Grandmothers are worth gold

Grandmothers are worth gold

Happy Monday, ladies!  Today, I would like to discuss why I believe grandmothers are worth gold.

That is why I am wearing gold…more about the outfit later!!


Grandmothers are worth gold

I have been looking closely at my role as “Gigi” lately.

There is so much happening in the world (as promised, I won’t go there) however I believe the state of world gives even more weight to our roles as grandparents…no matter the ages of our grandchildren.

My role is to offer much needed lessons and history from the past…history that some are attempting to wipe away. (Sorry, too close?) and make sure they learn from our wisdom.

Wisdom often gained through trials and tribulations.

Grandmothers are worth gold


My role is to help them soar.   With the rise of technology comes too many influences which can rob their joy and confidence with the blink of an eye.

I want to be a listening ear…someone who can help them be grounded in strong faith and sound thinking.  I want them to be able to come to me for anything.


Grandmothers are worth gold

These precious six individuals have been entrusted to me as a grandmother….three of them are blessed to have another wonderful grandmother…but the other three have me.

When I look at my three adult children, I often think…where did the time go?  How did we get here so quickly?  It is hard for me to believe that the oldest of the six is already 8!

Grandmothers are worth gold


The reason I am pondering all of this is to say with time passing quickly, and with the world in flux, I want them to know I am committed to them!

I am committed to watching Silly Songs with Larry at my desk!

Grandmothers are worth gold

I am committed to painting rocks…and playing dolls…and going to the zoo….watching super heroes…and being available when needed.

Since I left the professional office work world, I have been presented with a few opportunities that are amazing and would be fun…however, would be huge time commitments.

After spending time recently with the “sensational six” all together, I have decided to turn down the opportunities (though it is hard) and remain committed to my family and this blog.

I do not want to return to situations where I have to say no because of prior commitments.

Gigi needs to be available….because grandmothers are worth gold.


Grandmothers are worth gold

When Annie Castano told me that Vibrant Autumns don’t wear white, she recommended cream, off white, ecru, and gold to replace my white tops.

I had wondered why the white tops never looked good on me…I had so many in search of the right one!

This little gold summer top is from Kohl’s…so here is a slideshow of tops from Kohl’s.

I also LOVE my gold sneakers by Sofft and am looking for more gold shoes…thus, a slideshow of gold footwear!


Grandmothers are worth gold

Here is our color inspiration from nature today…can’t you see an outfit with all of these colors within it…soft, subtle, gorgeous!

Has anyone else been pondering your role as a grandmother in today’s world?  Please share your thoughts if you have…..and make sure to encourage all grandchildren to Choose Joy and


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Oh yes, right there with you on this one. My three young men are 22, 18 and 16. Time certainly does fly. I have been very much involved with these guys since birth, even though one is in North Carolina and two are in New York. It takes a commitment, which is easy because of love. I adore these guys and prayer for them is part of each day. My middle grandson is leaving for college tomorrow and I will kind of leave it there, but I’m very, very concerned about the things he will be told. He has a very solid foundation, and we have had good discussions, yet as his grandmother I’m concerned and will be praying. Like you, I take this role seriously. I played hard when they were little, and have had great conversations as they grew. I made the effort to travel for sports (which I loved!!) and am grateful I have one still in high school sports so more to come. I think we have a tremendous role in their lives. I thank God that He gave me these young men to love and have the privilege to pray for. Building that relationship from the start and making the effort to stay involved and interested in what they’re doing is so important. I had one set of very harsh, hands off grandparents that I don’t even like to think about, and the maternal grandparents were not harsh, but on the fringes of our lives and I decided early on that I’d be different from all of them. I’m thankful for the lives and the love of my guys. I do like your gold Pam! It ties in here, but also looks good on you!! Grandmother’s ARE worth gold! What a privilege we have!

