Would You Wear It – Casual Fall Outfits

Would you Wear it - Casual Fall Outfits

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear it – Casual Fall Outfits!

This is the day that my friend, Jennifer, and I show you fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think!

I am loving the touch of fall in the air, and it adds to the fun of looking at casual fall outfits for women over 50

Would You Wear It - Casual Fall Outfits

Please look over my display of three styles, and tell us constructively if you would or would not wear them.

Perhaps you would suggest changes to make them work for you, but just pretend these outfits were offered to you and tell us what would make them your type of fall casual outfits. 

Your comments really help the other women and are read by all.

Would You Wear It - Casual Fall Outfits

So look them over with scrutiny and have good reasons for your decisions.



Would You Wear It Casual Fall Outfits

This display is from Kohl’s.  I tried to find the exact pieces plus some extra more affordable casual fall outfits for this slideshow…..


Would You Wear It - Casual Fall Outfits

And, Kohl’s also has the scents and decor for fall to make your home super cozy.

Now, remember to tell us what you think of today’s display….then visit A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s….come back tomorrow for shopping with Leigh & Me….enjoy this fabulous autumn day…..and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. My eye is immediately drawn to the middle mannequin – love the colour of the sweater. And the overall silhouette. But would warm up the outfit even more with a chocolate brown top and booties., keeping the gold necklace.

  2. I would wear all 3 of these, if only the black was a dark brown instead! As a fellow Deep Autumn, I could *technically* pull off black, but chocolate is best 🙂

    To nitpick a little, I would want the mustard cardigan of outfit #2 to be a little longer (past the hips) & the outerwear of outfit #3 (is that a a cardigan or coatigan?) to be a little more fitted (unfortunately the ‘blanket’ fit tends to overwhelm us petites).

  3. I like all 3 outfits and would wear them in a dark neutral (i.e. chocolate) other than black. I especially like the subtle plaid pants of the center outfit, combined with the colorful cardigan.

  4. I like most of these. My favorite is the one in the middle EXCEPT not the skinny, cropped, plaid pants. If those were straight leg and full length, then yes. Also don’t like the choice of footwear with that outfit. Seems confusing. It’s dressy on top and athleisure on the bottom, and with athleisure I think you have to go all in or skip it. This is a time when I wouldn’t combine dressy and casual. Otherwise, an attractive display.

  5. These three outfits are very appealing . I love the smart casualness of them. I was at Kohl’s last weekend and saw nothing as appealing on mannequins at my store. As a deep autumn, I would have to have browns and creams. Love the mustard pop of color and the chains.

  6. I would wear all of those. The only change I would l make is to change the two shirts to V neck. The last few times I’ve been to Kohl’s I have been disappointed, but I may have to check again.

  7. This is an attractive display and I would love to see it in person to check the feel of the fabric. The blouse on the left is something that I have in my closet so that is a yes, and the styles of the other outfits are worth a try if only in another colour than black. I just don’t want any more black these days. With each of the outfits, I would have a scarf wrapped in different ways as now that it is cooler I usually wear a scarf every time I go out.
    Just a small comment, the comment box is so small I can hardly read my typing to check it.

  8. Hmmm…not so sure if I’d wear any of these as is. At first, before I realized that the outfit on the left was a blouse with the pants, it was my favorite. From far away it looked like a textured soft top. I’d wear that! I do like that outfit best, with the boots too.
    I don’t like the combo of colors in the middle outfit, but I would wear something similar in other colors. The shoes and socks with that, no. The right side outfit, it’s okay. I like the basic concept of the outfit. I don’t like all black and I’m trying to get away from wearing shirts with words on them. Definitely would not wear those shoes with it. I’d prefer the black booties from the other outfit.

  9. I would definitely wear the outfit to the far left. The middle outfit is the wrong colors for me and I like my tops longer. The far right outfit I would wear the outer top as it is nice and long with a pretty blue top underneath instead of the plain top with the words. I usually never see anything this nice at Kohl’s when I shop there though. Thanks for inspiring us this morning!

  10. I would definitely wear the outfits on mannequins 1 & 3. Black is my go-to every season. I would dress up #3 with a scarf. I like the outfit on the 2nd mannequin but brown/mustard is not a good colour for me- too yellow.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. These aren’t appealing to me, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. I think they need bolder accessories for me. The colors also seem a bit drab for me. Happy Saturday

  12. I like the middle outfit just as it is! I also would wear the right outfit graphic tee and all! Smart casual!
    The tunic of the left most outfit (grey tweed) is not grabbing my interest. I do wear grey but not usually tweedy looking I guess.
    I’m still waiting for our weather to hint that it’s autumn. Very humid! Warm enough to wear tee shirt and this is New England?

  13. The outfit in the middle is gorgeous! In one of my new purchases, I have a similar sweater in that exact color and cut from Alfani, and it is so flattering and goes with so many things. Due to the plaid, I would size up on the pants so they were not so fitted. I love the slip on sneakers, and outfits like this (a nudge up from all altheisure) are becoming what I wear … a lot. I’ve been studying the athleisure/elevated casual mix to try to make it work successfully, and often find it incorporates athletic or chunky footwear, a stretchy bottom, and a fitted or eye catching third layer, topped with a necklace or pendant. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

    1. I think sizing up in the pants might make them better on a middle-aged woman., particularly if the top is lshort.

      I like the mustard color, but for my complexion the sweater is too big a dose. It can make the ruddyness of of skin really pop, and not in a good way! I could do it in a scarf or maybe a layer tank.

  14. Perfect casual fall outfits; I would wear any of these! My least favorite piece is the plaid pants, many plaids are not matched well at the seams. I think the cardigan in the center (looks mustard…is that what Kohls calls bronze rose?) looks better styled this way than on their website

  15. I would definitely wear the outfit in the middle just as it is shown. The one on the left no, the one on the right with a pant with a pattern or texture and straighter cut.

  16. Yes, yes and yes. The only thing I’d change is to swap out the necklace on the top on the left for a chunky bracelet and earrings. The print doesn’t need a necklace. I might also opt for a white sneaker on look #3.

  17. I would definitely wear the outfit on the left. The print top is a subtle print, & worn with the black pants is a very classic look. To wear the one in the middle, I would have to change the color of the sweater & wear the top untucked. The sweater color is not a good color for me, & a tucked in top with the skinny pants would not flatter my figure. The outfit on the right just appeal to me. The jacket is too long, & I’m not fond of the graphic tee.

    1. What Becky said. Additionally, I don’t wear long necklaces–see where they land? Not a place I’m anxious to draw attention to. Or plaid pants–they’re too preppy or something? Or white graphic tee-shirts. I need color near my face. Or slip-on shoes or pointed toes or really any footwear that hasn’t been vetted by my podiatrist. (The title of my blog would have to be “Over Sixty, Feeling Eighty.”)

      I love getting to critique outfits without feeling like I could be hurting anyone’s feelings. These outfits would all look great on someone–just not on me.

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