’t bother with it. This is a display that just doesn’t inspire me to stop and consider any of it. Happy Saturday Pam!

  2. i do like the sea glass color…but these styles arent for me….the shorter dress has a couple of wardrobe malfunctions just waiting for me to be out in public, both the skirt and the top part. the longer dress, even if i lost 40 pounds, i would still need some top of the line foundation garments to even try it….if i were styling that dress, perhaps a scarf wrap would work nicer than the blouse they chose. . . the outfit in back, the top i would wear around the house, but given the designer im sure its too expensive for that. the pants, i just dont do crops…i have a message for the mannequin company though…..geez, did you give up or maybe this is a cost effective way of going around diversity….no fingers, no eyes…im not sure why they even bother with anything past the sewing type of dress form.

  3. I love wrap dresses but this one is too short and the color is drab. I prefer a wrap dress in a cute print. I need to see the sleeve on the maxi. Sleeveless? OK. I would wear this is a brighter blue or navy with a jean jacket — not the tied blouse. I don’t like the back outfit at all. That blouse is too blah for a long black skirt.
    I would walk past this display. It is not interesting to me.

  4. Shades of sea grass green and blue are my absolute favorite colors! I’m happy to see they’re popular. I wouldn’t wear either of the dresses. The knit dress is too clingy and would show all the parts of me I don’t want to show. I like the look of the tied shirt with it so I’ll keep that in mind to change out my summer look. The wrap dress seems to have too much fabric. I’d need to wear a tank under the dress. I do like the look of the top with the wide leg pants. There are many ways I could wear the outfit itself or the pants. Wide leg pants have a feminine flare.

  5. Well, not sure if I woud spend much time checking this display out. The back outfit is not something I would wear do to the pants length and style. I would love to be able to wear the dress on the left again, but alas my figure no longer looks good with a clingy style like that unless it was oversized, with a scoop neck and longish necklaces. The dress on the right would need to be about 8 or 10 inches longer and have a light gauzy scarf in a bright mix of colours to fill in the neckline a bit. Add some fun big earrings and fun nude sandals and it could work for me. A belt in a similar colour over the wrap tie would give me a bit more confidence to avoid the above mentioned wardrobe malfunction. With the added length, it could be a go to item.

  6. As much as I love that Seaglass color being shown in the two dresses here I don’t think either are just right for me. If I were still working the shorter dress might fit and I like the length but I’m not, and really don’t wear many dresses anymore. The longer dress looks like a knit and too clingy for me. The rear outfit appears to be a tank top in a cool white with abstract line and wide leg pant? Now that I could wear with a strappy sandal . I really do love the sea glass color and adore many of the tops you feature for Diane! Thank you!

  7. A no to the wrap dress since it is a style I’ve never been attracted to and question the depth of its v-neck however I do like its colour. As to the outfit on the right; a yes to the blouse as own similar but am past the age of knotting them in the front. Re the dress it is shown with; a possible yes to it even though I’d prefer it with a different neckline plus it would depend upon its fit/fabric. That said; would probably wear as belted and if wishing an overlay would just add a long sleeved pullover top to give the illusion it was a two piece outfit. Due to its simplicity in cut, accessories worn (belt/shoes/handbag/jewelry) would dictate its look. Last but not least, a yes to the center outfit as do wear tank tops as well as wide leg pants though might top it off with a long sleeved shrug depending upon the environment being worn in. Footwear would be a strappy sandal of sorts (in black) whereas I might choose a ‘ contrast colored’ handbag or just a chunky (i.e. resin) bracelet to add a pop of color.
    Wishing you A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, Pamela -Brenda-

  8. I love the sea glass shades here! They’re so soothing. I’d try wearing the dress on the left with a shirt as shown, but would choose a sheer voile or batiste in ivory…if I could find one. The other looks don’t appeal to me.

  9. I do like this sea colour, even it is not easily flattering. The shorter dress is too short for me, thus I would pass this one. The black set, yes, but I would hesitate to buy a top without (some) sleeves. I would need to use a third part, perhaps a light wrap or kimono – but to keep the simplicity of the set (which appeals to me), it should be white or/and black, too, not an obvious thing to find. The longer dress and blouse are fine, although I have some doubts about the neckline – it would really depend on the fabric and the fit, but I like at least the idea of it ! I often wear simple dresses with some light jacket/blouse/kimono. Have a nice week-end, Pam.