  2. Just chiming in to share that, as a Deep Autumn, I have had great luck with the colours in FitFlop’s collections – I have a pair of metallic tasselled slip-ons & gold leaf pool slides from them. They also do boots in a great chocolate brown colour.

    In fact, all the FitFlop styles have lots of comfy padding ‘to boot’! (See what I did there? 😉 Haha)

  3. My 4 grandchildren are so precious to me – they are my gold !
    Pam, You look beautiful in that first frame in your gold-tone tunic. Modern and very very flattering! Love it.

      1. No not much! We were so lucky! There were a couple of hours of torrential rain and winds took several big branches of our maple trees, but it could have been much worse.
        We never lost power though other areas of our tiny state did so. For some, it hasn’t been restored even now.
        Feeling grateful! Thank you….

  4. We have 7 grandchildren left, one deceased (now that is something you never get over) and they are now scattered at various universities and jobs and two left in highschool. With all these months of not being able to travel to see them it is all the more important to stay in touch with technology. I can easily recall how much my heart grew with the birth of the first, and each one after. I had one grandmother who was almost cold to us children, and the other that was a warm hug wrapped in a dress. I wanted to visit her all the time. You are so right, grandmas are worth gold and it is heartwarming to hear you speak of them and how you are giving up an opportunity for yourself to be there while they are still young. As for the shoes, fantastic, but I will be looking into the option of pewter for myself. I absolutely adore you in the gold top, such a great find.

    1. I don’t think anyone would get over it, Diane. So sorry your family had to go through it. I rejoice with you for ones you have.

  5. As I am not now, or ever will be 😞 a grandmother, and as I am mot any sort of autumn, your posts lately aren’t connecting with me.
    I loved your series on elegance. I sat up straighter, was kinder and more thoughtful to those around me, listened more and talked less . You did that. Wish there was more that I could connect to.

    1. Hi Susan, I will address elegance again soon. The posts on my color change are really for everyone! To inspire us all to look and be our very best no matter our style. I know they are resonating with many women who are not autumns. I am one of the very few bloggers who bring you content every day. I hope amidst that you will find some joy and inspiration which will bless you. Thank you for sharing.

      1. I loved your post on grandmothers. I am privileged to be one.
        I know that the gold accessories went with the theme, but being an autumn , deep and muted, I love bronze! That is the metallic that I am drawn to. Don’t overlook it! Can’t wait to read about elegance!

    2. I agree with Susan R. I feel like your posts are only about your fashion journey (which I enjoy hearing about) but I would like to see more posts include other styles and colors in clothing.

      1. Hi Deb, I have been showing other clothing and styles throughout. For example, I had a slideshow of black styles on Saturday and I do not wear black. Yesterday, the slide shows contained lots of colors I do not wear. I encourage you to use what I have learned on my journey to chart your own. I am bringing options. Have you not seen those?

  6. You are a great story teller. I’m not an Autumn but I relate to your enthusiasm in your style/ color refresh. I am a grandmother and totally relate to your feelings about that role and the love we are privileged to share with our grandchildren. And I absolutely love your new look. Keep up what you’re doing! You make an impact more than you know!

  7. I am not a grandmother yet, and I fill these gap years with my super precious piano students ages 5 to 10. Unlike my former students in classroom days, piano kids remain in your life for many years, sometimes all their school years. I form a special relationship with each child and with the families. While not the same as blood ties, it is nonetheless fulfilling and ends up being about so much more than just piano. Being entrusted to foster a love of music, to nurture new skills and help encourage self expression and confidence . . . well, I feel incredibly blessed. 💗🎶

    1. That is how I was with the students I taught before my little ones came on the scene. You are making such a difference in their lives…and even more, giving them a love of music. Thanks for sharing Connie!

  8. Yes absolutely Grandmothers are worth gold! I have 10 grandchildren ranging in age from 28 to 8 years old and three great-grandchildren 6, 4, and 2 (the two year old I have never seen in person yet) Being the Grandmother is better than being the mother almost.
    I love your gold outfit Pam. I love your attitude and this blog! It proves Grandmothers are glamorous and relevant in today’s modern world. You look beautiful! Happy Monday!

