Would You Wear It – Caramel in Summer

Would You Wear It - Caramel in Summer

Happy Thursday!! Time for the mid-week Would You Wear It pop up!

On this day, I ask that you look the display over and tell us if you would or would not wear the garments.

Would You Wear It - Caramel in Summer

Please offer constructive thought on why these would or would not work for you….and tell us….


This display is from Ann Taylor.  They currently have quite a few items…including petite items on sale.  Here are some highlights….(remember the end of season sales are a great place to find Christmas gifts too!)


Would You Wear It - Caramel in Sumer

I am certain there will be some who look at this image and do not see the beauty here.  

This was the tree I was pictured in front of on Monday.  It is a crepe myrtle and is obviously shedding.

But, I love all of the shades of brown in this image and how beautiful they look together.

I also love the idea of shedding the old and wearing the new!! Has so many applications!

Please share with us about the Would You Wear It display. (remember the comments are read)…thank you for being here…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Caramel looks nice with white. I wear it with dark navy jeans because it matches the jean stitching. The dress shown is really cute but I would need a jean jacket to cover the sleeveless part. Happy Thursday.

  2. i do like the color, i would associate it more with fall though….the dress and the pants wouldnt flatter me, but i would love the color and material in a blouse or tank…i would look closer at the blazer, i do like those, depending on the cut, and the length.

  3. I like very much the display and would wear the caramel top and the white jacket, with another pair of pants (unfortunately paper-bag pants are not good for a person with a short, but rather prominent, bust like me!). As for the dress, I do not go sleeveless and again, for the same reasons as above, I am not sure that the position of the waist will be flattering on me. But a caramel long-ish, fluid dress with a jacket or a light kimono-type cover would be nice. Caramel and white is very nice. But the color caramel could travel through seasons with a variety of combinations, thus it is a big yes for me.

  4. Having now switched to an autumn palette myself, I love caramel on its own or with ecru (off white etc) for summer. And it’s easy to style with gold jewellery and some tan or brown sandals and a bag. A scarf with a print in complementary colours is also very useful. It’s fun to see one’s own favourite colours featured. Thanks!

  5. I might just wear Caramel in summer especially if it that stunning dress with the interesting high neck area. Unique !
    The other three pieces I’m not quite sure of especially the bateau neck jersey under the jacket. It’s so hot thus summer! Ugh.

  6. As an autumn color palate caramel is a color I wear year round. I would probably look for an cream blazer. The paper bag pant is definitely not my style. I like the look of the dress but being long waisted the waist might not work for me. I would also wear the dress with a jacket.

  7. Caramel is one of my current favorite colors! It looks lovely with white, as pictured here, and also with black during fall/winter.

    That dress is wonderful, although I’m not sure where I would wear it. It does look comfortable as well as stylish, and that chain necklace is the perfect touch.

    The fabric on the jacket and skirt is nice, but the styles are not for me. The waist on the skirt would not be flattering on me and I think the jacket is too bulky for me.

    All in all, though, a beautifully colored display.

  8. I like the color and would wear it, although in a different style. The off-white jacket and paper bag waist pants wouldn’t do anything for me. The dress just isn’t a style I would wear, but the color is beautiful. I love the tree! I think the way they she’d adds to their beauty.

  9. I love this luscious color! I love the tank and the suit, though the waist and belt would not suit my thick waist. The dress looks nice, but I’m afraid the fabric would emphasize lumps and rolls. It’s a great piece that would span the the seasons, worn with a denim jacket in the fall (bronze sneakers or loafers), or a burgundy, black or scarlet velvet jacket for the holidays. As for wearing colors “out of season,” I often wore head to toe black all summer long, so clearly I have no issues with the deep palette in hot weather. I also see (but don’t wear) many pastel colors in thick sweaters in the winter. I think it is, and should be, way more about silhouette and fabric when looking for seasonal items (then you can wear the colors that suit you). A good splash of neutral (as here) goes a long way to integrating a wardrobe for the seasons.

  10. I love the lines of this dress! I could absolutely see wearing it in summer or on vacation in Mexico with a beautiful white embroidered wrap I have. I would wear a pair of gold hoops with pearl dangles, and some strappy gold flat sandals. And a TAN, because that’s the only way this shade becomes workable for me. The white outfit doesn’t capture my interest. I appreciate the tree photo, and enjoy trees that shed like that. Up here we have white birch. 😊

  11. Although the styles are not for me anymore ( I would have grabbed them when younger!), I love caramel! I would definitely wear a caramel dress during any season and change it up with appropriate accessories. The ecru jacket and pants in my style with a caramel top are now on my list to replicate with my jeans and sweaters. Thank you! I love this grouping. It is one of the best you have posted. Inspiration plus for this autumn. Love the tree-as an artist I am always looking at bark.

  12. I love the color and style of this dress, but unfortunately this cut often doesn’t work for me because I have a short torso and the top ends up to blousy. I wish we had an Ann Taylor locally so I could try it on! I would style this with gladiator sandals, some long, dangly earrings and a cuff bracelet. I would use a large scarf or pashmina if it were chilly, but the point of this dress is to show off the shoulders and arms, so I would try to go without a cover up if possible.

  13. Caramel is a great color with white, navy, black and a variety of other colors. I like the outfit, but would pass on the baggy pants. I like the dress, too.

  14. Well, I once planned a whole living room around the inner layers of birch bark, so I see the beauty of your tree!

    I wore something very similar to that dress/necklace outfit to a summer wedding. Add strappy sandals and a little metallic clutch and you’re golden. Caramel is technically not “my” color but I loved it with my blonde hair.

  15. Do love the caramel colour and it is one that I can wear, however a no to the dress at my age but even younger I would expect a built-in bra which it appears it doesn’t have. In respect to the blazer ‘a possible’ and would most likely choose it in a petite for a shorter length. As to the other two pieces; a ‘yes’ to the top but a ‘no’ to the paper-bag waist pants (or if it should be a skirt) as prefer such in a slimmer cut. For accessories with said color; tortoise shell IMHO is ideal and the colour black looks spectacular with it as well. -Brenda-

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