Style Refresh 2021 from the beginning

It’s time!  Time for me to fill you in on my Style Refresh 2021: From the beginning!

There are some new readers, so please allow me time for a brief background recap of where I find myself today.

I began this blog almost eleven years ago because I went through a major style reinvention at age 50. At that time, I finally began to place ME on my priority list!

The first half of the blog’s life, I was a high school journalism educator, with long dark hair, and a very creative look….lots of accessories and color.

In the second half of this blog’s life, I became a member of corporate America…cut my hair and began to dress with a more youthful, contemporary style as a professional communicator in a younger world.

At the beginning of the second half, I was told by a professional color expert that I was a WINTER and should only wear winter colors

I rejoiced!  I loved wearing black and it fit into my new professional world…so I embraced black and wore it often.

Style Refresh 2021: from the beginning

Then…along comes the pandemic.  I was included in a layoff of several hundred people at the college where I worked.

I decided at that time to stay home to work indefinitely and throw all I have into professional blogging….at age 67!

But the more I looked at my wardrobe and at my current style…the more it did not seem like me.

I tweaked and tweaked my style adjectives which have served me so well…but I could not find that combination I believed was who I wanted to be in my new phase of life.

Honestly, with more time at home, I kept looking in the mirror and thinking that I looked tired and much older (yes, I know I am older, but I mean MUCH older) …but wasn’t sure what was going on.

I needed new direction…where would it come from?


Style Refresh 2021 From the beginning

Susan Blakey was a blogger (une femme d’un certain age) I was drawn to immediately at the time I began to blog.

She was creative…loved Paris….had great style…and loved to wear black as I did.

However one day…….

Style Refresh 2021 from the beginning

Susan announced she had met with color experts in London and was completely changing her style.  Black was out and vibrant color in!


Style Refresh: from the beginning

Susan went from dark and classic to fun and funky!  

Full disclosure:  I was one of the ones in the beginning who questioned WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?

It was such a drastic change for her…I did not know if it was the right call…and several readers let her know they didn’t either.

But she had discovered an “it-factor” which was greater than what anyone else thought and she was confident it was the right call.

Style Refresh: from the beginning

So, after spending more time with her images during the pandemic, I noticed she was much more joyful…wore a consistent large smile…enjoying life more.

Her complexion was brighter and she was vibrant.  She also stayed true to the new Susan and did not go backwards at all.

After owning her new style and colors, Susan joyfully tells everyone…This has been life changing!

Style Refresh from the beginning

One of the women who initially worked with Susan in London was Annie Castano.  Susan recently hosted an Instagram interview with Annie.

This interview captured my attention like nothing has in a long time, and led me to do research on the power of color In fashion.  

The next step in my style refresh would include Annie Castano.  I hope you will return tomorrow to meet her.

What I want to encourage all of you to do as you walk through this with me, is be teachable, have an open mind, and see what might be here for you to learn. 

There are going to be times we question foundational rules of the fashion industry….but let’s take the ride together and see what lies ahead.  Hope to see you back tomorrow….


By Pamela Lutrell



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