  10. I like the sea glass colour but I don’t have many occasions to wear dresses these days. I would definitely wear the middle outfit – perfect for going out to dinner. I love the simplicity of black and white and both the top and culottes could be worn separately – always a bonus in my books. I would wear the outfit with black sandals and bold silver jewelry. The top would also look great with skinny black plants or white plants.

  11. I love the sea glass colors and would be drawn to take a closer look at the long dress. This is very much my style in summer or on vacation. Yes, it looks like a potentially clingy fabric, but I find if I buy a size or two larger then I get that casual, away from the body flow that makes for a really versatile piece: wear it out to breakfast with swimsuit underneath so we can snag loungers by the pool afterwards, add long necklace and fun bracelets to wear out to dinner, etc. I also like the abstract tank, but would prefer a bit more fabric in the straps. I would feel too exposed as is, though it seems nice as an intimate piece.

  12. While I love this color, it does nothing for me in clothing. I have a few jewelry pieces in sea glass. Neither dress appeals as they seem fussy and uncomfortable and would be unflattering for me. I do like the black pants with the white and black print top. I would wear this with a camel cardigan or a colored cardigan.

  13. Today’s choices are a hard one for me. The sea glass color does not work for me, but I do have a necklace in that shade that I love! Having said that, A… loose tank dress can be versatile. I have one from Chico’s from last year that I really like. It is black and I accessorize the dickens out of it. Hand knit shawls, silk scarves, sandals, booties, boots etc. I see now that I could tie a blouse over it. I have a couple that would work really nicely. Wrap dresses do not work for me, but my friend looks great in them. The one pictured needs something..big necklace. The outfit in the middle I would wear. it is a basic that always works. I would probably add something in red to it.

  14. I am drawn to the sea glass color but not to this display. None of the items are my style. The dress in front is too long & clingy for my frame, & I find the shirt paired with it an odd choice. The wrap dress would not flatter my busty figure. I don’t wear tanks without a covering piece, & the black wide leg crops don’t flatter me.

  15. Looking at the first picture, taken from farther away, I liked the right side and the middle outfit and not the left side. Upon closer scrutiny, I’m not so sure. The dress on the right is a pretty color, but the neckline is too plunging as is, but I WOULD wear this with a camisole or lace panel bra with it. It does look like it would wrinkle easily, so depending on the price, which I assume is “up there,” I probably wouldn’t wear it or buy it. I like the middle outfit. Yes, I would wear it and jazz it up with a colorful necklace or go all neutral with a pretty wooden bead necklace in neutrals. It looks summery, swingy, cool and casual and I love to dress that way. I would probably wear some sort of wrap, kimono or jacket with it since I rarely go sleeveless.
    The left outfit is a big NO. I don’t like the length or the high neck. I don’t care for the wrap over it either. Doesn’t do anything for the already not so hot dress!

  16. This display would definitely catch my eye because of the colors. I adore sea glass and it is a color I wear well.

    The long dress on the left is a no. When I was younger and thinner, I wore dresses like this all the time, but alas I don’t think I could carry it off now. I do like the wrap dress, but I’d have to wear a pretty camisole or tank as the neckline is too low. I’d add a necklace, too, as I think it needs some accessorizing.

    I really like the outfit in the middle. The top looks cool and would be a style I’d find flattering. I’m not a big fan of cropped pants, but I think the way these drape make them attractive. I’d wear this outfit with black strappy sandals.

  17. I like sea glass as a color, but not a color for me. Pastels in general, and light, dusty tones in particular, completely wash me out, as I’m something called a Blue Autumn in my coloring. The outfit in the middle is a possibility. I’m finding if the cropped pants are not stiff, I look ok in them, which surprises me. Vince Camuto is a brand that I often finds fits well and is good quality, though some of their silhouettes and colors are very trendy.

  18. There is nothing on those mannequins that I would wear. I don’t care for THE color. Maybe in jewelery but not on clothing. Too drab for me.

  19. Alas, none of these would catch my eye except the cami in the middle, which I’d buy in a minute & wear under an open black silk or linen shirt with white or black pants — not crops or anything wide-legged, though. The two dresses — well, they’re dresses, which I don’t wear, & I don’t like the colour & it doesn’t like me. I do think the wrap dress is cute & very wearable for the right person, but I have NEVER found one that didn’t gape across the bust & if I pin it closed, it pulls unattractively. Other women seem to wear them beautifully so I’m presuming it’s me & not them 🙂 And now I’m off to catch up on a bunch of posts I’ve missed this week!

  20. Pam thank you so much for all your great ideas today!! You gave me lots of options and ideas…Happy Mother’s Day!

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