Would You Wear It – Off the Shoulder

Would You Wear It - Off the Shoulder

It’s Wednesday and time for the mid-week pop up for Would You Wear It – Off the Shoulder style!!

Yesterday, we discussed how great some dresses are for summer, so let’s go a step further to see what you think.

Would you wear it - off the shoulder

This Tracey Reese dress at Anthropologie is also available in dress for children as pictured in their display.  It also comes in petite and plus sizes.

So tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………..



Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

Anthropologie has many dresses for all ages this summer….I picked out a few for the slideshow today!


Would You Wear It

Summer heat can often zap our energy!  So, you might want to read this article from Verywell with information about what foods to eat to before exercise.

This is just a little way to tell you that tomorrow’s post is about Today’s News for Women Over 50!

Please comment on the Would You Wear It display…and make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good morning,
    The dresses are so colorful. I don’t think I would wear the off the shoulder dress but I would want to wear it. I tend to feel self-conscious with the one shoulder look. I feel “exposed” or maybe it’s an unconscious belief that it’s age “inappropriate.” That message is strong and I’m working to break down that myth. Many of the dresses this year have quite a bit of fabric. I’m concerned this will be less than flattering on my 5’1” body. Maybe I’ll step out of my comfort zone and try on some different styles to see what I think.

    Have a fabulous day everyone!

  2. I like the off the shoulder dress but seriously doubt that I would buy it as it has no sleeves. I like the blue plaid although it look like such a big sack with no shape. However, there are several in the slideshow which have sleeves and are long but loose and tiered that I would definitely consider buying. I’ve been thinking about getting such a dress, long with tiers and sleeves, for several years, and might just do that this year.

  3. Yes and yes to the first two amazing dresses for beachfront resort wear ( no to the blue and white checks as they’re too large for my taste).
    I have two off shoulder tops from the past two years and get lots of compliments….they are pretty. And as someone once reminded us…the shoulders don’t really age! Not sure if this was spoken in jest, but my shoulders are pretty much as they once were. Or do I need new glasses?
    I love certain pieces from Anthropologie.

  4. These dresses aren’t for me. I was in Anthropologie a few days ago and came out with things for the house, but just wasn’t feeling it with the clothes, and that’s unusual for me. These are bold dresses as I’m seeing them, and while they are good for a one-and-done type of dressing, I prefer dresses that work with other things in my closet and aren’t so memorable. I do enjoy seeing all the bright colors!

  5. Unfortunately the dresses in the displays today are not for me. I need to be able to wear a supportive bra and off the shoulder has never been something I wear, even when young. The idea of matching a dress to a young person does not appeal to me either at this age. I do like a few of the dresses that are shown in the slide show, and after a couple disappointing on line orders, I think I will wait to try on in stores when they are back open. Good to see that cheerful colours are out there for summer this year.

  6. I love the off shoulder dress. especially the cool, light color for our hot summers. I agree it wouldn’t be worn often as it definitely stands out. What a statement dress this would be! Fun for a wedding, shower or if possible, an evening out. Just a strapless bra and good to go!

  7. So pleasant as colorful! There was a time I would have worn the off-the shoulder style and would have felt quite comfortable doing so but currently I wouldn’t due to my age. (Also; IMHO shoulders will age particularly if one hasn’t monitored their posture or like myself plagued with back issues as one has the tendency to unintentional hunch them due to discomfort.) As to the buffalo check dress regardless blue is my favourite color, it wouldn’t suit my body type as much too fabric. I could see all them be worn with various styles of footwear and a piece or two of acrylic jewelry. (In other words, not necessarily high end.) Do like a few in the slide show and would be game to at least try them on. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Recently ordered a button-front shirt dress. It is similar to the slide-show striped pattern one, which I plan to pair with leggings, capris or shorts either buttoned down to the waist line or entirely open as a 3rd piece (overlay). What appealed to me about it is, the numerous colors to work with.

  8. These are such bright and cheery dresses!! The off-the-shoulder one would be so perfect for a summer party and would certainly make a fun statement!!!

    Alas, these dresses are much too bright for me but I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would look fabulous in them.

    I’d love to wear an off-the-shoulder dress in the style shown … just need to find one in a more neutral color.

  9. These dresses are so happy! I love the colors and patterns. I would probably not wear off the shoulder dresses. I just don’t like them on me; being older and modest. Same with off the shoulder tops. Although cute, not for me. As far as the dresses shown, I do like the pattern and colors of the off the shoulder one best. The blue and white is not my style and the striped one is a little much for me. A little too bold I guess, but again, I do like them all.

  10. AlI I could think of was what were these designers, buyers thinking? Lovely colors,fabrics,etc,suitability questionable. On me, at my age, I would be laughed out of the room. Perhaps on someone much much younger. But I can’t imagine even my 10yr. old granddaughter wearing any of those dresses. A perfect example of trying to pull one off on the unsuspecting public! A pretty white peasant blouse with a full skirt maybe off the shoulder is ok. but please Pam-would you wear it! Sorry but you hit all my buttons on this one! The ones in the slide show are much more appropriate for me and my taste!

  11. Sunburn? No thanks. There’s too much square footage to cover in sunblock.

    The others are too big and bold for my complexion and bone structure.

  12. I really like the first dress in the slideshow but almost fell over when I saw the price. Do people really pay over $200.00 for a simple sun dress? Then I read the reviews and was even more in shock. As we are expecting unseasonably high temperatures next week my sun dresses will be coming out of the closet for the first time this year.

    1. There’s hope Linda! I tried on one today that is $39!! I will get it on the blog next week!

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