Linen Dresses for an easy, cool summer

Linen Dresses for an easy, cool summer

Happy Tuesday, June 1!  Summer is full on and today I want to discuss linen dresses for an easy, cool summer.

I made a promise to myself last summer to purchase linen dresses that were easy to slip on and make running errands in the summer heat cooler.

Linen Dresses for an easy, cool summer

My first purchase is the Linen Pleat-back Shirtdress from JJILL. 

It is super easy…cool…and has already served me well for errand running.

You can tell it is hot here…my hair bears the evidence of the high humidity!

And, we have just begun to fight…we will have the heat until October…any of these dresses I add will be worn often.

Here are more selections if you are searching for easy & cool:



Linen Dresses for an easy cool summer

Another easy selection for me were these New Balance Fuelcore Nergize Training Shoe from DSW.

My feet have always loved the New Balance brand and I know I will get a lot of mileage from these.

My handbag is from a consignment shop, so I am unable to link to it.  But here are some other straw/leather handbags:


Linen Dresses for an easy cool summer

About a month ago, I introduced you to Cellar Door Plants, a company where you can order plants to be delivered to your door.

Linen Dresses for an easy cool summer

I am happy to report back that my plants are thriving and I am so pleased with the beauty and quality,

I highly recommend KEEP SMILING!!

By Pamela Lutrell



  1. What a cool comfy look Pam! You look so stylish, happy and healthy! Very polished! I do love the look of a neat summer dress with white summer sneakers! Add the straw bag, and you’ve got a great look going on!

  2. You look great in that dress Pam! It looks very cool and breezy, perfect for warm days. How fortunate you were to find that tote at a consignment shop, it’s a beauty! I like wearing dresses in the summer for their coolness and ease of getting dressed on warm days. I picked up some linen items this past weekend and look forward to wearing them this summer. I like the natural look of your hair. I’m trying to embrace my waves this summer, which means just finger-styling after washing. It’s a nice break from all the styling tools! It’s kind of fun to keep things simple for a season.

  3. I am enjoy the ease of this hair style more and more every day, Karen. I never thought I would make this change but so glad that I have!

  4. This dress looks great on you Pam! I’m usually not one for plaids, but the subtle blue colors look so cool and comfortable, I’m thinking of checking it out for myself. I lived in Florida for a long time so I’m not a stranger to hi heat and humidity, but we do get our sticky days here in NJ as well. Thank you, love checking in w your blog.

  5. Oh Pam I too love your hair…a bit tousled which I think is quite the style to embrace in summer. On you it is very attractive!
    Love your dress for the ease of slipping on to run out in very humid weather. (Who needs zippers, elastic waists or regular waistbands ? )
    The slideshow dresses are really cute too. I love the dress with vertical stripes and the two shown in off greens (muted greens).

  6. Love this dress. I find so many dresses are so short. I read where someone said to order the tall size in JJill so it would be longer.

  7. That dress is a nice cool refreshing look for going anywhere. I do like a dress for just tossing on to go and not think about tucking or not etc. What a great find with that purse, can hardly wait to get back to checking out the thrift stores. I like the leaves on your plant, and it is really healthy, good choice. Is the pot your own or do they come in those pretty pots? I am off to throw on a dress just for the fun of it.

  8. Love the linen dress and the way you styled it with white sneakers. You look polished and put together yet comfy. I will have to try white sneakers

  9. I wish I had seen your sneakers before recently buying a different brand. We have been ordering New Balance for years because they are still made in the United States. I may just have to order another pair. And I usually no longer wear dresses because of my spotted, “veiny” legs, but I’m also getting old enough (74) to no longer care that much. Your dress from JJill and several of the others are very attractive so I might break down and expose my ugly legs for the sake of coolness.

  10. And I love to have you check in, Gloria! I have been in NJ on a business trip when there was high humdity! I know you have it…and these little dresses are a great way to endure.

  11. Thanks, Paulette. I think there are more fun styles and colors in dresses this year!

  12. Enjoy your dress today, Diane! That is my pot. They send in a standard plastic pot and when you receive it, the plant is well watered!

  13. Celia,
    My legs are a veiny mess! In fact my granddaughter often points out the imperfections…but when it comes to cooling down in our heat, I do not care what they look like. I want to try to look my best yet stay as cool as possible. Expose your legs! and have fun with it!

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