    1. Thank you Beth…I want to set a great example for them with love and life! And, wow…you have a full quiver!!

  9. Hi Pam,

    You are just amazing, and you really have your head screwed on right about your priorities in your life. It’s wonderful that you are spending such quality time with your six grandchildren. They are so fortunate and blessed to have you in their lives.

    On a side note you look amazing with your new hair style and just your over-all look is so refreshing on you.

  10. Pamela, grammas fix everything! I lost my younger sister to ovarian cancer in 2019. She has 3 precious grandbabies that I make time for – not to replace her by any means – but to allow them to feel her love real-time. There is no replacement for the precious relationship a grandmother can have with her grandchildren. Bless you & your readers who make time for our next generation.

  11. As a Glammie of 7 ranging 4 to 13, I have really been put to work these past years. I watched different “batches” of grandkids during COVID so their parents could go to work while we home schooled (a nurse in one family a respitory therapist in the other). This month, I kept 2 at our house for 10 days while the others quarantined at home from exposure at school. A pandemic made many grandparents invaluable–a blessing in disguise as we all are able to connect in ways we had no time to do before. I’m not considered old, out of touch, or out of shape. Our 5 yr old grandson asked why I didn’t look old like the Barenstein bear grandma! Hey, we are indeed golden–all bright and shiney, not dull or frumpy at all!

  12. I am not a grandma nor will I ever be. BUT, I am an AUNT & a GREAT AUNT! I relate to what you are saying. My “three greats” are important to me – exceedingly so in our topsy-turvy world. I too keep a schedule where I can participate in their lives. Showing up for the small moments in their lives adds a depth not obtainable when you show up for just the big moments.

  13. Oh yes! That color inspiration reminds me of an outfit I had years ago. It was a pair of periwinkle pants paired with a soft peach, knit, short sleeved sweater. I would wear it with a clear peach colored necklace and earrings…can you tell I love it?! It was from 30 years ago, but I still remember it.
    I love your gold and I agree with “grandmother’s are like gold.” While I don’t have any grandchildren yet, my mother has been like gold to my kids. She was committed to them as you are committed to your adorable 6. She was always there for them and they adore her. I enjoyed the same relationship with my mother’s mother. It truly is golden to have that circle of love surrounding you. Enjoy every minute. It means so much to the kids…forever!

  14. Hello Pamela,
    I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said regarding grandmothers. I have eight grandchildren ages 5 to 15, and they are all such blessings to me. The pics you posted of yours are adorable! I meant to say something yesterday about your three jackets from Talbots. They are all fabulous choices; I have all three but in my winter color palette, except the sand castle. I know they will be the workhorses of my wardrobe this fall. I love your posts because I’m your height and nearly your same size, so I kind of get an idea how things will look on me! I was glad to hear your discussion with Susan B, last week about whether or not changing hair color means our color palette must change. I have always been a clear winter (dark, dark brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin). My hairdresser persuaded me to go blonde instead of gray, and it works! I thought I would have to change out my wardrobe, but after listening to you and Susan, I know I’m still good to go as a winter! Thank you for all the great info on a daily basis!

    1. Thank you for sharing all of this, Linda. Your comment gives me great encouragement that readers can take the content and make it their own! Blessings!

  15. Even though I am not a grandmother yet, you have perfectly described the relationship with your children and grandchildren that I aspire too. Family is everything! I think you made a wonderful choice to make “Gigi’s” time with her grandchildren a priority. I have been enjoying the pictures of your grandchildren, and nature, and animals/birds etc. along with your style. I agree with so many on here that the gold top becomes you. You look radiant! I look forward to your blog everyday.

    1. Thank you so much Deanna… I really appreciate you reading, commenting and giving me encouragement!

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