Would You Wear It – Fall Outfits

Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

Officially, it’s fall, y’all! and welcome to Would You Wear it – Fall Outfits!

I am wearing a fall outfit to officially welcome this season I love so much, but more about that later!


Would you wear it - Fall Outfits

Let’s celebrate the season with this fall outfit display.

Please look it over and tell us with constructive thought if you would or would not wear it…explain your reasons in such a way as to help other women understand your consumer thought process.

Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

So, tell us ladies………


Today’s display features styles from Loft.  Here are fall outfit options currently at Loft and with the code FEELGOOD, you can save 30%.


Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

This rarely happens, but we are actually welcoming in fall with a cool front in Texas!  That is amazing!! 

So, while at the Loft, I picked up this fun “It’s Fall Y’all” sweatshirt in Oat Copper.  This Is a great outfit for this GIGI to wear to events with grandchildren before the holidays.

I paired it with my new JJill Boyfriend Jeans in Iconic Wash.

But, let me show you these shoes……..

Would You Buy It - Fall Outfits

The minute I locked eyes with these shoes at DSW, I knew they were to be mine.


I can wear these with so many outfits in my new wardrobe!! They are super cute.

Would You Wear It Fall Outfits

I told you that I had made a commitment to my new style and colors with accessories too.

I will be seen wearing this Patricia Nash bracelet often…just love it!  It was in a clearance sale and I believe is no longer available, but here are more cute Patricia Nash Bracelets at Dillards.


Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits

A fall drink of course!! I love to make green tea and do this daily.

So, I was super excited when DiiKoo asked if I would try their tea cup!  Well, I love this cup.

It is available in several colors…and just perfect for tea!  See the details and reasonable price here on Amazon, DiiKoo Tea Cup!

I know ….there is a lot here today…but after all…it is FALL…let’s celebrate!

Now, tell everyone what you think of today’s display….and thank you for being here to ring in a favorite season with me!


By Pamela Lutrell

Photography assistance by Leigh Ann Cecil

Disclaimer:  Product within this post was gifted to me, but the words are my own.

Would You Wear It - Fall Outfits



  1. I do so love your sneakers with their varied materials and colors. As the description notes, they fit your boho style. Do they have a good insole? I like the black and white wrap as I prefer a third piece that adds some warmth. I like the color of the pants on the mannequin with the wrap…they appear dark blue…and the maroon pants you can see better although I do not care for what looks like a gathered waist. Perhaps it’s just the shape of the mannequin that makes it appear gathered and not flat.

    Ladies, especially thinner ladies, need to be aware of their bone health as your blog noted yesterday. There was no place to comment, but having had numerous DEXA scans over the last 25 years, I’m very aware of my osteoporosis and osteopenia, taking prescription medicine for years to increase bone density. After falling and breaking a hip, then the doctor breaking my leg during surgery, I advise everyone to be very aware of your bone health.

  2. First of all, thank you for yesterday’s reminder about the bone density scan. I’m past due. I love your sweatshirt, and you’re right, it’s going to be perfect for the Gigi events, or just for the cool days when you get them. So happy for you that your weather cooperated with the new season! As for the featured outfits, I’d wear the top and pants if I could get the pants in full length, or more to the ankle. The other one would overwhelm me I’m afraid, though I’d like it on a person who is taller than I am! Happy first day of this beautiful season!

  3. I got my DXA last month after I was overdue and the doctor, bless her, insisted. It was normal, but sometimes we all need that nudge. I love today’s burgundy pants and top. I have some tan, sleek mid calf Chelsea boots that I could wear under them for fall here in Ohio, and would top it off with a denim jacket. The wrap is not my style; the closest I would come to a poncho or ruana is the cable cardigan from Jjill you showed the other day. Long ago, I decided to pass on this “trend,” which has turned into a style, just not one I like on me. Too voluminous and too much fussing. Love the jeans and sneaks on you. I would love to see what you could do with athleisure, which I’m wearing more and more of, especially on the bottom (leggings and joggers).

  4. I like the maroon colored pants with the cream colored blouse. I have worn a version of this outfit for decades as it feels polished and understated, so yes I would buy these. The large graphic wrap is very striking, but too bold for me, plus too much black near my face. Thanks for today’s carousel. I love the white coat! Unfortunately, I really don’t need another coat. I am seeking a creamy white long sweater though, so if you see something along those lines please pop it into one of your posts. 😚 As a fellow daily tea drinker, I checked out your new cup. Bought myself the pale green version. I do appreciate the ease of shopping through your link Pam, and especially when items are available via Amazon because I can shop and pop right back to your blog.

  5. I’d definitely wear the wrap with slim pants and a crewneck tee, but as a fall topper, not an indoor thing. (Like Linda M said, too much volume and fussing.). I like the wine-color pants but not the dolman sleeve tee. (I need more structure in the shoulders than I get from domain or raglan sleeves.). As for your look, I love, love, love spice colors with denim in the fall. I would opt for a flat or bootie in a cognac color, depending on the pants leg length and style. The bracelet adds to the organic appeal of it all.

  6. I like the idea of the cream top with the dark red pants but don’t care for the way it is styled on the mannequin. I don’t understand the half tucked in half untucked look that is prevalent these days. I would likely wear it untucked as a tunic style. The black & white wrap is very dramatic, but a little too blanket like for my taste.

  7. I like the maroon pants — they look very comfy and I would probably get a lot of wear out of them. I also like the wrap and have a similar one which I wear frequently.

    I’d really liked to have seen a bit more styling done on the mannequins — it helps to see how clothing is accessorized and there isn’t much on them.

    Love you fun fall sweatshirt!!!

    Happy first day of fall, Pam!!

  8. Great fall looks. Pam please let us know if you ever see pants that are long, straight or slim but not leggings and have belt loops. For some reason belt loops seem to be few and far between even in jeans.

  9. Hi Pamela,
    I would wear both the navy leggings and the burgundy pants, but neither top. The one with the burgundy pants has no form to it. I can see that it would be casually worn, but being 5’2″, I would feel too large in it, and pretty much ditto for the poncho. I don’t like ponchos to begin with, but this would swallow me up!
    Love the tea cups, but they are a little large for me. I usually like an 8 to 12 ounce beverage. I may consider as gifts. They are pretty and a great idea!

  10. I much prefer the outfit you’re wearing to either of the mannequins! I’ll be checking out that teacup for gift-giving.

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