Grandmothers are worth gold

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, I would like to discuss why I believe grandmothers are worth gold.

That is why I am wearing gold…more about the outfit later!!


Grandmothers are worth gold

I have been looking closely at my role as “Gigi” lately.

There is so much happening in the world (as promised, I won’t go there) however I believe the state of world gives even more weight to our roles as grandparents…no matter the ages of our grandchildren.

My role is to offer much needed lessons and history from the past…history that some are attempting to wipe away. (Sorry, too close?) and make sure they learn from our wisdom.

Wisdom often gained through trials and tribulations.

Grandmothers are worth gold


My role is to help them soar.   With the rise of technology comes too many influences which can rob their joy and confidence with the blink of an eye.

I want to be a listening ear…someone who can help them be grounded in strong faith and sound thinking.  I want them to be able to come to me for anything.


Grandmothers are worth gold

These precious six individuals have been entrusted to me as a grandmother….three of them are blessed to have another wonderful grandmother…but the other three have me.

When I look at my three adult children, I often think…where did the time go?  How did we get here so quickly?  It is hard for me to believe that the oldest of the six is already 8!

Grandmothers are worth gold


The reason I am pondering all of this is to say with time passing quickly, and with the world in flux, I want them to know I am committed to them!

I am committed to watching Silly Songs with Larry at my desk!

Grandmothers are worth gold

I am committed to painting rocks…and playing dolls…and going to the zoo….watching super heroes…and being available when needed.

Since I left the professional office work world, I have been presented with a few opportunities that are amazing and would be fun…however, would be huge time commitments.

After spending time recently with the “sensational six” all together, I have decided to turn down the opportunities (though it is hard) and remain committed to my family and this blog.

I do not want to return to situations where I have to say no because of prior commitments.

Gigi needs to be available….because grandmothers are worth gold.


Grandmothers are worth gold

When Annie Castano told me that Vibrant Autumns don’t wear white, she recommended cream, off white, ecru, and gold to replace my white tops.

I had wondered why the white tops never looked good on me…I had so many in search of the right one!

This little gold summer top is from Kohl’s…so here is a slideshow of tops from Kohl’s.

I also LOVE my gold sneakers by Sofft and am looking for more gold shoes…thus, a slideshow of gold footwear!


Grandmothers are worth gold

Here is our color inspiration from nature today…can’t you see an outfit with all of these colors within it…soft, subtle, gorgeous!

Has anyone else been pondering your role as a grandmother in today’s world?  Please share your thoughts if you have…..and make sure to encourage all grandchildren to Choose Joy and


By Pamela Lutrell

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